Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Repulse

“What did you say?” Charmaine couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “He’s that Mr. Tristan who
everyone fears in Jipsdale?”

I know a mere woman like me has no chance of meeting a big shot like Mr. Tristan. One has to be deaf
if they have never heard of Mr. Tristan’s name before. Everyone who wishes to make a name for
themselves in Jipsdale will know Mr. Tristan, much less the Tanner family that runs a business.

“Yes, but keep it to yourself. I’m still clueless about Mr. Tristan’s intention with Sophie. No matter what
relationship they have, it’s beneficial to the Tanner family. Even if Sophie is only his lover.”

Everyone in Jipsdale wants nothing more than to get acquainted with Mr. Tristan.

“A lover? With her attitude, there’s no way Sophie will accept being only his lover. I think you shouldn’t
put all your hopes on her. I can’t believe Mr. Tristan will gift such an average present with his status.
That means he doesn’t regard Sophie with importance.”

Yale shot her a glance.

“Mr. Tristan’s thoughts and intentions are not something you and I can guess. All you have to do is
don’t cause any trouble. As for whatever that is happening between Sophie and Mr. Tristan, that’s up to

If Sophie is Mr. Tristan’s girlfriend, all it takes is one nod from Mr. Tristan, and the Tanner family’s
business will soar to greater heights.

“Oh, right. Watch Willow for me. I don’t want her to embarrass me. It’s almost the end of the year.
There’ll be more and more gatherings, and the topic won’t be pleasant if it’s about her.”

Yale used to place all his eggs in one basket. However, he started to realize that was a mistake.

“Are you giving up on Willow?”

“Say, if we give Willow to Mr. Tristan…” If the Lombard family can’t accept Sophie’s past, what about
Willow’s? Willow at least has a cleaner past than Sophie.

Yale frowned at the suggestion but shook his head at the end.

“Let’s not go there. There is no way Mr. Tristan will look kindly at Willow’s attitude. You’d better not act
rashly and do something stupid.” It’ll be a huge loss for us if the outcome is undesirable.

“All right.”

Charmaine didn’t dare to start anything after knowing that man was Mr. Tristan. Everyone knew Mr.
Tristan could be merciless.

Willow, who was eavesdropping behind them, heard everything. Her mouth was agape at the news she

“Oh my goodness! That man is Mr. Tristan?” She couldn’t help but exclaim in shock. Yale scrunched his
brow at Willow.

“I know you’ve been through a lot recently, Willow, but everything that happened was your own doing.
Now that you know Sophie’s boyfriend’s identity, you better behave yourself. Otherwise, the Tanner
family can’t protect you from him.”

I heard Mr. Tristan was a man that regarded the people he cared about with importance. Now that
Sophie is his girlfriend, surely he’ll take her side in everything.

Sophie went upstairs to retrieve the thing she had forgotten to take. As she was coming down the
stairs, Willow stood in her path.

“Is it because of Mr. Tristan? You’re only with him because he’s Mr. Tristan.” Willow couldn’t accept it.
She couldn’t bear to watch Sophie have everything she ever wanted.

“That’s none of your business,” Sophie returned.

Seeing Tristan standing not far away, Sophie walked up to him.

“Let’s go. Aren’t we attending Old Mr. Quigley’s birthday banquet?” Sophie walked past Willow without
sparing her another glance.

Willow clenched her fists tightly. She’s too much. How dare she ignore me! I’m the one who has
everything, but how did things turn out like this?

Yale and Charmaine exchanged a glance after they heard that Tristan was taking Sophie to Walter’s
birthday banquet.

Mr. Tristan sure cares a lot for Sophie. Or he won’t personally take her to attend Old Mr. Quigley’s
birthday banquet. The Lombard and Quigley families are close. Both families are among the four other
reputable families. Others can’t even get an invitation to the banquet even if they want one.

“I’ll be leaving with Sophie, Old Mr. Tanner. Old Mr. Quigley’s banquet is about to start.” It’ll be rude if
I’m late to an elder’s banquet.

Old Mr. Tanner waved his hand for them to leave.

“Go ahead. Take her to see the world and meet some people. It’ll be good for her since she’ll be taking
over the Tanner family in the future. Even though the Tanner family can’t compare to the Lombard

family, we still have to put in the effort to raise our younger generation.” It’ll be good for her to see what
the upper society is like.

“Grandpa, what are you saying?”

Willow couldn’t take it anymore when she heard Sophie was attending Walter’s birthday banquet.

“Can I go too, Mr. Tristan?”

Willow still wanted to be a part of the upper society no matter how down and out she was. She figured
she would be part of it one day.

“What nonsense are you spewing, Willow? Do you think anyone and everyone can attend Old Mr.
Quigley’s birthday banquet?” Yale wanted to go too, but he understood he was not qualified. None of
the Tanner family members did.

“Grandpa, I want to go. Didn’t you always say I’m narrow-minded? I want to see the world of rich
people. That way, I won’t do stupid things anymore. There’s nothing bad about it. Besides, if Mr. Tristan
can take Sophie with him, I’m sure he can bring me too. Is this a difficult task for him?” Willow cast an
innocent look at Tristan.

Sophie was close to punching Willow in the face.

“I don’t want that! I’ll be disgusted if I have to go with her.” Sophie tugged on Tristan’s hand and left.

What is she thinking? She wants to trick Tristan.

Tristan nearly burst into laughter at her insult, but he managed to keep it in check.

How can my Soph be so adorable?

Willow didn’t expect Sophie to humiliate her like that in front of Tristan.

“Mom! Look at her—”

Willow wanted support from the others, but Charmaine didn’t dare to say anything this time.

“Willa, don’t cause a fuss. Don’t you know what kind of event that is? What will you do if you go there?
You don’t know anyone there.” Sometimes there’s a reason for families to marry another of the same
status. This is the exact reason. Even if Sophie is willing to bring Willa, what will Willa do there? She
doesn’t know anyone there. No one there will befriend someone below their status.

“Enough. I’m tired and heading upstairs now. Oh, Willow! If something just doesn’t belong to you, it’s
pointless even if you fight for it.” Hasn’t she done enough? Only I’ll believe her nonsense.

Charmaine was not amused.

“I have something to deal with at the office, so I’m going up too.” Yale didn’t want to deal with Willow.

Willow could only watch Tristan lead Sophie away toward the society she wanted to be a part of, and
there was nothing she could do about it.