Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Blushing

“Mhm, I know. I’ll go back now,” Tristan assured.

“Be careful on the road.” It was then Sophie hung up the call. It was getting pretty late. The more she
talked to him, the later he would return to his home, which was why she stopped.

After hanging up the call, she realized Josiah really was still waiting in the living room for her.

“Who were you talking to earlier? Was it Tanny? Why don’t you invite him in since he’s already here?
It’s not like we don’t have enough rooms here. It’s dangerous for him to go back in this weather!” the
old man suggested.

“Why are you so naughty, Grandpa? Didn’t I ask you to stay in the hospital for a couple more days?” As
Sophie spoke, her expression darkened. She didn’t forget why she was there.

He pretended as though he didn’t hear anything and turned to the butler nearby. “Isn’t Tanny a good

The butler could only nod.

It wasn’t unexpected that the old man refused to stay in the hospital for that long.

“It’s going to be the shareholders’ meeting in a few days, Soph. Are you confident?” Another reason
Josiah didn’t sleep was because of that.

He found it hard to sleep soundly before that matter concluded.

No matter what happened, that was his sweat and blood. Thus, there was no way he could just ignore

“You don’t believe me, Grandpa? Since you already handed Tanner Group to me, you should let it go
already. I won’t disappoint you,” Sophie assured. Is this why he didn’t want to stay in the hospital?

“Mhm.” There wasn’t much for him to say.

“All right, it’s getting late. You should go and sleep now. If you don’t, I won’t care about the company

“I know you won’t do that, Soph.” Despite his words, he still went to sleep.

It wasn’t until Sophie accompanied him to the bed and covered him with a blanket that she stepped out
of his room.

Morgan left the room with her.

“It’s getting very late, Ms. Sophie. You should rest early!” he said.

“Thank you for your hard work in this period of time, Morgan. You should rest early too!”

After that, she returned to her own room. It had been a while since the last time she lived there for a
couple of days.

The moment Sophie arrived in her room, her phone rang.

At that point, she really wasn’t sure what to say. All she wanted was to rest early.

Before she could hang up, she heard Tristan say, “I miss you.”

Despite the fact that it hadn’t been long since they parted ways, it still made her heart race when she
heard that.

Thoughts crossed her mind as she glanced at him. What’s wrong with him? He’s been teasing me often
lately! Moreover, it has only been an hour since we left each other.

“It’s getting very late, Mr. Tristan. I’m going to sleep now,” Sophie uttered before ending the video call.

Sitting on the couch, Tristan couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw how she acted. Why is she so
adorable? I bet she’s feeling shy! I didn’t even say much! It was just an “I miss you!”

As for her, she was lying in bed, calming down. After a while, she patted her cheeks. “What’s wrong
with you, Sophie? He didn’t really say anything special! Why are you even blushing?”

All she could think of at that moment was Tristan’s face.

Then Sophie sat up and decided to take a bath before sleeping.

Ever since Sophie stepped into the building, Willow had been unable to sleep. Staring at her own hand,
all she could think of was revenge.

When she saw Sophie entering the bedroom, she waited for a while. After making sure everyone was
asleep, she grabbed a fruit knife and went to the second floor sneakily. Then, she stood in front of
Sophie’s room.

She was afraid of Sophie, but she refused to give up.

Sophie destroyed everything she had, so she couldn’t just let her off.

No matter what, she wanted Sophie to pay the price, too.

When Willow turned the knob, she realized Sophie’s door wasn’t locked. Thus, she entered the room
without any problem.

Upon discovering that Sophie was in the bathroom, she hid in an obscure corner. This time, I’ll make
you pay the price, Sophie!

There was nothing but hatred left in her mind. The only thing she wanted was revenge. Everyone in the
family is on Sophie’s side! No one care about me! In that case, there’s nothing for me to be afraid of!

After Sophie exited the bathroom and dried her hair before getting in bed and playing with her phone. It
wasn’t until she was very sleepy that she pulled up her blanket and prepared to sleep.

Before she put away her phone, she saw Tristan sending her a message.

It was still the same “I miss you” message from before.

Sophie wasn’t an exceptionally romantic person, so she replied: Mhm.

Mr. Tristan: Okay, go to sleep now!

That concluded their conversation, as she didn’t reply after that.

She closed her eyes and started sleeping.

It wasn’t until Willow confirmed Sophie had fallen asleep based on her calm breathing that she walked
out from the obscure spot. Her movement was light, and it didn’t make a sound.

“Where should I cut her? You’re pretty because of your face, right? It’s because of your alluring
appearance that all you know to do is seduce men! I wonder if those men still go after you if I cut your
face?” Willow approached the bed and leaned over.

In her hand was the sharp fruit knife.

It was new because she bought it to deal with Sophie specifically.

A smug smile was seen on her face because she could finally get her revenge.

The fruit knife was only a hair’s breadth away from Sophie’s face. Willow was feeling excited and
joyous as she stared at the defenseless Sophie.

When she plunged the knife toward Sophie, the latter grabbed her hand with open eyes. Sadly,
Sophie’s beautiful eyes were filled with an icy look at that moment.

Willow tried to pull her wrist away. No, this is impossible! Shouldn’t she be asleep already? This is my
best chance!

“Do you have a death wish?” Sophie questioned.

Despite Willow’s desperate struggle, she couldn’t break free. Impossible! There’s no way I’ll fail!

“The one who has a death wish is you! Why can’t you just die, Sophie? If you die, the Tanner family will
finally belong to me! Once you die, everyone will acknowledge my existence! I fell in love with Clayton
first! You don’t have the right to snatch him away from me!” Bitterness and hatred had consumed
Willow whole.

Sophie tactfully grabbed the knife and kicked her down the bed.

As a result, Willow fell onto the floor and cried loudly.

She was so loud that Sophie found it annoying, so the latter grabbed a nearby towel and stuffed the
former’s mouth with it.

Willow’s eyes widened. How can she do this to me? This is the towel that the housekeepers used to
clean the place up today! How could she just stuff that into my mouth?