Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 211

Chapter 211 A Beautiful Gown

Tristan brought Sophie out of the Tanner residence, opened the door for Sophie to get in, and closed
the door for her.

Tristan couldn’t help but laugh when he saw her in that state.

“What are you laughing at? Why are you so happy? Do you want Willow to go with you? If that’s what
you want, I’ll go and get her now. I bet she’s going to be over the moon!”

“No. Why would I bring her? No matter where I go, you’re the only person I want to be with,” Tristan
uttered in a serious tone.

Sophie was rendered speechless. I’m only angry because Willow was acting as if she deserved it or
something! Although Tristan can get a lot of things done easily, why must he help her?

Tristan held her hand and uttered gently, “All right. Don’t be angry anymore, okay? She doesn’t matter,
so she’s not worth it.”

He knew exactly what kind of person Willow was.

“Okay.” Sophie also realized that there was no point in getting pissed off.

Seeing that she wasn’t angry anymore, Tristan kept holding her hand with one hand and started the car
with the other.

Since they were going to attend Walter’s birthday party, Tristan brought Sophie to the most well-known
boutique in Jipsdale.

The boutique owner welcomed them herself when she saw Tristan bringing a young girl there. “You
haven’t been here in a while, Mr. Tristan! I was starting to think that you’re not satisfied with our work!”

“What a beautiful young lady!” the boutique owner praised when she saw how pretty Sophie was. “Little
girl, I’m the owner here, Lisa Johnson. If you ever need a dress in the future, you must come here!”

Sophie ignored her. I don’t even like to wear gowns, so I don’t think I’ll ever see her again.

Lisa thought Sophie was arrogant. If Mr. Tristan didn’t bring her here, I won’t entertain this young girl.

“Mr. Tristan, are you going to attend Old Mr. Quigley’s birthday party today? Let me recommend some
new outfits for you!” Since Lisa’s boutique was the most famous boutique in Jipsdale, a lot of people
had already bought outfits from her to attend Walter’s birthday party. Although it was Walter’s birthday
party, the heiresses were more focused on being the belle of the ball.

Therefore, Lisa’s business was good that day.

“Sure! Bring out all your best outfits. I’m looking for matching outfits for couples,” Tristan answered.
We’ve never worn matching outfits! This is the perfect opportunity for us to try it out.

“Sure, Mr. Tristan!” Lisa replied.

Apart from Sarah, that was the first time Tristan had brought a girl there.

Hence, Lisa was slightly startled when Tristan asked for matching outfits. That little girl looks young.
How did she manage to land someone as incredible as Mr. Tristan? That’s impressive!

Lisa quickly asked her assistants to bring out all the matching outfits and held them up in front of
Tristan and Sophie.

“What do you think?” Tristan asked.

The matching outfits looked great, but Sophie ended up walking toward a red gown. This gown is nice.

“Ms. Tanner, you have good taste! Our designer had designed this gown herself, and it was hand-
stitched! However, only a person with a stunning figure can pull it off. I’m afraid that…” Lisa didn’t want
to be harsh with her words.

Indeed, that gown was meant for a person with a stunning figure. It could look like a disaster if the
person wearing it didn’t have the required physique.

“Do you like it? You should try putting it on!” Tristan acted like he didn’t hear what Lisa said.

Tristan’s attitude sent a shiver down Lisa’s spine. Did I say something wrong? I was just looking out for
her! Ms. Quigley came to try that gown out earlier today. She liked it a lot, but she couldn’t pull it off
either. In the end, she had to give up on it!

“I don’t need to try it on. I want this one!” Sophie uttered.

“Sure,” Tristan answered.

That was fine with Tristan. As long as she likes it. To be honest, I like that gown too.

“Mr. Tristan, there’s actually another dress that suits Ms. Tanner better.” Lisa was getting anxious
because her boutique’s reputation was at stake. If my customers don’t look nice, my brand will take a

Tristan furrowed his brows. “You ought to keep your opinion to yourself!”

Hearing that, Lisa didn’t dare to utter another word.

She then hurriedly got her employees to pack the gown and sent Tristan and Sophie out.

After bringing the goods to the car, Tristan brought Sophie to get her hair done.

Back in the Quigley residence, Winter had already done her makeup and put on her dress early in the
morning. While looking at her in the mirror, the housekeeper joked, “Ms. Quigley, you look stunning!
When Mr. Tristan sees you later, he’s going to be mesmerized!”

“Nonsense!” Winter replied.

In fact, she was trying her best to attract Tristan’s attention.

However, she hadn’t had a chance to see Tristan after parting with him on bad terms the last time. She
wasn’t sure if he would still remember her. Mr. Tristan doesn’t give a damn about anything in the world.
What if he’ll never pay attention to me?

“Ms. Quigley, Mr. Tristan will surely see you later. You’re so pretty! All right. It’s getting late. Your
brother has asked to see you!”

Charles’ eyelids had been twitching, so he had asked the housekeeper to get Winter to see him.

He wanted to have a talk with Winter before the party so that she wouldn’t cause trouble.

After all, it was Walter’s birthday party.

Winter wore her high heels and went to look for Charles. Could it be that Mr. Tristan is here? Is that
why Charles has asked for me?

However, she only saw Charles when she arrived downstairs.

Even Charles had praised her looks when he saw her.

Indeed, Winter looked stunning that day.

“Charles, Mr. Tristan will be here today, right?” That was all Winter could think about.

Charles shook his head. So much time had passed, and she still can’t give up on him!

“Winter, have I not told you this before? Mr. Tristan has a girlfriend now. If you keep this up, you know
that you’ll only hurt yourself, right?” Charles responded. Why can’t she just let him go?

“His girlfriend? Are you talking about Sophie? Is she even worthy of him? Mr. Tristan had never even
brought her to any formal event! How is she his girlfriend?” Winter retorted. There’s no way the
Lombard family is going to accept Sophie’s background.

“What does that have to do with you? That’s up to Mr. Tristan to decide. You should worry about
yourself instead. It’s Grandpa’s birthday today, so don’t offend Mr. Tristan. Otherwise, Grandpa is not
going to help you,” Charles warned. No one in Jipsdale would dare to cross Mr. Tristan. Even Grandpa
has to show Mr. Tristan respect.

“Okay. I understand. Don’t worry about me!” Winter was having none of it. Instead, she just kept staring
at the entrance. Why is Mr. Tristan not here yet?