Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Tristan In Jipsdale

Sophie took a step forward and reached up to adjust his collar.

She drew back to get an overlook of him and a satisfied smile stretched across her lips.

“How can that be? You look pretty!”

Can pretty even be used to describe men? Whatever. That’s not important. The important thing here is
I’m about to meet her grandpa officially.

“I was rushing today, so I didn’t bring anything with me.” Tristan was annoyed with his carelessness.

How can I go empty-handed to meet Old Mr. Tanner for the first time?

“Mr. Tristan.”

“What?” Did I say something wrong? It’s like a rule to bring something to a meeting with their significant
other’s family. No one should go empty-handed the first time. I know I’m right about that.

“No, really. You don’t have to bring anything. All you have to do is be there. My grandpa really likes you.
He’ll be more than happy to see you in person.” I’m sure of that, at least.

“All right.” I know Old Mr. Tanner likes me. That is all the more reason I can’t disappoint him.

Tristan reached for her hand. His large hand completely engulfed hers.

Sophie didn’t expect he would reach his hand back for hers with her standing behind him. However,
she quickly snapped out of it and followed him into the house.

The minute Tristan and Sophie entered the house, the housekeeper spotted Sophie and immediately
greeted, “You’re back, Ms. Sophie! Old Mr. Tanner and the rest are having BBQ. Go on in.”

Josiah didn’t know Sophie would visit at such a time, so he was secretly having a BBQ.

Nobody dared to stop him. That was why the housekeeper was looking at Sophie like a savior.

Old Mr. Tanner is too stubborn.

“All right. I got it.”

Sophie’s pace quickened. Grandpa is still recovering, so he can’t eat whatever he wants.

“Grandpa, didn’t I tell you before that you can only eat bland food?” This person is getting older by the
day, but so is his stubbornness. He is not like this before.

Josiah’s head jerked at Sophia’s voice. He saw Tristan and Sophie standing in front of him.

Josiah instantly had a smile on his face the minute his gaze landed on Tristan.

“Tanny! Come and sit! Have BBQ with me. It’s the best food to have in winter.”

“Give me a minute, Old Mr. Tanner. Let me wash my hands first, and I’ll join you,” Tristan answered
with a smile.

When Yale saw Tristan, he immediately got up and crossed the room over to him.

“Soph, bring Mr—” It’ll probably make Tristan feels unwelcome if I call him Mr. Tristan after Dad calls
him Tanny. “Oh, bring Tanny to wash his hands. You definitely need more people to have a BBQ. The
more, the merrier.” Yale tried to play host.

Willow was sitting on the other side of the table, watching the entire scene silently. It was an unpleasant
sight to her.

See that? Even my father is fawning over that man. Is he really more powerful than the Laird family?
So Sophie has easily gotten what I’d been struggling for once again.

Charmaine noticed the change in Yale’s attitude, so she hurriedly went to grab two extra sets of cutlery
and set them up on the table. Sophie led Tristan to wash his hands, then took a seat.

Josiah was in the seat beside hers while Tristan was on her other side.

“It’s cold outside. Have a hot drink first.”

Josiah had the housekeeper pour some hot tea for them.

Sophie took a sip of hot tea. I didn’t feel even a tad bit cold on the way here since Tristan’s car was a
high-end model.

“It’s almost Christmas, Tanny. Do you have any plans? If you have nothing going on—”

“Grandpa, he’s busy,” Sophie cut off Josiah hurriedly. She knew her grandfather would be like that, so
she instantly cut him off.

It’s Christmas. Of course, he has to celebrate it with his family. How can he celebrate it with us?

Josiah wasn’t happy with Sophie’s interruption.

What is up with Sophie? I was just asking.

“All right, Old Mr. Tanner. Have some vegetables.”

Tristan scooped a spoonful of grilled vegetables onto Josiah’s plate.

“I’ll come and visit you during Christmas.”

Sophie was feeling some regret at asking Tristan to come with her to meet with Josiah.

Willow didn’t speak much as they ate. She ate silently at the side while sneaking a few peeks at

This man is so handsome. Mason can’t even compare to him. If… If I have this man in my grasp, will
Sophie suffer? She has never brought a man home before. So I guess this man is important to her. It’s
frustrating to watch him care for Sophie even while eating. It was like how a father takes care of his
daughter. How can anyone not be jealous of the way he treats Sophie?

Charmaine caught Tristan’s every move.

I used to think this Tanny guy that Dad calls wouldn’t have such a prestige status. However, now that
I’m looking at him, he looks elegant even while eating. It’s rare for someone to eat BBQ so slowly and

“Have some more, Mr. Tristan. I’m at my limit.” He had been taking care of me during the entire meal. I
didn’t even see him eat much. This is my home, so I should be the one taking care of him not the other
way around. It’s embarrassing that he’s even taking care of me here.


Tristan put another piece of meat into his mouth and slowly chewed on it.

Josiah’s mood brightened as he watched how Tristan treated Sophie.

“You have to come over and have a drink with me when I’m all better, Tanny!” It’s been so long since I
can drink my fill.

“Sure, Old Mr. Tanner,” Tristan promised.

Mason would put on airs in front of Dad, but Tristan was sincere with Dad.

Yale’s admiration for Tristan increased after observing him.

After the BBQ, Sophie took out the tea Tristan brought for Josiah.

“These tea are from Mr. Tristan, Grandpa.”

Josiah loved drinking tea. He had the butler keep the bag of gifts with his other teas when he noticed
the outer packaging was an ordinary box.

Willow’s jealousy faded when she saw the ordinary gift.

That’s right! How can someone be perfect? The only reason he treats Sophie so well is his lack of
power. None of those plutocrats are true gentlemen. Gentlemen don’t exist.

Charmaine’s attitude dialed down after she saw the box.

So the way this person carries himself is just a front? Isn’t it embarrassing to send this kind of gift to an
elder right before Christmas?

When only Yale and Charmaine were the only ones left in the room, Charmaine asked, “What’s wrong
with you? You’ve met all kinds of people before. How can you be so hospitable to a man like that?”

Charmaine felt as though Yale was a stranger during the BBQ.

“What does a woman like you know? Do you know who he is? He’s the all-powerful Mr. Tristan of