Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Plead For Forgiveness

“Stop wasting time talking bullsh*t. Let go of me immediately. If not, I’ll surely settle the score with you
later!” Clifford bellowed. D*mn it! I’m almost starving to death! It’s f*cking unbearable!

“Mark my words. You’re aware of who’s the one who gave me this order, aren’t you? If you still wish to
continue gaining fame and glory in the entertainment industry, you should practice self-discipline from
now onward. Don’t try to be funny and go against the management’s will,” Clifford mocked.

The self-assured man was convinced that there was no one in Jipsdale who could lay a finger on him.
Ha! Even the police can’t do so, let alone a lowly band! Hmph! What do they think they can do to me?
Since they can’t do anything, why don’t they set me free at once?

“Enough of that! What’s the point of wasting time bickering with him?” Sophie finally broke her silence,
repulsed by Clifford’s words.

“Since your hand was injured because of him, I’ll pay him back in his own coin. It’s not considered
going overboard by demanding him to pay the price with his hand, am I?” Sophie sounded airy, but her
words sent a chill down Clifford’s spine.

“Missy, what do you intend to do? Do you know who I am? Huh? You must have a death wish to
demand that!” Clifford scoffed. He was sure as h*ll that the young lady was only bragging and trying to
give him a scare.

“Does it matter who you are?” Sophie advanced toward him and loomed over him.

Right that instant, her penetrating gaze scared the wits out of the middle-aged man, who was notorious
for his viciousness.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on me! Mark my words. I’ve been in prison numerous times. If you dare to
even touch me, I’ll—”

Sophie struck at him before he could finish his words. She grabbed his wrist, exerting a great force
discreetly. It was as though she only touched his hand for a second.

Nevertheless, Clifford broke out in cold sweat due to the excruciating pain in his wrist. He could not
even twist it.

“What have you done to me?” His voice quivered in fear. My goodness! What a terrifying young lady!

“Don’t worry. It’s only one of your hands. However, you might not be able to jerk off anymore by using
this hand,” Sophie responded indifferently.

Inwardly, Mark gasped. Am I hearing things? How’s it possible for those words to escape such a young
lady’s lips?

At the same time, Sunny lamented inwardly, Oh my! What happened to our innocent young lady?

Meanwhile, Tristan was bereft of speech.

The young men could only talk themselves into getting used to Sophie’s boldness. Ah! We should have
known that she’s no ordinary young lady!

“You!” Clifford could not utter any words to retort.

“Hmm? Are you doubting my words again? Spit it out now. Who’s the mastermind manipulating you in
the dark?” Sophie raised her voice and whipped out a voice recorder.

“I…” Clifford did not dare to tell her anything, fearing that he would be in trouble by infuriating his

“Oh? Do you not want your other hand too? Just a heads-up for you to be mentally prepared. Your wrist
will never be able to recover again!” Sophie was confident in her skill.

Meanwhile, Clifford did not dare to doubt her words at all.

“Missy, I had no choice but to get the mission accomplished as I was paid. Please let go of me. I
promise I won’t appear alongside The Wheelers again, no matter where they are. Is that not enough?”
He tried to speak up for himself. They are all as petrifying as ferocious beasts. I can’t take the risk of
getting on their nerves!

“Since you’re reluctant to spit it out, I have no choice but to use another method.” Sophie sounded
nonchalant as usual, but her words were horrifying indeed.

“Missy! I’ll tell you the truth now, okay?” He tried to appease her. Why am I so unlucky? I carried out the
mission for only fifty thousand. Why did I come across such a vicious young lady?

“It’s Clayton Zales. According to him, Mark Wheeler and his band members have not been cooperative
lately. Hence, he wanted to teach them a lesson.” Clifford could not refrain from opening his mouth.

“I’ve told you everything I know, so can you let go of me now? But please don’t let Clayton know I’m the
one who told you this. If not, he won’t let me off the hook. Don’t ever step on his toes either. Don’t you
know how scary that man is?” Clifford babbled.

The moment Clayton’s name was mentioned, even a notorious man like Clifford felt a shiver go down
his spine.

“Okay, I got it.” Sophie pressed a button on the voice recorder and tossed it to Mark.

Next, she turned to ask the young man who had been silent so far. “Sunny, what do you think we
should do to him? It’s all right. I can make the arrangement if you don’t wish to get your hands dirty, so

feel free to speak your mind!”

Clifford’s face turned ashen as he pleaded, “Mr. Sunny, please let go of me! I won’t dare to do that
again! I swear it!”

Wearing a look of sheer grimness, Sunny sneered, “Clifford Larson, have you forgotten your revolting
words in the restroom? Didn’t you plan to force yourself on me? How about now? Pfft! Have you
chickened out?”

All along, he had been keeping mum about it so as not to put the others in hot water. Now that Clifford
had revealed the truth, he did not think he needed to keep anything from the others anymore.

In an instant, there was a drastic change in the countenance of all the members of The Wheelers. A
hint of ferocity flickered in Sophie’s eyes.

“Mr. Sunny, please let me off! I was only pulling your leg at that time. Please let go of me!” Horror-
stricken, Clifford wet his pants.

“How dare you!” Mark moved forward to grasp his wrist and bent it backward harshly.

“Argh!” Clifford let out a blood-curdling yowl in pain.

At the same time, the other members of The Wheelers drew closer to surround him at once. They had
always doted on Sunny like their own younger brother. Knowing that Clifford had such designs on him,
they blew a fuse.

Consequently, Clifford was beaten to a pulp in scarcely a few minutes.

Sophie only stepped forward after the members of The Wheelers vented their anger. By then, Clifford
was trembling all over as he stammered, “I-I…”

Never had he expected he would be in such a pathetic state one day.

“Stand up!” Sophie stated authoritatively.

Clifford struggled to his feet, but she kicked him hard in the stomach. The next second, he fell to his
knees clumsily.

“Sophie, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Stop that, okay? It’s not worth getting your hands dirty
because of him.” Sunny chuckled. Seeing how united everyone was, he was extremely touched. It was
as though they were back to the days when they were still striving for their future in Horington.

“Okay.” Sophie stopped. “Anyway, he’s merely a tool manipulated by Clayton, and everything is not
over yet.”

She snorted inwardly. Clayton should be the one paying the price for striking at Mark relentlessly!

“Sophie, Clayton is no ordinary man, and this is solely The Wheelers’ problem. Please don’t interfere,”
Mark advised her. He could not help but worry about the young lady, who was not even nineteen years
old. She has a bright future ahead of her. I mustn’t let her seek the heinous man out for payback,
putting herself in a precarious situation!

Sophie furrowed her brows, feeling displeased. She tried to convince him patiently. “Mark, I’m part of
The Wheelers too. No doubt, I didn’t debut in the entertainment industry together with you guys and
even left for so long. However, I’m always with you all. In other words, everything about The Wheelers
is related to me too. I can’t let any of you suffer!”

Didn’t I make the choice at that time so I could be mighty enough to shield everyone around me against
any harm? If I can’t even protect them, what’s the point of me striving hard to get through those
moments in that hell-like training camp back then?