Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Gaining Fans

“Okay, got it. Keep Clayton busy. Otherwise, he will just bother us if he has nothing to do.”“All right,”
replied Butterfly.“Also, no need to change location. No one would dare disturb you,” added Sophie with
a yawn.“Phantom…” Butterfly knew how formidable Phantom was, but this matter was not that
simple.“Just trust me.” Holding her phone in one hand, Sophie pushed the bathroom door open with the
other. “I’m going to take a bath now, so I’ll hang up first. Tomorrow is the final exam.”“Final
exam?”Realization dawned on Butterfly. Had Sophie not mentioned that, Butterfly would have forgotten
she was only an eighteen-year-old girl.“Yeah. Don’t worry; no one would dare harm you.” Sophie was
sure no one would have the guts to mess with her people.“All right, then.”She’s right. Their target is
Phantom, after all. Nobody has ever seen her in person, though, so even if they find the Wings of
Light’s headquarters, they can’t do anything.By the time Sophie went to school, it was already half-past
eight. Once Ysabelle spotted her, she pounced on the latter. Had Sophie not reacted fast enough, she
would have been knocked over.“Sophie, if you have a fan club, I want to be the leader of it,” she
expressed. Soph is too impressive. She totally rocked that concert yesterday!“What the hell? What did
Sophie do to deserve a fan club? You’re out of your mind, Ysabelle.”“Yeah, even if you want to be
someone’s fan, at least idolize a beautiful young man like Tanner.”“You are the ones out of your minds!
What does me being someone’s fan have to do with you? Mind your own business!” Ysabelle retorted,
clearly discontented.They don’t know who’s in front of them now. I wonder how they’d react if they
found out the Tanner they mentioned is the same Tanner in Sophie Tanner, but I guess Soph doesn’t
want her identity to be exposed.“Besides, Sophie is just as amazing as that Tanner,” uttered Ysabelle
proudly.“How dare you say that? Do you know who our Tanner is? He’s The Wheelers’ drummer. Not
only is he tall, but he’s charming as well. That man is unmatched. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see his
face. If I could see what he looks like, I’d die in happiness,” stated the girl regretfully. She was clearly a
big fan of Tanner.“Aren’t you being a little exaggerated? What about your Sunny? Haven’t you always
worshiped him? Why did you suddenly jump ships?”“People change. As of now, I only have Tanner in
my heart.”Sophie would never have expected she would gain fans just by merely being a guest

performer.“You’re incredible, Sophie,” Ysabelle uttered in admiration. “If you decide to join the
entertainment industry, you have to bring me along, okay?”Just then, Willow arrived.As the others
noticed her presence, a gloating look appeared on their faces. “Willow, haven’t you always boasted
about Mason being your fiancé? Now that he’s in the hospital, how could you go and seduce another
man?”“Watch what you’re saying. What Willow does has nothing to do with you. What rights do you
have to talk to her like this?” defended one of Willow’s minions.“Excuse me, I’m talking to Willow here.
You don’t need to speak for her. Didn’t you say you loved him to death, Willow? Now that he’s in the
hospital, suddenly you don’t love him anymore? Your love is only superficial. You’re disgusting.”Blinking
her doe eyes at the girl who spoke, Willow acted pitifully.“I do love him, but I can’t do anything because
the person he has always loved is Sophie. All I can do is give up.”There was no way she would
mention her past with Mason because she did not want Clayton to learn about it. Men like Clayton
cared a lot about a woman’s past.If he found out how much I loved Mason previously, I’d stand no
chance.“Really? I think you’re just avoiding Mason because he’s a cripple now.”“Mason doesn’t
deserve Willow, anyway. If you don’t abandon a half-hearted man like him, would you rather keep him
forever, then?”They had witnessed how Mason treated Sophie, and to them, Willow leaving him was
reasonable.“Besides, Mason is nothing compared to Mr. Zales.”“Mr. Zales? You mean the one from
Zales Corporation? Stop pulling our legs. How would he even be interested in Willow?”Hearing that,
Willow was immensely delighted.Heh, it doesn’t sound believable, right? But it’s the truth.“Yes, it’s him,
and he’s the one who approached Willa first. You guys can go be jealous in the corner.” Our Willow is
just this outstanding.“Really?” The other party still found it hard to believe.“Yup, we’re trying to date
now,” Willow confirmed, throwing a glance at Sophie smugly.As long as I can be with Clayton,
compared to me, Sophie doesn’t even amount to a speck of dust.“How shameless. Clayton is nothing.
Soph’s boyfriend is even more—”“Ysabelle, stop,” Sophie interjected, for she found it useless to argue
with Willow. “The exam is almost starting. Let’s head in.”In Jipsdale Premier High, the students’ seats
during the examination were arranged according to their grades, so Sophie, Willow, and Ysabelle were
placed in the first examination hall.“You’re such a marvelous person, Willow. Not only are you pretty,
but you have good grades as well, unlike a certain someone. If not for luck at that time, it would’ve

been embarrassing for her. Now that she’s in the first examination hall, let’s see how she’ll cheat.”Even
though Sophie had excellent grades the last time, people thought it was the result of her cheating, as
they did not believe she could do this well.“Your jealousy is showing, girls. Trust me; even if Sophie
doesn’t study for a week, she’ll still surpass all of you,” uttered Ysabelle, not even bothering to conceal
her proudness. There was no need to, anyway.“Pfft, we know you’re merely bluffing. Do you know how
strict the invigilation in the first examination hall is? Also, phones are not allowed in this time,
so somebody here is doomed.”Not wanting to hear their nonsense any longer, Sophie pulled Ysabelle
inside.“See how guilty she looks, Willa? If she didn’t cheat and had gotten her good grades honestly,
she wouldn’t have escaped. If you do well this time, you’ll definitely crush that shameless girl.”“Don’t
talk like that. She’s my sister,” said Willow, putting on an act once more.Grades mean nothing when I
have Clayton by my side. Sophie will still lose to me either way.Willow was so full of herself that during
the examination, she was busy coming up with ways to get Clayton to fall for her. When she snapped
out of it, one and a half hours had already passed.She did not have enough time to complete the
essay.Exiting the hall, Willow looked a bit absent-minded.My god. I’m going to have bad grades. How
will I face Mom when the time comes?