Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 213

Chapter 213 A Feast For The Eyes

Sophie immediately grabbed his hand and looked at him with a doubtful expression. “Didn’t you say
you want to bring me to meet your sister?”

In fact, Sophie had no interest in meeting the Quigley family at all. She would not be here if Tristan had
not wanted her to meet his elder sister so much.

“But I regret letting you wear this gown.” Those eyes on her made him crazy out of jealousy.

“What’s wrong with this gown? It’s not sexy at all!” Sophie turned around as she said it.

He immediately grabbed her arm.

“Stop it. I see Sarah. Let’s go over!” He had no choice but to hold his emotions since he was the one
who wanted to take her there.

Deep down, he wanted to gouge out the eyes of all those men.

After Tristan glared around, the men present immediately turned their attention to their female

Sophie was indeed a feast for their eyes, but their lives were more important.

She was Tristan’s woman. No ordinary man dared to fantasize about her.

Tristan led Sophie to Sarah and introduced them to each other directly, “Sophie, this is my sister,
Sarah. Sarah, this is Sophie whom you’ve always wanted to see!”

“Hey, how can you talk like that? Sophie, please ignore him! I’m Tristan’s elder sister, Sarah!” Sarah
introduced herself again.

Sarah took Sophie’s hand and led her to sit beside her.

“It must be hard to be with Tristan!” asked Sarah with a smile and a friendly tone.

Is it hard to be with Tristan? But Tristan is the one who always takes care of me. I think it’s harder for

“No, I think it’s harder for Tristan,” Sophie responded.

At that moment, Felix and Sean came over to look for Tristan, so Tristan had to hand over Sophie to

“Sarah, please help me to take care of her, and don’t let anyone bully her!” Tristan reminded.

Sarah rolled her eyes at him.

“Do you have to worry when she’s with me? Come on! Just go!” said Sarah peevishly.

After Tristan and the two left, Sarah turned to Sophie and said, “I saw you at the Lombard residence
that day, and I’ve always wanted to meet you again. I’ve been thinking about what kind of girl can
conquer my brother. I’m happy that you didn’t disappoint me!”

Sophie did not know how to respond to her statement.

We just met for the first time. How does she know that she should be disappointed or not disappointed?

“Sophie, can I call you that?” Sarah liked Sophie very much at mere first glance. Although Sophie
looked young, she had a pair of eyes that looked so clear, they gave people a calm feeling.

Sophie nodded.

Right then, Ysabelle ran over as soon as she saw Sophie.

“Sophie, you’re here! I’m so bored!” Ysabelle did not like such an occasion.

“Which is why I’m here!” Sophie smiled dotingly


“I’m glad that you’re finally here! Otherwise, I’ll die of boredom!” Ysabelle joked.

The three of them sat together and chatted.

Sophie was not chatty. She always went straight to the point; therefore, whatever she said sounded
very convincing.

Soon, Walter’s birthday party started. Tristan led Felix and Sean to wish Walter a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday, Old Mr. Quigley. I wish you an abundance of love and happiness.” Felix was very
polite in front of Walter.

“Old Mr. Quigley, I wish you a blessed birthday, and may you be gifted with the greatest joys and the
most blissful life.” Sean was very well-mannered too.

Walter looked at them and chuckled.

When Tristan walked forward, Walter said, “Tristan, please help me to monitor Charles closely, and
don’t let him fool around with girls all day.”

Tristan smiled.

“Old Mr. Quigley, Charles is good at other things too.” Walter always had a prejudice against Charles,
and he thought that Juan was the only one who was capable to be the successor of the Quigley family.
However, little did he know Charles was not as simple as he looked.

After all, the people who mixed with Tristan were definitely not ordinary men.

Hearing that, Walter felt slightly relieved. Although he had always hoped that Juan could be his heir, he
could not deny that Charles was also his grandson.

In fact, Charles had never let Walter down since he became independent when he entered adulthood.
Now that he was doing well in his career too.

Walter was equally proud with both of them.

“Happy birthday, Old Mr. Quigley!” After all, today was Walter’s birthday. He did not want to say
anything that would upset him. After giving him a simple birthday blessing, he went to look for Sophie.

A lot of the guests there were big shots of Jipsdale.

He was worried about her.

He was afraid that someone would bully her.

“What’s wrong with Tristan? Why is he in such a hurry?” Walter still had some questions to ask him.

“Happy birthday, Grandpa! I wish you joy every day!” Winter appeared right after Tristan walked away.
Winter was Walter’s only granddaughter, so he loved her a lot. Walter’s full attention was on her after
she came, and he forgot about Tristan temporarily.

“Winter, haven’t you been pursuing Tristan? How is it going?” Walter would be over the moon if Tristan
could become his grandson-in-law.

Winter felt extremely awkward that Walter asked her such a question in front of so many people.

Everyone knows that Tristan is here with Sophie today! How am I supposed to answer that question? I
don’t want to become a joke in Jipsdale!

Looking at her expression, Walter smiled.

“I’m just joking. Look at you! What an expression is that? You’re such an outstanding girl! It is a great
loss to Tristan that he doesn’t pick you!” Walter then turned to Felix. “Felix, I think you make a cute
couple with Winter too!”

Hearing that, Felix’s expression changed drastically.

“Grandpa, what are you talking about? Felix is not my cup of tea!” Although Felix was not a bad option,
no one was comparable with Tristan in Winter’s eyes.

“Why are you so stubborn? I don’t want to care about you anymore,” said Walter.

After Tristan returned to Sophie’s side, Sarah wanted to go and greet Walter too.

“You stay here with Tristan for a while. I’ll be back soon!” Apparently, Sarah liked Sophie very much.

How could she not be impressed by someone who won the heart of her brother?

“Sure, Sarah. Just go ahead!”

As soon as Sarah walked away, Tristan moved and sat beside Sophie. “What do you think about

Tristan knew Sarah very well and she would support him unconditionally for all the choices that he

Therefore, he was not afraid to introduce Sophie to her.

“She’s an intelligent woman.” After all, Sarah was a daughter of the Lombard family. She was indeed
excellent and easygoing.

“Hmm. You can chat with her more if you have time in the future.” Sarah seemed to be an independent
woman, but she was hurt very badly by that man.