Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Lustful

Soon, the guests started arriving. With the arrival of the other prominent families, Lincoln had also
arrived alongside Sarah and Ysabelle.

Lincoln then went to the others to talk about some business.

Hence, Ysabelle was left chatting with Sarah.

“Weren’t you close with Winter before this? Why don’t I see you guys together anymore?” Sarah asked.
I’m her aunt, so I should show my niece some concern. After all, Ysabelle is the only child of her
generation in the family. She must feel lonely sometimes.

“It’s nothing! It’s just that she doesn’t like a close friend of mine, so we ended up not spending time with
each other anymore.” If Ysabelle were to choose between Sophie and Winter, she would definitely
choose Sophie.

“Oh, I see! Tristan is quite close to Charles, right? Since everyone is going to see each other quite
often, try not to be too willful, okay?” Sarah was a lot older than Ysabelle, so she knew better.

“Aunt Sarah, you’ve changed! You’re no longer like how you used to be!” Ysabelle suddenly uttered.

Sarah was stunned momentarily because she didn’t expect to hear those words from Ysabelle. “What
do you mean? Have I changed for the better?” Sarah turned toward Ysabelle.

“I don’t know how to explain it! However, I think you’ve changed for the worse. You weren’t like this
before this. If we were to talk about the same thing then, you would tell me to just distance myself from
someone if I don’t like them.” In Ysabelle’s mind, she thought the Lombard family would never need to
bow to anyone.

When Winter saw that Ysabelle and Sarah had arrived, she quickly ran toward them and sat next to

“Hi, Sarah!” Winter greeted her sweetly because she knew how much Sarah liked Juan. However, Juan
had never given her much of a chance.

“Hello,” Sarah answered.

“Juan has something to attend to, so he’ll only be back later,” Winter said.

Sarah remained unfazed when she heard that.

“Sarah, I know how much you like Juan! Don’t worry! I’ll help you get closer to him,” Winter said.

Ysabelle was rendered speechless. She’s only doing this because she knows Aunt Sarah is close to
Uncle Tristan.

“Aunt Sarah, my friends are there. I’ll go and look for them.” Ysabelle was sick of Winter and her

Sarah was alright with it because she knew Ysabelle wasn’t Winter’s biggest fan.

“Be careful, okay? Don’t anger your dad,” Sarah reminded.

Sarah knew it wouldn’t end well if anyone pissed Lincoln off.

Ysabelle cowered at Lincoln’s name.

With a nod, she left.

Actually, she just wanted to sit alone in the corner. She had never been a fan of such events. In fact,
she didn’t even want to attend it in the first place.

However, Lincoln forced her to go.

When Felix and Sean arrived, they saw Ysabelle sitting alone in the corner. Felix then said a few words
to Sean before walking toward Ysabelle.

Sean, on the other hand, went to look for Charles to see if he needed help.

“Where’s Mr. Tristan? Did he not come with you guys?” Charles couldn’t help but ask when he saw that
only Felix and Sean had shown up.

“Have you ever seen him hanging out with us ever since Sophie got together with Mr. Tristan?” Sean
replied. Now that Sophie is all Mr. Tristan sees, he doesn’t even have time for his friends!

“That’s true. All right! You guys have fun, all right? I’m fine on my own.” Charles knew that Sean was
just offering out of kindness. However, he couldn’t possibly let his guests help with the preparations.

“Okay! If you need help, let Felix and me know.” The four of them were childhood friends, so they really
didn’t mind helping each other.

“Sure! If I need help, I’ll let you guys know!”

With that, Charles left to attend to other matters.

Previously, Mr. Tristan would always show up with them, no? After a long chat, Winter couldn’t hold it in
anymore, so she asked, “Sarah, why didn’t Mr. Tristan come with you guys?”

“He has something to deal with, so he’ll come over on his own later,” Sarah answered.

“He’s going to show up alone, right?”

“What do you mean? Is he supposed to bring someone else with him?” Sarah didn’t understand what
Winter meant.

Winter immediately shook her head. “That’s not what I mean.”

“Winter, you can’t force things when it comes to relationships. You know how much I like Juan, but I’ve
already given up on him!” Sarah replied. Some people are just not meant to be together. There’s no
point in investing in one-sided relationships.

“Sarah, I…” Winter felt aggrieved because she had just been exposed. “I know what you mean, but I
can’t just give up. I know him longer than anyone else, no? I know him best, and I’m the most suitable
person for him!” Winter answered. Why is everyone telling me to give up on him? I’ve already worked
so hard for so long. Why should I give up now? No! I don’t want to give up on him!

“Okay. I’ve already said what I needed to say. You’ve already been around Tristan for so long. If you
guys were meant to be together, Tristan would’ve fallen for you a long time ago.” Since Sarah was
already in her thirties, she was a lot more mature.

Right then, Winter’s father asked to see her, so she had to leave.

Before she left, she uttered, “Sarah, I’m not like you! Since I’ve already tried for so long, I must keep

However, she felt rather unsettled at the sight of Tristan and Sophie showing up together.

Besides, Sophie was wearing the gown she fell in love with at first sight. That gown didn’t suit me, so I
had no choice but to switch it to what I’m wearing now. Since it didn’t suit me, why does Sophie look so
good when she’s wearing it? The worst thing is that Mr. Tristan’s outfit matches Sophie’s gown so well!
Is this his way of telling everyone that Sophie is his girlfriend?

Needless to say, Winter went green with envy. Sophie was never meant to deserve all of this! Still, she
had shown up alongside Mr. Tristan in this manner.

The moment Sophie showed up, a lot of people’s attention shifted toward her because she looked
stunning. If fact, she looked like an ancient goddess in that gown.

“Who is that pretty lady next to Mr. Tristan? She’s a goddess!”

“You’re right! Her figure is fabulous!”

“No wonder Mr. Tristan doesn’t like Winter. Look at the lady next to him now! Her demeanor and her
body are so much more alluring than Winter!”

The people within the social circle knew how crazy Winter was over Tristan. Hence, they were
comparing Winter to the lady standing next to him.

Meanwhile, Winter heard all the comments from the crowd. Are they saying that Sophie is better than
me? They must be joking, right? Do they even know about Sophie’s past? I doubt they’ll be as
impressed once they know about it. Men are so lustful!

Tristan quickly held Sophie’s hand when he noticed the men looking at her. At that moment, he wanted
to just take her out of there.