Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Seductive

“Since you just left Primo Mansion, may I ask what’s your relationship with The Wheelers, miss?” asked
a reporter blocking Sophie’s path.

Sophie furrowed her eyebrows, very displeased with the situation.

“Please answer our question, miss!”

“No comments!” Every time she had to deal with reporters and people like them, she would feel
irritated. She would much prefer to have a brawl with someone than face the reporters in front of her.

“Are you the girlfriend of a member of The Wheelers? Who’s your boyfriend?” The reason the reporters
were curious was that she was the first woman who hung out with The Wheelers.

“No comments!” Sophie continued to push the reporters away and entered Tristan’s car. The moment
she was inside, he turned on the engine and drove away, leaving the reporters in the dust.

Upon taking off her hat, she took in a deep breath.

“What’s the matter? Are those reporters really that scary?” he asked.

The only thing she was afraid of was the reporters.

“Yeah, they are quite scary. That’s why I refuse to enter the entertainment industry. I don’t like other
people paying attention to my private life,” Sophie answered. “Aren’t you the same? As the leader of
Lombard Group, the media won’t dare to publish your picture. Even if you show up in front of the public,
not many people know you’re the famous Mr. Tristan.”

“I just don’t like trouble!”

Along the way, Tristan drove very steadily. It had been snowing pretty hard for the past few days,
making Jipsdale’s temperature drop a dozen degrees below zero.

There was a lot of snow on the ground too, so he had to be careful as he drove. “Jonathan went to see
Clayton, right?”

“Mhm. Clayton refused to terminate the contract. There’s no need to rush though,” Sophie replied

The matter was already quite difficult to deal with. If The Wheelers were just an average band, then the
termination would’ve been a breeze. However, the revenue they were pulling in could keep a company
afloat. There was no way Clayton would be willing to let them go.

“Oh yeah, Tanner Group’s shareholders’ meeting is about to start soon! How’s your preparation?”
Tristan asked. Transfix Cosmetics’ current performance was there for everyone to see. If no accidents
occurred, she would undoubtedly become Tanner Group’s CEO.

“There won’t be any accidents.” She wouldn’t allow anything to go wrong. As long as it was something
she wanted, there was nothing she couldn’t do to get it. “Oh, also, send me back to the Tanner
residence, Mr. Tristan. My grandpa was discharged from the hospital today. I wanna visit him!”

Josiah was acting up again.

Just as he was getting better, he threw a tantrum that he wanted to return home.

Left with no other choice, Arius had to give in.

“Okay!” Tristan turned the car and parked it in front of the Tanner residence. Yet, Sophie didn’t exit the

“I’ll sleep here for a while!” The Tanner residence wasn’t a favorite place of hers because there were a
lot of people she didn’t like there.

At that moment, she just wanted to stay there longer with him.

“Mhm, sleep then!”

As she slept, Tristan didn’t do anything else. He simply stayed by her side quietly and stared at her
sleeping face.

It made him happy that she didn’t immediately go into the Tanner residence but wanted to stay with him

This is a great improvement. As expected, I can slowly make my way into her heart. After all, the
changes are already happening.

The car was pretty warm. At first, Sophie just wanted to rest for a while. In the end, she really fell
asleep there.

By the time she woke up, it was already almost midnight.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” she exclaimed. I don’t know why, but when I’m around him, I find it so
easy to fall asleep. It’s like he has magic that can make me sleep very well.

“I couldn’t bear to wake you up when I saw how soundly you were sleeping. You should sit here for a
longer while. If you go out right after you wake up, you may get a cold.”

“No, I need to go in right now. My grandfather may still be waiting for me because I told him I’ll be back

Josiah’s personality was something she was very familiar with.

“Fine. Go in then!” Tristan unlocked the door.

Upon opening the door, Sophie turned back and saw him still staring at her affectionately. She felt her
cheeks burning a little. “Be careful when you drive back!”

The slippery, snowy road wasn’t safe for cars to drive on.

“Mhm, I know. You should go back early and rest. Don’t talk to your grandfather until late at night. Also,
let him know I’ll be accompanying him in a couple of days,” Tristan said.

“Mhm!” It was a tacit acknowledgment by Sophie that she knew him and the old man had an unspoken

After stepping out of the car, she didn’t immediately enter the building. Instead, she walked around the
vehicle and opened the driver’s door, staring at him while standing outside.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

The outside was so cold that Sophie’s ears had already turned red shortly after leaving the car.

However, the red wasn’t caused by the freezing temperature. It was because she was shy.

Suddenly, she felt unwilling to leave him. It was an emotion unfamiliar to her.

Seeing her like that, Tristan couldn’t hold back the demon inside his heart anymore. He hugged her
waist, pulled her close, and kissed her lips.

“If the person you’re meeting isn’t Old Mr. Tanner, I wouldn’t have let you go!” His voice was deep, and
when it rang next to her ear, it sounded very seductive.

“I—” Following her desire, Sophie kissed him too. Then, she left before he could react to that.

Tristan felt like he was on cloud nine.

It really didn’t cross his mind that she would take the initiative to kiss him. Something like that was
something that would only show up in his dream in the past.

Yet, at that moment, it had become real.

Just as Sophie stepped into the building, Tristan called.

She pressed the answer button and put the phone next to her ear.

While she heard nothing from the other end, and she didn’t say anything, she knew the call was

“What do I do, Sophie? It’s only been a minute, yet I already want to see you again already. Do you
know that I am really happy that you’re willing to take the initiative to kiss me? You don’t need to say
anything to fill my heart with glee. Even when I signed a contract worth billions, I never felt like this
before. You really are different from me,” he said.

It was an overwhelming feeling he couldn’t resist.

“Mr. Tristan—” Sophie didn’t expect her small gesture would move him so greatly.

“You should go back now!” Her ears were totally red. While she thought pretty highly of herself, she
was a blank piece of paper when it came to love. Thus, she would occasionally feel helpless when
facing him.

However, she knew he was different to her.

“Mhm, I know. We’ll meet again tomorrow! I already can’t wait for our next meeting!” Excitement could
be heard in Tristan’s voice.

“You should go back right now, Mr. Tristan. If your place is too far away, you can go back to Wisteria
Apartments! Once you return, we’ll video call each other!” Sophie was worried that he would spend the
night in his car alone. As comfortable and warm as his car is, spending a night inside must be pretty

Before she said that, he did think about spending the night in his car. It seems like she knows me pretty