Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 198

Chapter 198 The Way To Solve The Problem

“Okay!” Sophie did not turn Sunny down.

The latter dragged her away excitedly, leaving Tristan alone in the living room with Mark. It was indeed
a spacious living room casually designed with well-defined partitions.

Mark was devoid of expression as he cut to the chase and spoke to the man in front of him. “Since
you’ve sent her here, you may leave now.”

Tristan sat on the couch, unperturbed by Mark’s tone. “I’ll wait for her here. How could I be at ease
when she’s alone with all of you here? Not to mention, she’s the only female here.”

In the meantime, Sunny took Sophie to have a look around the three-story mansion before leading her
to the room specially prepared for her.

“Sophie, ever since you left, we’ve been reserving a room for you no matter where we go.” The next
second, Sunny pushed the door open.

Surprisingly, the design of the room matched Sophie’s style perfectly. Apart from that, there were a lot
of items she had used before.

“Initially, I couldn’t fathom why you left us abruptly. Anyway, Mark has kept all these things nicely for
you,” Sunny explained.

Mark is obviously sentimental despite his usual look of indifference. Sophie touched the drum she had
used before, missing those memorable moments with everyone from The Wheelers.

“Sunny, thank you so much,” Sophie thanked Sunny earnestly. She was grateful to them for taking her
side all the time and never leaving her alone regardless of anything.

In an instant, Sunny blushed crimson. “Sophie, why are you suddenly talking to me with such formality?
Don’t you know it sounds odd, and I can’t get used to it?”

“All right. I’m here to get the matter of your hand getting injured resolved. Let’s go!” Sophie urged him.

Hearing that, Sunny gazed at her, looking troubled. “Sophie, forget about it. After all, my hand has fully
recovered. Let’s not dwell on it anymore, okay? We went through a lot before our band rose to fame.
Thus, I don’t wish to put all of you in deep water.”

Sophie was rendered speechless.

“I know you’re very concerned about me. However, we have no choice but to go with the flow in the
entertainment industry,” Sunny added resignedly.

If the incident had occurred years back, he would not think twice about retaliating. Nevertheless, after
going through ups and downs for years in the entertainment industry, his mindset had changed a lot.

“Sunny, you all have been through a lot all this while,” Sophie stated sorrowfully.

She could imagine how hard they had strived along the way without anyone backing them up

“It doesn’t matter. Inevitably, everyone grows up as time elapses. I only became more mature after
going through all these,” Sunny responded.

In actuality, he was only a nineteen-year-old young man forced to be mature after what he had been

“It’s all right. I’ll keep my word to resolve the matter for your sake. Regardless of who the culprit is, I’ll
back you up. Hence, there’s nothing for you to fear,” Sophie reassured him.

Sunny was well aware that Sophie was a strong-minded person who kept her word.

“You know Clayton Zales, don’t you? He’s the one coming at us this time around.”

There was hardly anyone who could go up against Clayton in Jipsdale.

“Yeah, I know him. So what?” Sophie shrugged her shoulders.

“Sophie, you really haven’t changed at all. I’m not worried about anything happening to me. However,
The Wheelers has been through a lot before gaining fame. Thus, I don’t feel like taking the risk to seek
him out for payback,” Sunny elucidated. To him, there was no way for one to be free from indignance in
their lifetime.

“Sunny, it’s all right. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just Clayton,” Sophie replied nonchalantly.

“Sunny, no matter what, the management has to give us an explanation on this,” Mark ch

imed in after overhearing Sunny’s words.

Sunny was the youngest in the band. It never occurred to Mark that he would be the most thoughtful

“Mark, I don’t wish to see all of our efforts going down the drain just because of me,” Sunny
emphasized. They had never thought of giving up even during their darkest moments, so why should
they do so now?

“Sunny, bear in mind that we are a team. The moment someone inflicted harm on you openly, it
inadvertently means they’re hurting our band too. If my band members have to sacrifice themselves for
our success, I would rather let go of glory and fame!” Mark stated resolutely. He was protective of his
band members, vowing he would not let anyone put them in a tight spot.

“Besides, the management is prejudiced against us. If we don’t talk things out with them this round, I
bet something similar will occur again. By then, they might target another person in our band!” Mark
pointed out. Of course, they won’t dare to lay a finger on me. After all, I’m still the lead vocal. But what
about the others?

Meanwhile, the other band members emerged from behind the door. They had been eavesdropping on
the duo’s conversation and finally decided to open their mouths upon hearing Sunny’s words.

“Sunny, it’s no big deal. Worse comes to worst, we’re back to square one and will have to start all over
again. Anyway, the management must give us an explanation this time.”

“Yeah! After all, we’ve led such a life before, and we’re not afraid of hardships!”

They would never sacrifice anyone as their current prominence was the result of their joint efforts.

No words could describe how touched Sunny was as he gazed at them.

“Come on, cheer up and be positive! Since they had the guts to inflict harm on Sunny, I vow to let them
pay the price for their ruthlessness!” Sophie piped up. She was incredibly touched at the sight of their
close bond with each other.

Many bands ended up disbanding not long after shooting to fame due to various reasons.

However, Sophie believed everyone from The Wheelers would be able to compose music together for
the rest of their lives.

“You have a point! As long as we’re together, there’s nothing we can’t do!” Sunny hugged his team
members one by one. Moments later, the five members of The Wheelers embraced each other in a
group hug.

Sophie also walked over and wrapped her arms around them. It had been quite a while since she last
felt such warmth flow into her heart.

Later, Tristan hopped into his car with Sophie and Sunny. At the same time, Mark got into his car with
the other three team members. They set off right away.

When Mark and the others came into sight, Clifford Larson, the man who attacked Sunny, started
struggling frantically. He had been held captive there for two days and had not been given either food
or water.

“Mark Wheeler, what are you up to? Don’t you know it’s against the law to abduct anyone? Heed my
words. If you let go of me now, I’ll treat it as if nothing happened. If not, you’ll be doomed!” Clifford
shrieked at the top of his lungs. He was still behaving insolently even though he was currently in a
precarious state.

“You know who’s the mastermind manipulating me, don’t you? Anyway, I didn’t hurt Sunny that
seriously. Hasn’t his hand fully recovered? Let go of me now, and get me some food!” Clifford had a
bad reputation even in the underworld. He was willing to do anything as long as he was well-paid.

On top of that, he was not the slightest bit intimidated by the members of The Wheelers, knowing that
those in the entertainment industry cared most about their reputation.

If I flee this place and tip the reporters off about what The Wheelers did, they will be doomed! They
don’t even have the courage to do anything to me after holding me captive here for two days. I’m sure
they won’t have a choice but to set me free in the end!

“Clifford Larson, how can you still be so arrogant after injuring Sunny’s hand? You must be thinking I’ll
never lose my temper, don’t you?” Mark fumed. I bet the management targeted my band members
because of my bad temper!