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Anything For Her Anything For Her Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Punishment

“Why are you crying like you’re a pig being slaughtered? It’s just attempted murder. You’re getting
bolder and bolder, Willow!” Sophie uttered nonchalantly.

“Do you really think you’re my opponent? Why is your memory so bad? You should know there’s no
way you can win against me, yet you keep trying. What do you think I should do with you right now,
hmm? Should I hand you over to the police?” A troubled look appeared on Sophie’s face.

Willow shook her head desperately. No! Don’t hand me over to the police! I don’t want to go to the
police station!

“Forget it! It’s getting pretty late. I can’t let the whole family suffer with you.” Then, Sophie grabbed a
rope and tied her up before throwing her into the bathroom.

“Reflect on your actions here, and we’ll have a nice chat tomorrow. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what
I’ll do!” When she finished speaking, she even yawned.

Since there wasn’t any heater in the bathroom, the temperature inside was really low, so much so that
it made Willow tremble from the cold.

Sophie didn’t give a crap about her and went back to sleep.

Thus, Willow was forced to spend a night in a cold, wet bathroom.

The next morning, Charmaine went to her room to invite her to breakfast. When she didn’t see her
there, she immediately went looking for her.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t she in the house last night? Why did she disappear?” Yale had given up all
hope on Willow.

With Tristan’s support, he had no reason to choose anyone but Sophie.

“I also don’t know. She’s been feeling pretty unwell recently. You know her hand was injured because of
Sophie, and women like to look beautiful, so…” Charmaine replied.

“All right, that’s enough. She should be in the house. Quickly, Dad’s about to wake up, but the breakfast
is not ready yet!” He needed to head to the company soon because things were getting busy as year-
end was coming.

“Breakfast is ready long ago! Just eat.” She was still worried about her daughter.

Even after everyone came to eat breakfast, Willow was still nowhere to be found.

When she saw Sophie, she couldn’t help but ask, “Did you see Willow, Soph? It’s like she disappeared
into thin air!”

“Ah, Willow, is it? She’s in my bathroom!” Sophie didn’t feel like she should hide that.

After all, it was only a matter of time before she needed to deal with it.

“What? What’s going on?” Josiah was shocked upon hearing that. “Why is she in your room?”

He was aware that the sisters weren’t close enough to sleep in the same bed.

“Last night, she tried to use a fruit knife to ruin my face. Thankfully, I caught her in time. I was afraid of
affecting everyone’s sleep, so I tied her up and threw her into the bathroom first.” She thought she was
doing a favor for everyone since there was no reason to create so much noise during the night.

“What?” Charmaine couldn’t believe her ears. Without delay, she asked a few housekeepers to follow
her into Sophie’s room. When she opened the door, she saw Willow lying there, with her limbs tied up
and her mouth stuffed with a towel.

The moment Willow saw Charmaine, tears streamed down her cheeks.

As Charmaine pulled the towel out of her mouth, she spoke. “What’s gotten into you, Willa? Why are
you doing this instead of listening to me? Didn’t I ask you to stay as far away from Sophie as possible?
Why are you so stubborn?”

Willow immediately cried when her mouth was free.

She tried to cry very loudly to show everyone how aggrieved she was.

However, she couldn’t make a sound after staying inside the bathroom for a whole night.

“Quickly, take her away and give her a hot shower! Help her change into a new set of clothes!”
Charmaine was extremely worried. Sophie is too merciless! No matter what happens, Willow is still her

After the housekeepers did as she asked, she brought Willow downstairs.

The second Willow’s line of sight landed on Sophie, she wanted to tear the latter into pieces.

However, Sophie only shot a glance at her sister for her to behave.

“What’s going on with you, Willow? Your recent performance has been extremely disappointing! Sophie
is still your sister. How could you hurt her?” Yale roared.

Hearing that made Willow feel really aggrieved.

In the past, her father had always been standing by her side.

Yet, at that moment, he was on Sophie’s side.

Willow wanted to explain, but she still couldn’t speak. The cold she had gotten due to what happened
last night was too serious.

“Apologize to Soph right away, Willow! Don’t you know this is a criminal offense?” Josiah gazed at her
disapprovingly. Why is she acting like this at such a young age? “I think she should be sent to the
countryside for a period of time!” His idea was to let the people there reform her.

“Dad, Willow is still young!” Charmaine argued.

“Not anymore. It’s because you’ve been spoiling her that such a thing happened! You must take
responsibility for what has become of Willow!”

“I know, Dad…”

“All right, that’s enough, Grandpa. I’m willing to let this matter go for your sake. However, should this
happen again, I won’t let it slide,” Sophie informed.

Her grandfather had just recovered, so she didn’t want him to get too worked up.

That was why she locked Willow up in the bathroom all night as punishment.

“Mhm.” Josiah nodded. Even though both of them are my granddaughters, the difference between
them is too massive.

Grabbing Charmaine’s hand, Willow hoped her mother would defend her. In her family, her mother was
the only one who was willing to stand by her side.

However, at that point, Charmaine didn’t have the guts to say anything.

The biggest reason Josiah didn’t immediately send Willow to the police station was that he was
concerned about the family’s reputation.

Otherwise, she really would’ve been in a lockup already.

“Let’s eat breakfast together, Sophie! Aren’t you heading to Transfix Cosmetics in a moment?” Josiah
spoke again, completely ignoring Willow.

No one paid attention to Willow as she stood there.

Sophie continued to eat her breakfast, unwilling to spend another second of attention on a crazy
person. There’s definitely a loose screw in Willow’s head!

Tightening her fist, Willow felt extremely aggrieved. It seems like no one cares about what happens to

Charmaine was too busy taking care of Josiah as he ate breakfast, so she didn’t have time to pay any
attention to her daughter.

Seeing that no one was giving her even an ounce of attention, she returned to her room silently and
cried miserably. This is fine. I swear I’ll pay back everything they did today with interest! Those who
look down on me now will suffer in the future!

It wasn’t until Josiah finished his breakfast that Charmaine brought breakfast for Willow. It broke her
heart to see her daughter’s swelling eyes.

Approaching her daughter, she comforted, “What happened today is your fault, Willa. No matter how
much you dislike Sophie, you shouldn’t have done something like that to her!”

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