Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 200

Chapter 200 How Terrifying

“Soph!” Sophie’s words had touched Sunny. “You’ll always be a member of The Wheelers. But we want
to celebrate our achievements with you, not drag you into trouble.”

People often took offense to Mark’s words and behavior. But isn’t this the characteristic of a rock band’s

All rock band members had strong personalities, and they would not do anything against their will.

Mark shook his head. “Soph, I know you’re doing this for us, but I hope you can stay away from this

He was worried something bad might happen to Sophie.

Sophie was unhappy to hear that. What do they take me for? On the one hand, they said I’ll always be
a member of The Wheelers, but on the other hand, they want me to stay out of their affairs!

Tristan, who had been observing them, finally voiced his thought. “Why should we be afraid of
Clayton?” Does he think I, Tristan Lombard, am scared of an insignificant man like Clayton? What a

“You—” Mark was surprised that the man, who had all this while been quiet, made that remark.

“Since you can’t work with Clayton anymore, why don’t you terminate your contract with him? There’s
no point continuing this partnership.”

More importantly, Clayton’s company would be in deep waters soon anyway. Tristan thought they
should get off the sinking ship.

“What? Terminate our contract with Clayton?” I don’t think he’ll let us off so easily! Based on the
contract, they would still need to work with Clayton for another year. There’s no way he will release us!

“I’ll take care of it.”

Tristan would not turn a blind eye to Sophie’s problem. To Tristan, getting Clayton to agree to the
contract termination was not a difficult task.

“You’ll take care of it?” Mark could not believe what he heard. This man does look capable, but can he
take Clayton on?

“Yes, you should leave this to Mr. Tristan since he’s willing to help!” Sophie would have been able to
solve the problem, but since Tristan had offered his help, she thought she might as well reveal his

“Mr. Tristan?”

Sunny could not believe his ears. The man whom we treated with hostility is Mr. Tristan from Lombard
Group in Jipsdale?

“Yes. Lombard Group can take care of your contract, so don’t worry!” Sophie said bitterly. She was still
upset that the band members had no confidence in her, even though she could tackle this problem
without Tristan’s help.

“Why do you want to help us?” Mark asked. Why would Lombard Group help us? Does he not know it’s
a tough row to hoe? I guess he’s doing this for Sophie.

“I just want to help. That’s all.”

Mark did not know what else to say. He still could not believe Sophie had befriended an influential
figure like Tristan.

“All right, Soph. Let’s go home. I’ll get Eustace to handle this man,” Tristan said. Eustace has nothing to
do anyway. This will keep him busy for a while.

“All right!”

Tristan gave Felix a call. “Ask Eustace to come over right now.”

When Eustace arrived, he noticed how disheveled Clifford was.

Eustace was aware of what Clifford had done in the past, but he would typically ask his subordinates to
deal with him. After all, he would not want to waste his time and energy dealing with such an
insignificant person.

“Take him away!” Eustace ordered his subordinates.

“Captain Sheppard, why does the SWAT team have to handle that small fry?” What a waste of

“Zip it. Just do your job, and stop questioning the boss.”

Meanwhile, Danny had just arrived.

“Captain Sheppard, I think I saw Ms. Tanner. What’s she doing here? I wonder if she has anything to do
with this.”

“Sophie Tanner?”

“Yeah! I’m pretty sure it’s her!” As one of Sophie’s biggest fans, Danny could recognize her with his
eyes shut. However, he had not gone over to her because she was with a group of people.

“I’ll go and take a look.”

To Eustace, Sophie was a capable but mysterious woman. He had been wanting to get to know her
better but was always caught up with work.

Eustace never had a chance to reach out to her because he had been busy handling a few
international cases recently.

When Danny saw Eustace run out in haste, he could not help but tease, “Did you see that? I told you
Captain Sheppard was intrigued by Ms. Tanner, but you didn’t believe me. Now you know I’m telling the

“That’s enough, Danny. You better not let Captain Sheppard catch you spreading rumors about him.”
They had learned their lesson in the last round.

Danny pouted. “He has already gone out to look for Ms. Tanner. Pretty sure he didn’t hear what I said.”

“You seem to have been too free lately, Danny. I need to station a technician at the borders. Should I
send you over?” Eustace overheard what Danny said when he came back.

Danny immediately made a zipping motion with his hand and kept mum. “I didn’t say anything.”

Eustace had indeed run out to look for Sophie, but there had been no signs of her.

He believed Danny had told him the truth since there was no reason for him to lie. But what is Sophie
doing here? Did she beat Clifford to a pulp?

Tristan sent Sunny back to the mansion, but the latter refused to get down from the car.

“Thank you very much, Sophie.” It was rare to see Sunny being this serious.

“Don’t mention it. All right, it’s getting late. Go and take a rest. Mr. Tristan will take care of the contract,
so don’t worry.”

Nothing was impossible with Tristan. Sophie did not want them to worry because she knew Tristan
would handle the matter well.

“Sophie, I know you’re doing this for us, but please don’t go against your principles.” Sunny did not
want Sophie to do anything against her will, and he was not afraid to say this in front of the famous
Tristan Lombard.

Sophie chuckled. What an adorable young man.

“I understand your concern. All right, go home now. Mark and the rest are waiting for you!”

“Don’t you want to come in?”

It was not often that they got to get together. Besides, Sophie’s final exam was over. Why don’t we
hang out and have a jam session?

“Not today. I still have other things to do.”

“What is it? We can lend you a hand.” They wanted to be a part of everything that Sophie was involved

“It’s not a big problem, so no worries. It’s a family issue and not something outsiders should intervene
in. You guys should focus on making your next album.”

Being too focused on making music was how Mark got into the mess in the first place.

Sunny got down from the car and met up with the rest of the members of The Wheelers.

“Mark, I noticed changes in Sophie. I mean, she’s still the same righteous person like she used to be,
but there’s just something different about her.”

“Yeah. I noticed that too.” Mark also felt there was something unusual about Sophie. But what can we
do if she refuses to tell us what exactly happened to her? After all, we can’t poke our noses into her

“We want her to be happy with her life. Nothing else matters.” But would Tristan treat Sophie well now
that they’re together? Would that man bully her?

“What if Mr. Tristan is the kind of man who would take out his frustrations on Sophie?” Sunny
expressed his concern.

Everyone in Jipsdale knew who Tristan was and what he was like. I cannot imagine how terrifying it
could be to be in a relationship with him.