Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 207

Chapter 826

“Alright, we are doing everything we can to guarantee the safety of mother and child, but we will need
you to sign an agreement with us beforehand.”



“It’s a prenatal agreement. One of our nurses will bring it to you.

Just read through it and

sign it.”

With that, the doctor hurried back into the delivery room.

Aunt Tonya clasped her hands in front of her and walked back and forth anxiously.

What did she know about the


All she knew was that Sylvia’s life was at stake and that the child inside her was very important to her.

After pacing about for a while, she suddenly noticed something amiss. She looked at Ben and Jacob
who were both standing next to her and asked, “Where’s Odell? Where has he gone? Why didn’t he

Ben and Jacob exchanged an awkward glance and muttered with embarrassment,”Aunt Tonya, Master
Carter is at Miss Lily’s. He doesn’t know that Sylvia has gone into labor.”

Aunt Tonya’s expression immediately changed as she said,” Miss Lily, who is Miss Lily? Look at the
state Sylvia is in. Shouldn’t you have called him and told him to come over here?”

Ben and Jacob pursed their lips and

remained silent.

Isabel pouted and said,”Aunt Lily is Baddie’s fiancée. He must have gone on a date with her.”

“What!” Aunt Tonya roared furiously,“Sylvia almost lost her life several times as she did everything she
could to ensure the safety of this child of his, then he turns around and gets engaged to someone else?
How could he do this to Sylvia? What sort of monster is he?”

Ben and Jacob’s eyes


Liam and Isabel were thrown off guard by this as well.

Jacob immediately asked for further confirmation, “Aunt Tonya, so the child inside Sylvia is Master

“Who else’s child could it be if it

wasn’t his?”

“I’ll call Master Cater right now!” Jacob knew that time was of the essence and he immediately reached
for his phone.

At the


The whole family were seated together at a long table beneath a glittering, dazzling chandelier.

At the head of the table was Master Springsteen , with Madam Springsteen on his right, and Odell on
his direct left.

Except for Lily who was seated right next to Odell, the rest of the seating had been arranged according
to the order of seniority, with the youngest seated farthest from Master Springsteen.

It was a very cozy


Several members of the family were discussing a certain major project.

Halfway through the conversation, they turned to Odell

and Lily and asked, “Master Carter, Lily, what do you two think about this project?”

Lily glanced at Odell, who was taking his time eating and was clearly uninterested in their topic. With a
smile on her face, she commented, “I have a lot of thoughts about the project…”

She continued to elaborate on the topic for a while.

Her listeners seemed impressed and nodded with satisfaction.

Immediately after, the second aunt of the family asked Lily’s mother,“Sister-in-law, Odell and Lily seem
to be getting along so well. When will their official wedding ceremony be?”

As soon as she brought this up, everybody at the table immediately turned their attention to Lily and

Before her mother could say anything, Lily herself quickly said,“ Oh, Aunt, my main focus now is to
make sure that I do everything that Grandpa has entrusted to me faithfully first. We’re not in a rush to
get married.”

“Oh no, that won’t do. Your mother is eagerly waiting to

hold her very own grandchild. Even your grandmother is waiting to hold her great-grandchild too.”

“Yeah Lily, is it possible that you and Master Carter have already made arrangements for the wedding,
but are not telling us?”




Lily hurriedly explained ,”No, we’re not keeping anything from you.”

“Then, haven’t you two thought about when you’re going to get married yet?”

Lily’s face changed and she turned to Odell to plead for his help.

Odell put down his cutlery and stated, “We’re not planning on getting married for the time be-”


A sudden ring from his phone

interrupted him.

“Sorry, I need to take this.” With that, he took his phone and walked to the living room door where he
pressed the phone to his ear.

“What’s this about?” He


Aunt Tonya was practically screaming hysterically into the phone,”Odell, you ungrateful b*stard! You’d
better get to the hospital right this moment. If you don’t, don’t ever even think about seeing Sylvia ever

Odell frowned and asked icily,”What

happened to her?”

“We’re not sure what’s going to happen to the baby inside her. I’ll never forgive you if you don’t come to
see her right now!” Was something happening to the baby?