Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Her Own Life

“Probably Phantom,” Tristan replied. Who else could it be but her? Although, I thought Clayton had
hired a skillful network security engineer to protect his company. Even with the engineer, he still can’t
catch Phantom, huh?

“Is it really her?” Felix sounded a little excited. Seems like this Phantom also doesn’t like Clayton.

Upon hanging up the call, Tristan glanced at his wristwatch and saw there was still plenty of time
before the exam ended. Thus, he drove back to Lombard Group.

When Felix saw his boss had returned, he felt like kneeling and thanking him for coming back.

“You’re finally willing to come back. I would’ve died if you still refused to return.” Felix couldn’t help
complaining again.

“Stop your whining! This is an opportunity for you to train and get better, you know? I wouldn’t give
other people this chance even if they begged me for it!” Tristan exclaimed.

Felix was thoroughly speechless. Haven’t I been trained enough?

“Can you stop finding excuses for spending time with your woman, Mr. Tristan? You’re acting like an
incompetent boss right now,” Felix spat fearlessly.

Tristan swiftly dealt with the problems Felix was facing.

Because Zales Corporation’s system had been under constant attack, the entire company was in a
frenzy. Lombard Group didn’t even need to do anything for Zales Corporation to suspend its

At that moment, Clayton was beyond anxious as he tried to solve the problem.

He didn’t have time to take a breather at all.

At half-past eleven, the physics exam was over. All the students who walked out of the exam room
looked like they were heading to the guillotine.

When they finished their maths exam, they had still gathered around to talk about how perversely
difficult the questions were.

However, for the physics exam, they didn’t even have the mood to discuss the questions.

Ysabelle was no different from those students.

When she walked out of the room behind Sophie, she didn’t say a single word.

Sophie couldn’t help but comfort her friend when she saw that. “It’s all right. It’s just an exam. Besides,
the questions this time around are really hard. Even if you can’t get good grades on the subject, it’s

“You don’t need to console me, Sophie. When we handed in our papers, I saw yours was filled to the
brim with words and numbers.”

“Well, I’ll tell you this, Ysabelle. You don’t need to compare yourself with me. Just compare yourself to
other people. You can tell how insanely difficult the paper was just by looking at their expressions.”
Sophie was different from other people, after all.

No one would feel confident about themselves if they compared themselves to her.

Ysabelle glanced at the students around her and saw the light in their eyes had gone out.

After all, the new year was right around the corner. If they didn’t score well, the rest of the year would
be miserable.

“That’s true, I guess. If everyone’s not going to get good grades for the paper, it’s not that bad if I also
don’t get good grades.”

When the two of them exited the school, they saw Tristan’s car.

Ysabelle asked, “Uncle Tristan isn’t here to accompany us for the exam, right? It’s just an end-of-
semester exam. Is that really necessary?”

She was already feeling pretty awful when she compared her performance on the paper with Sophie’s,
yet her uncle came to torture her some more. It made her feel miserable.

Sophie had known his intentions since the morning, but she wasn’t sure if he had really stayed there for
the entire period.

Both of them headed to the silver-gray Lamborghini.

Ysabelle opened the door to the back of the car, got in, and closed the door.

Sophie was speechless as she opened the door to the passenger seat and sat there.

“You haven’t been waiting here since the beginning, right, Uncle Tristan?” Ysabelle asked.

“You think too much,” Tristan replied.

She really didn’t feel like she was overthinking it.

Then she turned to Sophie and asked, “You said you were going back to Horington after the exams
ended, right, Soph? When are you going back? Can I join you?”

“Mhm. I do want to go back, but my business here isn’t settled yet.”

The shareholders’ meeting for Tanner Group was about to start soon.

Transfix Cosmetics’ products were all the rage recently, and the new ones had been selling really well.

All that was left was to wait for the shareholders’ meeting to commence.

Once everything had been taken care of, Sophie would spend a few days in Horington.

“Will you be coming back for the new year?” Tristan, who had been keeping silent, spoke.

“I should be back by then. Grandpa’s about to be discharged from the hospital, and he will definitely
want me to be around when the new year rolls around.”

“Ah.” Tristan didn’t say anything else.

Ysabelle became very suspicious when her uncle didn’t say anything else. Does he not want to go to
Horington with Sophie?

Tristan brought the two of them to lunch at a nearby restaurant before sending them to Wisteria
Apartments to rest.

When Ysabelle was alone with Tristan, she couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t you want to go to Horington
with Sophie, Uncle Tristan? Aren’t you curious about what kind of environment Sophie grew up in and
what happened there back then?”

There was a reason why she asked that question. If she went to Horington with her friend alone, her
father wouldn’t agree to it. However, if her uncle went with her, then there would be no problem.

“I don’t want to go. She has her own life and her own matters. Don’t keep following her around all day.”

It made Ysabelle even more suspicious of her uncle, but, of course, she wasn’t going to question him.

Thus, she remained silent.

“You should go back home immediately when the driver comes to pick you up after the exam. Don’t
piss off your dad,” Tristan reminded.

“Okay,” she replied dejectedly. I want to go to Horington too! I don’t want to spend my holiday at home.
Is there anyone more pitiful than me right now in this world?

The last exam was the Ustranasion paper. It differed from the university entrance exam because it
involved a listening test.

After she had listened to the recording, Sophie spent less than half an hour completing the paper.

Since it wasn’t time to hand in the answer sheet yet, she decided to sprawl on the table and sleep.

When she woke up, the other students had already handed in their answer sheets.

When the invigilator arrived in front of her, she pulled out the answer sheet below her exam paper and
handed it to the teacher.

“Are the questions not difficult for you at all, Sophie?” The invigilator was coincidentally the Ustranasion
teacher for Senior Class 8.

The teacher felt bitter when she saw Sophie sleeping.

However, when she glanced at the answer sheet, she noticed all of Sophie’s answers were correct.

Despite the difficulty of the essay question, Sophie still managed to complete it well.

It was supported by logic, and all the terms used in the essay were professional.

The teacher was shocked to read that after she saw Sophie sleeping.

Despite the short amount of time Sophie used to complete the paper, she still did it excellently, which
impressed the teacher.

Even if I were tasked with writing the essay, I wouldn’t be able to do it this flawlessly and beautifully.

“It’s okay.” Sophie had no intention of showing off because she really did feel the exam was standard.

The teacher was very excited. Sophie really is someone to look out for. Perhaps Jipsdale Premier High
will finally produce a principal graduate!

“Can I leave now?” Sophie needed to pick up Sunny. It was about time they dealt with the culprit who
attacked him.

“Sure, you can leave now,” the Ustranasion teacher said.

When Sophie left the school building, Tristan’s car was already waiting outside the school entrance.

Upon entering the vehicle, she said, “Go to The Wheelers’ mansion!”

“Okay,” Tristan replied.

It was clear that she was going there that day to resolve the matter of Sunny’s injured hand, so he
wanted to join her.

“You don’t need to keep sticking to me, Mr. Tristan.” She could take care of the matter herself.

He nodded and drove to The Wheelers’ mansion.

When Sunny saw Sophie’s arrival, he got really excited. “Let me give you a tour of our base, Sophie.”