Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Playing Hard To Get

“Fine, you’re my people, and you aren’t disgusting,” Sophie replied. That’s enough for him, right? Even
though he’s a young adult already, why is he still acting like a child?

Sunny felt better after she said that. “I’ll be going back now. You should head back and rest early. Good
luck on your exam!”

When he finished, he jumped out of the car.

The other members came out to welcome him when they saw he had returned.

They also approached Sophie when they saw her.

“Come on in and take a look inside, Soph!” Mark invited.

“Yeah! It’s been a long time since we saw each other, Sophie! We all miss you.” Another one spoke.

“I think I’ll pass. It’s getting late, and I have an exam tomorrow. Don’t worry; I’ll come by another day to
eat BBQ with you all.” Sophie smiled. They all treated her so well and sincerely that she couldn’t help
but act more gently around them.

Although, the gentleness she displayed undoubtedly roused Tristan’s jealousy.

The reason was that even when interacting with him, she had never behaved that gently before.

Unfortunately, there was nothing else he could do about it because he liked her too much.

There was nothing he could change about liking someone as excellent as Sophie, so all he could do
was adjust his attitude.

“All right. In that case, you should head back early.” Mark glanced at Tristan. “You should never let your
guard down around men because you’re too beautiful. Your appearance will easily attract men with
wretched intentions.”

The person he was referring to was, of course, Tristan.

Sophie nodded. “I know. Sunny still can’t move his hands too much yet, so please take care of him for
the next few days.”

“Did you all hear that? Sophie is asking you all to take care of me for the next few days, so no one is
allowed to hog the Wi-Fi when I’m using it, all right?” Sunny had been experiencing connection issues
when he was playing games, which caused him to perform worse.

The other members were speechless.

One of them spoke up. “Is it so hard to admit you just suck, Sunny? Even when we weren’t using the
Wi-Fi while you were playing, you still ranked last!”

Sunny felt aggrieved. “Did you see that, Sophie? This is how they bully me when you aren’t around.
Can you bear to see me being bullied like that? I don’t want to live here anymore. I want to quit and
leave with you! Take me away, Sophie!”

Sophie wasn’t sure what to say. I think he’s exaggerating a little too much. I know he missed me a lot
after I left, but he’s overdoing it a bit with his current performance.

“All right, Sunny. It’s really getting late now. I should head back.”

“Okay!” He knew she wouldn’t bring him away or stay there no matter what he said. In that case, why
waste more time persuading her?

Mark patted Sunny’s shoulder when he saw the disappointed expression on his bandmate’s face. “It’s
okay. You’ll have a chance to meet her again.”

Sunny nodded. “You must remember that I’m your best friend, Sophie! You heard me?” With how
heartless Sophie is, she may forget about me quickly! I definitely won’t allow that to happen! I was okay
with it when I didn’t know where she was staying, but now that I do, I’ll harass her every day.

The car left the mansion.

Ysabelle exclaimed, “You must have had a really good relationship with him before, Sophie!”

“Mhm,” Sophie replied. We do have a great relationship. I remember there was a period when The
Wheelers was my emotional support. If I hadn’t played rock music with them, I think the me back then
would’ve been very dispirited and done many things I would regret.

“Why did you leave them, then? I do think you’re very compatible with them. When you play music, you
look very cool, like, so cool that fans will be screaming when they see you.”

“If I hadn’t left, how would I have met you all? It’s just a choice I made in my life.”

“That’s true. In that case, I’m glad you left. Because if you hadn’t, you’d still be a member of The
Wheelers, and I wouldn’t have known you!” Ysabelle said. The most important thing is that Sophie is
really amazing. No matter what she does for a job in the future, she’ll definitely excel in it!

“Send me back home first, Mr. Tristan.” It was getting late. If Tristan sent Ysabelle back first before
sending Sophie home and then returned to the Lombard residence again by himself, it would be a
pretty lengthy detour.

“I have to send Ysabelle back first. Otherwise, she’ll get locked up in the house again,” Tristan replied.

He didn’t want to send Sophie back first and leave her alone.

He felt threatened by the people around her, so he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.

Ysabelle kept her mouth shut because she was pretty certain if she said anything at all, her uncle
would throw her out of the car.

Tristan parked the car in front of the Lombard manor.

Lincoln and Sarah exited the building when they heard the sound of an engine.

“Have you heard that Tristan has been getting close to a young woman recently, Lincoln?”

Sarah was quite interested in Sophie. However, Tristan had been hiding Sophie from his siblings and
was unwilling to show her to them.

“A young woman? Who is it? Why didn’t I hear about it before?” Lincoln asked.

“You only care about your research and work all day, so of course you didn’t hear about it.” Sarah
couldn’t help but complain. At that moment, she saw a female figure sitting in the passenger seat.

She narrowed her eyes. “Isn’t there a woman sitting in Tristan’s car right now? I don’t think she’s

Just as she wanted to head toward the car to investigate, Tristan had already driven the car away,
leaving Ysabelle standing there.

Ysabelle asked, “What are you doing, Aunt Sarah?” Isn’t Aunt Sarah being a little too enthusiastic
today? Is it necessary for her to personally welcome me back home?

“Is the young woman in your uncle’s car his girlfriend, Ysabelle?” Sarah asked.

It was then Ysabelle realized her aunt just wanted to take a peek at Sophie. I knew there was no way
Aunt Sarah would welcome me back home like that. ”She’s not, for now.”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand. Hasn’t your uncle been pursuing her? It’s been quite a long
time, yet he still hasn’t gotten her to be his girlfriend?” Sarah found it hard to believe. I know how
excellent my little brother is. Everyone does. I can’t believe there’s a woman in this world who would
reject him.

“I meant he hasn’t succeeded in his pursuit!” Ysabelle informed casually. She was too lazy to
acknowledge her father and went straight into the building.

“Are my ears functioning properly, Lincoln? Did you hear what Ysabelle just said?” Sarah’s eyes

Lincoln couldn’t believe there was someone in the world who could reject Tristan either.

“Maybe she’s playing hard to get! You have a pretty good relationship with Tristan, but you also don’t
know who she is?” he asked, puzzled.

It was the first time he heard there was a woman around Tristan. Not only that, she was a young
woman. It piqued his curiosity.

“He’s very protective of the girl and doesn’t want to let us meet her.” Sarah had expressed her interest
in Sophie and wanted Tristan to bring her out for a meal multiple times already. However, he refused
her every time.

“Is that so? In that case, you should try to find out what kind of woman she is. Also, don’t let Dad find
out about this yet.”