Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Am I Presentable Enough

At the thought of the signal at Wings of Light previously, that man’s threatening expression flashed
across Sophie’s mind.

“What’s wrong? Did he really contact you?” Arius could not help but worry when he noticed the look on
the woman’s face.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry. I can handle this.” Sophie was sure that she would be able to deal with it no
matter what the other party wanted.

She did not fear anything.

“Sophie, why don’t you come to the medical association with me? He wouldn’t dare to try anything
funny there. Besides, you might not be safe anywhere else.”

“Arius, I’ve already told you that I’m not afraid of him at all. Don’t worry about me,” Sophie replied
calmly. “I’m no longer the same Sophie from before.”

No one would be able to bully her.

However, that was not enough to soothe Arius’ worries.

Sophie pushed him toward the boarding gate and said, “You’d better get going. Otherwise, the plane is
going to leave without you.”

“No matter what, please remember to be extremely careful! If there’s anything, call me at once. I’ll rush
back to save you at all costs.”

“All right. Are you going in now? Otherwise, it’s more likely that I would be the one saving you instead!”

That’s not funny! Arius shot the woman a glare.

“Sophie, you’re really ungrateful. I’m worried sick about you, and yet you can still joke about it? Can
you have some empathy?”

Arius was feeling exasperated that everyone was so worried about Sophie, but she did not seem to
care at all. It seemed a little too much.

In the end, the man had no choice but to leave reluctantly.

Sophie turned around and saw Tristan standing there.

He had just arrived after parking his car.

“Has he gone in already?”

As Arius and Sophie had been through a lot together, Arius’ presence in Sophie’s life still bothered
Tristan slightly.

“Yup. He just left.”

“Let’s go back then!” Tristan held Sophie’s hand and was about to start walking back when the woman
said, “It seems like you don’t really like Arius.”

“Yup, you’re right. I’m not very fond of him. More accurately, I’m not fond of all those men who have
bad intentions toward you,” Tristan answered honestly before continuing, “I saw how the two of you
were so reluctant to say goodbye to each other just now, and honestly, I’m not very happy about it. All
right, let’s go!”

Sophie was speechless when she heard that.

Reluctant to say goodbye to each other?


Was he really referring to me? Unbelievable!

It was snowing outside the airport. Sophie noticed that the weather was rather extreme that year as it
had been snowing for almost half a month already.

She zipped up her down jacket.

Noticing the woman’s actions, Tristan wrapped Sophie in his arms and asked, “Are you cold?”

Why did she have to send Arius off? Was she worried that a grown man like him would lose his way?
That was absolutely unnecessary.

“Mr. Tristan, why do you dislike Arius so much? He’s a really nice person.” Arius was Sophie’s best
friend, and she just couldn’t understand why Tristan disliked him so much.

“Really? How nice? Is he nicer than me?”

After hearing what Tristan said, Sophie understood what was going on at once. The man was behaving
in that manner because he was jealous.

That’s ridiculous!

“Arius and I are just friends.” That was the first time Sophie clarified their relationship with Tristan.

It was a fact that both of them were just friends.

They were friends who would be willing to sacrifice their lives for each other.

Perhaps not everyone would believe that such friendships existed in the world, but it was true that Arius
and Sophie were friends who would give up their lives for each other.

Tristan was very happy when he heard Sophie’s explanation. To him, that meant that he had become
more important to her!

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have bothered to specially explain the situation to him.

“All right. Got it.”

Sophie could feel an obvious change in the man’s mood and was rendered speechless once again.

Does he have to be so happy?

When the two of them met again in the evening, Tristan gave Sophie a bag.

“What’s this?” It’s not a special occasion. Why would he give me a present?

“These are tea leaves given to my grandpa by his friend. Please let Old Mr. Tanner try them. If he likes
them, I’ll get more for him.”


So, it’s a new tea for Grandpa to try.

“The shareholders’ meeting is tomorrow. Are you nervous?”

“Do I need to be honest?”

“Of course. We are together now, so you should always be honest with me.”

“I’m not nervous.”

It’s just a shareholders’ meeting. What’s there to be nervous about?

Tristan could not help but laugh out loud at the woman’s response.

That’s right!

Isn’t that the kind of person she is?

Things that bothered others always seemed like nothing to her.

At that thought, Tristan held her face and said, “How did I get myself such a precious darling?”

Sophie slapped the man’s hand away and replied in a displeased manner, “What are you doing?”

When Tristan saw the sharp gaze in the woman’s eyes, he let go of her at once.

“I’m just happy that I have such a treasure by my side.”

Even though Sophie seemed to be hiding many secrets, Tristan did not mind. All he wanted was for her
to continue staying by his side.

He was sure that she would let him in on her secrets eventually.

“Oh, right. It’s Old Mr. Quigley’s birthday celebration tonight. Should we go and take a look?”

“Winter’s grandpa?”

Sophie did not have a good relationship with Winter.

“What do you think? Shall we drop by for a while? My sister is dying to meet you.” Sarah had been
nagging Tristan to introduce Sophie to her.

“I see!”

If that was the case, Sophie did not mind going.

“I’ve already met your family, and I’m not asking you to meet a lot of people. It’s just Sarah. Is it OK?”

As Sophie had left something behind at the Tanner residence, Tristan personally drove her back to
retrieve it.

“Do you want to come in? My grandpa has been talking about you lately.” Sophie had promised her
grandfather to bring Tristan to visit him. Since they were already there, Sophie felt that it was a good
opportunity to do so.

“Can I?” Tristan had wanted to visit her family earlier, but Sophie’s attitude made him feel like it was not
time for him to take that step yet.

Even though Sophie’s grandfather was the most important person to her, and Tristan had already met
him previously, it wasn’t the same as paying him a visit at her house like now.

“Of course, it’s all right if you don’t want to. Let’s forget it.” After all, Sophie had only brought it up
because they happened to be there together, and she remembered that Josiah had wanted to see
Tristan. It was just a nice coincidence.

“Why wouldn’t I not want to meet him! I would gladly do so!”

“All right then!”

Sophie opened the door and got out of the car before waiting in the snow for Tristan to park his car.

Tristan stood in front of Sophie after getting out of the car. He was dressed in a well-pressed white
shirt, a sky blue sweater, a custom-made suit jacket and a pea coat.

“How do I look? Do I look presentable enough?” Tristan asked seriously while looking at the woman.