Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Not Joking

“Don’t worry. No one will get to harm her,” Mark could only comfort Sunny.

“If Mr. Tristan dares to bully her, I will show him the consequences even if I have to sacrifice my life in
the process,” Sunny said while wearing a poker face.

“Hmm.” Presumably, Mark’s silence was an implicit acknowledgment of Sunny’s words.

Sophie was quiet on the way back. She leaned back in the seat with her eyes closed to get some rest.

“What’s wrong?”

Is she reluctant for me to interfere in this matter? However, Clayton is a ruthless man. I do not want her
to have too many interactions with him.

“Nothing. I am very grateful for your help.” Sophie was not an ungracious person, after all. It was
Tristan who was overthinking the situation.


Tristan fell silent afterward. After the car was parked in the underground garage, and Sophie was about
to get off the vehicle, he suddenly grabbed her hand.

Puzzled, she turned her head around to look at him.

He merely lowered his head, pulled her into his embrace, and kissed her for a long while.

Rendered out of breath because of his passionate kiss, Sophie gazed at him in bafflement.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.”

Tristan could not help but sigh. It was too difficult for him to figure out what was going on in her mind,
so he felt at a loss.

Huh, I wonder what is in her mind.

“Okay. I’ll head upstairs then. You should go back now.” She was genuinely exhausted and in need of
sleep after dealing with Clifford.

“All right. Go on.”

The end-of-semester exam had also ended, so she could get some good rest in the upcoming days.

Sophie finally got out of the car and returned to Wisteria Apartments. On the other hand, Tristan sat
inside the vehicle for some time before activating the car engine and leaving.

The following day, Mark’s agent, Jonathan Zales, met with Clayton in person.

Clayton was busy in the past two days because the hacker infiltrated Zales Corporation’s system.

His face darkened when he saw Jonathan appearing at the headquarters.

“You better have a good reason for coming here.” Although The Wheelers was generating a lot of profit
for the company, Mark had not been an easy person to deal with, so Clayton was not fond of the latter.

“Clay, the thing is, Sunny’s hand got injured because of this incident. Therefore, Mark and the others
decided to terminate the contract with the company.”

“Terminate the contract? Are you kidding me? The Wheelers flourished and attained their current
success under my leadership. They are finally making a profit now, yet they wish to terminate their
contract. What are you all thinking? Have your brains gone haywire?”

“Clay, isn’t it better for us to part on good terms since you despise Mark anyway. What do you hope to
achieve by keeping The Wheelers within your control?” Jonathan had stayed by the band’s side from
its establishment, so he knew how outrageous Clayton had treated them.

“Part on good terms? Jonathan, you’ve stayed by my side for so long, yet you dare say something like
that? Don’t you feel that you are such a clown?”

Jonathan kept quiet.

“Clay, What are your conditions to allow The Wheelers to terminate the contract?” Jonathan had
decided to stick with The Wheelers in the future.

He had guided that group of teenagers and genuinely cared about them since the band’s formation.
Besides, he also firmly believed The Wheelers would have a bright future ahead in the music industry.

Therefore, he must side with The Wheelers no matter what.

“I will not consent to the contract termination, but since they are acting rebellious, all their ongoing
albums and related projects will be temporarily paused to allow them some time to reflect on their

It was obvious to Jonathan that Clayton had decided to blacklist The Wheelers.

“Do all of you think you’re very successful now? Regrettably, I will not let you all do as you please while
I’m still in charge.” Clayton snorted coldly.

Jonathan’s face darkened, but he did not dare to act up in front of Clayton.


Before he could finish the rest of his sentence, Clayton dismissed him.

“That’s enough. You can leave now. Don’t bug me with this matter ever again.”

Clayton had indeed been caught up in a bad mood recently.

Jonathan wanted to speak further, but Clayton’s assistant entered at that moment and whispered
beside Clayton’s ear, prompting the latter’s facial expression to change drastically.

“F*ck! Who is that? Did I spend tens of millions on hiring those cyber security specialists to sit around
and do nothing?”

What a bunch of trash!

Zales Corporation’s system was hacked again, not to mention some of their classified information had
been stolen.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you the best hacker?”

The cyber security specialist did not dare to make a sound as Clayton chided him.

The cyber security specialist had been receiving an annual salary of over tens of millions from Zales
Corporation, but that was the first time he had encountered such a troublesome hacker as that
unknown hacker had been toying with him the whole time.

“Clay, they are too formidable, so there is really nothing I can do.”

“Get lost!”

Clayton was unwilling to listen to the cyber security specialist’s nonsense at that moment.

“Clay, do you think Phantom may be behind this? We discovered Wings of Light’s territory previously,
right? Could they be taking revenge on us?”

Clayton was stumped.

We’re in serious trouble if Phantom is really behind this. There aren’t many hackers with skills on par
with Phantom in this world.

“All I did was pay Wings of Light’s territory a visit. Do they have to drive me to the brink of despair for

Clayton was truly bewildered. Besides, he did not approach Wings of Light with hostility. He merely
wanted to make them an offer to join his company.

“Try and contact people from Wings of Light.” Clayton sighed.

Perhaps I really shouldn’t have provoked someone as problematic as Phantom. They are not giving me
any way out! If this torment drags on, I have no doubt I will die at a young age.

Clayton was finally able to get in touch with Butterfly after much difficulty.

Unfortunately, Butterfly repeatedly left them hanging, reluctant to provide them with a definite answer.

At night, Sophie went to Wings of Light. When Butterfly saw Sophie, she immediately brought the latter
to check out her new computer in excitement.

“This computer is quite amazing.”

Butterfly uttered proudly, “Moreover, I have another unit with me, so you can take it back and try it. Do
give me feedback promptly if you have any comments.”

That was a product developed by Butterfly’s family’s company.

The computer fully utilized local technologies, but the processing speed was remarkable, and the
device had no significant inadequacy.

“Okay. Send the computer to Wisteria Apartments. I’ll try it out before discussing it with you.”

After that, Sophie went to sit at her table. She opened her computer and began repairing their system.

“Also, who are these people you brought into Wings of Light?” When Butterfly received Sophie’s call
previously, she did not overthink the situation and merely arranged places for them to sit. However,
Butterfly thought they all appeared menacing after meeting with them.

“It’s nothing. You don’t have to mind their existence. They are here just to protect you all.” Since
Clayton managed to find out their location, Sophie had to take some precautionary measures. Although
she had absolute confidence in handling Clayton, Sophie did not wish to put Butterfly and the others at

“Phantom, aren’t you exaggerating? We don’t need these people to protect us. Although I may not be
as skilled in combat as you, I am still capable of dealing with a few thugs.”

“We are not handling a matter as simple as dealing with a few thugs. This time, I want the Zales family
to disappear from Jipsdale completely.”

Butterfly was rendered speechless.

She did not expect Sophie to utter such a bold statement. Nevertheless, judging by the latter’s
demeanor, Butterfly reckoned Sophie was not joking.