Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 215

Chapter 215 They Are Too Stupid for You “The Tanner family? Which one?” Walter hadn’t heard of the
family that Winter mentioned before. “Oh, they’re nobodies.” I don’t think many guests who are in
attendance here know them either. “Sarah, what’s going on?” Walter couldn’t help but ask Sarah, who
quickly broke into a smile. “Old Mr. Quigley, Sophie is Ysabelle’s classmate and a good friend of hers.
Hence, Tristan would always take them out. Since it’s your birthday today, he has also brought her
along.” William wasn’t aware of Tristan and Sophie’s relationship yet. Considering how stubborn and
difficult he was and the fact that Tristan had yet to decide when Sophie was to meet the former, Sarah
had no choice but to deflect the matter away. “Oh, I see.” Walter didn’t inquire any further.

However, when Winter saw how protective Sarah was over Sophie, she was even more upset by it.
“That’s right, Grandpa. However, the Tanner family are still nobodies.” Sarah was stumped. As an
open-minded person, she didn’t care much about the Tanner family’s background. Unfortunately,
William was someone particular about family reputation, which caused her to grow concerned for
Sophie and Tristan’s future. After all, it wasn’t going to be easy for William to approve of Sophie. The
fact that she was still so young didn’t help matters at all. Meanwhile, when Sarah and Winter were
finally alone, Winter declared, “Sarah, I’ve always supported you all this while.” Reading between the
lines, Winter was insinuating that Sarah was obliged to help her. Nevertheless, Sarah laughed at her
words. “Winter, I’m well aware that your brother and I have no future together.

Thus, I’ve already given up.” As a member of the Lombard family, Sarah didn’t like being threatened.
Her words caused Winter’s face to lose all color. “Sarah, that’s not what I meant. I just feel that you can
empathize with what I’m going through, which is the frustration of not being able to be with the person I
love.” Despite her frantic explanation, Winter didn’t expect her comments to worsen the situation. “All
right, I’m going to look for Tristan and the others.” Sarah was in no mood to hear another word from
Winter. Juan has someone he likes, and it’s time for me to let go too. After all, a woman’s youth is
precious, and I no longer want to waste any more time on him. Watching Sarah’s leaving silhouette and
thinking about how even the exceptional Sarah had failed, Winter grew more anxious. Within their

circle, every parent had only words of praise for Sarah. In fact, many of them saw Sarah as a role
model for their children. Unfortunately, even a paragon of feminine virtue like her has been decisively
defeated in love. What should I do to make Sophie disappear from Mr. Tristan’s side?

Winter clenched her fists. When Sarah rejoined the group, Sophie, Felix, Sean, and Ysabelle were in
the midst of playing poker. At the sight of Sarah, Ysabelle called out, “Aunt Sarah, come over here. I’m
no match for them at all!” She was being crushed at the game given how intelligent the other three
were. The smiling Sarah stood behind Ysabelle and guided her. After a few rounds, Sarah took an even
greater liking to Sophie. All this while, she was well aware of her brother’s extraordinary intelligence.
And after playing a few hands against Sophie, she, too, came to realize that the latter was just as
terrifyingly smart. Despite playing in a half-hearted manner, Sophie had put out every card with a deft

Her ability to take into account everyone else’s card while laying hers out was not only a testament to
her intelligence but also her impressive memory. “My God, Mr. Tristan, your girlfriend is showing us no
mercy.” After a few hands, all of them were decisively crushed. “Sophie, why are you so good at this
game?” Ysabelle complained. “All right, I’ll go easy on you the next round.” True to her words, Sophie
played her cards without even looking. Unfortunately, the three of them still ended up being thrashed.
“D*mn, Sophie, are you sure you’re cutting us slack? The way you’re playing is just too much,”
Ysabelle grumbled. “She did,” Tristan commented in a nonchalant tone. He was standing behind
Sophie the entire time and was certain of the fact. “What?” Ysabelle couldn’t believe her ears. “I said,
Sophie already went easy on you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even have lasted this long.” Tristan then
pulled Sophie up from her seat. “All right now, stop playing with them. They’re not smart enough to be
worthy opponents for you,” Tristan remarked haughtily. Ysabelle was speechless. Fine. Since Tristan
was just stating the truth, she didn’t dare comment any further. Felix, too, was equally stumped. Isn’t
Mr. Tristan going too far with his gloating?

Sean was also blown away. D*mn, both of them are monsters! Not only is Tristan exceedingly smart,
but even his girlfriend is of the same caliber. Only Sarah wore a smile across her face. She finally
understood why her brother had fallen into Sophie’s grasp. Even she was captivated by the young lady
after just spending a short time with her. “All right, since we’re not playing anymore, let’s go chat
instead. Ysabelle, Sophie, come along.” Sarah led the girls away, leaving the three men behind. “Old
Mr. Quigley still favors Juan and wants us to let him join us.” The profit for the project after we have
painstakingly gone through the hardest process is guaranteed. What was he thinking that he insisted
on Juan’s participation now?” “Charles’ grandfather must be losing his touch with age.

Considering how obvious the choice between Charles and Juan is, how can he make such a mistake in
his judgment?” After all the effort the four of us have put in, how can he barge in to enjoy the fruits of
our labor? Does he take us for fools? “He must be dreaming,” Felix added. “By the way, isn’t Sarah
infatuated with Juan all this while? Would she be—” “No, she’s not someone who makes decisions
based on her emotion.” Tristan was confident in his sister. “Since when does Mr. Tristan back down on
someone else’s account?” Only Sophie was the exception for him. After all, even Sarah, his own sister,
would never be reason enough for him to change his mind. Meanwhile, Sarah found a quiet place
together with Sophie and Ysabelle. Even though they weren’t keen on such social events, age has
helped them accept their situation better. “Aunt Sarah, I think I saw Juan just now.

He must have come back.” Ysabelle was displeased at the mention of Juan. “Oh.” As for Sarah, she
noticed that her heart didn’t hurt as much as before at the sound of his name. Nonetheless, despite her
desire to avoid trouble, trouble would still find its way to her. The moment Yvette, Juan’s current
girlfriend, saw Sarah, she approached the latter immediately. “Sarah, it’s a surprise to see you here!”
Yvette exclaimed smugly. So what if the Quigley family doesn’t accept me? As long as Juan doesn’t
leave me, no one can do anything about it. At the sight of Yvette, Sarah—whose mood drastically
changed—responded with a cold hum.

Although Yvette has won the battle, what right does she have to gloat in front of me? “Sarah, I would
like to speak to you in private. Is this a good time?” Yvette gently swept her hair aside. “What is there to
talk about between us?” Sarah found no reason to be cordial. If she wants to play the victim card, she
can be my guest. However, it has nothing to do with me at all.