Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Innocent

Ysabelle sent a text message to Tristan: I think my dad and Aunt Sarah saw Sophie, Uncle Tristan.
They’re talking about you and Sophie downstairs. You better be prepared.

Then she lay on the bed. It would be weirder if Dad and Aunt Sarah weren’t curious about Sophie. After
all, Uncle Tristan has never shown any romantic interest in anyone.

On the other side, Tristan was driving down the mountain. “The people you saw earlier were my older
brother and sister. I’ll introduce you to them at the right time.”

He didn’t want them to meet Sophie yet because he was worried they would scare her off.

She didn’t have any plans to meet his family yet, so she kept her silence on the matter.

When he saw her like that, he knew she didn’t want to meet them yet either.

“Don’t worry; you’ve still got me! I won’t let anyone hurt you, not even my family members,” Tristan

He would fulfill his promise no matter what.

Sophie stared out the window. Truthfully, it’s not like I’m afraid of meeting his family. I just don’t want to.
It’s not the right time to think about that. Even though I don’t want to meet them, they seem to want to
meet me.

After sending Sophie back to Wisteria Apartments, Tristan returned to his home. Since Sarah has seen
Sophie, she’s not going to let the matter go that easily. I know how stubborn she can be, and she’s not
going to stop asking to meet Sophie even if Sophie doesn’t show up.

As expected, after he returned to the Lombard residence, he saw Sarah waiting for him in the living
room. Despite the fact that the room was warm, she was wearing a pure white turtleneck sweater with
a pair of blue jeans.

There weren’t any signs of her age on her at all.

“Why are you still up, Sarah? I thought women would start caring a lot about maintaining their
appearance after reaching a certain age. Why are you staying up late?” Tristan uttered casually.

“Are you asking for a beating, Tristan? Is that how you should talk to your older sister? I don’t need any
maintenance when I look forever eighteen and naturally beautiful!”

Sarah was indeed attractive-looking, and it was the elegant kind.

She patted his shoulder and gave him a glass of red wine. “You’re not young anymore, Tristan. If you
do like her, bring her back home and let me take a look at her. I only caught a glimpse earlier, which
made me even more curious about her.”

“She’s still young. There’s no need to rush.”

“You really aren’t in a hurry, huh? What kind of woman is she to be able to resist a handsome man like
my brother instead of jumping right into your embrace?”

Sarah wasn’t praising him for no reason. Tristan really was that handsome.

He didn’t know how to reply to what his sister said.

“Tell me, how far have you two gone? You’re not that innocent and pure, are you?” she asked. My
brother has always been a fierce and decisive person, so why is he acting so carefully when it comes
to romance?

“She’s still young,” he repeated.

Of course, he wanted to do all sorts of things with Sophie. After all, he was a healthy man in his prime.

However, whenever he thought about her age, he held back his desire.

It was because he liked her that he was being so careful. He wanted to protect her and shield her from
any harm.

“How young? Is she younger than Ysabelle?” Their family wasn’t really that restrictive about what
Ysabelle did. Even if Ysabelle wanted to start a romantic relationship, they would only think it was

“Mhm, she’s a few months younger than Ysabelle.” It was then Tristan thought about Sophie’s birthday.
I recall her birthday is right around the corner. It will be the first birthday I’m spending with her. Hmm, I
wonder how I should celebrate it with her…

“That is quite young.” Sarah took a sip of the red wine and stared out the window.

“All right, it’s getting late. You should head up to rest now,” Tristan said to her.

As for his sister’s relationship, there was nothing he could do. He didn’t believe Juan was a suitable
man for her because he thought Juan was too vicious.

However, when a person was in love, they wouldn’t consider whether their partner suited them.

That was why Sarah was left alone with her scars after the relationship ended.

“You should go and sleep first. I can’t sleep.” Sarah’s sleep quality was getting worse and worse.

“You should go to the hospital tomorrow, Sarah. There’s a pretty good doctor there. Let him take a look
at you,” Tristan suggested.

“I’m not sick!” She just couldn’t sleep.

“I know you aren’t sick. I’m just suggesting you let the doctor take a look at you. His name is Arius
Gullifer. Tell me when you’re going there, and I’ll give him a call.” He decided to use Arius since Arius
was available.

“Fine, I get it. I’ll give you a call if I go there.” In the end, Sarah decided to visit the doctor tomorrow
since she didn’t have a lot to do.

The next day, when Sophie woke up, she noticed Tristan was already in Wisteria Apartments. This man
didn’t even knock before he came in! Then again, it’s not that weird since this is originally his house.

He had brought her breakfast.

“Don’t you have anything to do, Mr. Tristan?” she wondered. Doesn’t he have work today? I thought he
recently took on a very big investment case.

“It’s nothing. I’m just here to visit you and bring you breakfast.”

It wasn’t until Tristan sent her to the school that Sophie realized he was there to accompany her to her
exam and not just deliver breakfast to her.

“It’s just a final exam, Mr. Tristan. You don’t need to accompany me,” she persuaded. Even parents
won’t accompany their children for their exams, yet he’s seriously doing it.

“It’s fine. I just want to be here. All right, you should go in now,” he urged when he saw it was about
time for the exam to start. There should be enough time for her to go to the restroom. That way, when
she finishes her business, the time will be just right.

“Fine. Do whatever you want.” Sophie stopped caring about what he was doing and left coolly.

He did feel a little melancholic when he saw that. Only people who don’t care about anything can
achieve that kind of coolness, which is something I can no longer do.

In reality, he had hoped that he had some kind of influence on her. However, it would seem like he was
just overthinking it.

He got into his car when the exam started, but he didn’t leave until Felix called him.

“Where are you right now, Mr. Tristan?” Felix questioned unhappily. What the hell is he doing? I’m
working my a*s off in the company, yet he’s nowhere to be seen!

“I’m at Jipsdale Premier High right now. What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“Sophie is going to be the downfall of us all, Mr. Tristan! Do you know how bloody busy I am right now?
You better come back soon!” Felix was despondent. Why do I have to work overtime in the company
while he’s out dating? This is so not fair!

“Fine, I’ll come back in a bit. Stop complaining,” Tristan replied icily.

Am I complaining? I’m working hard right now, okay? Besides, this investment case doesn’t only
involve my family! Why is it that the other three don’t have to work as hard as me? I’m so pitiful! Felix

Then, he recalled something and said, “Oh yeah, do you know Clayton’s company got hacked again?
Say, who do you think has a grudge against Clayton? They must have a pretty huge grudge if they
keep hacking into his company’s system! I bet he didn’t sleep at all again last night.”