Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 194

Chapter 194 Touch My People

“What are you doing, Mom? Now that my hand has turned out like this, how will I chase after Clayton in
the future? Why don’t you think about me?” Willow begrudgingly ignored Josiah’s inaction, but she was
still frustrated with her mother. Doesn’t she know her future depends on me?

Charmaine sighed resignedly. “Didn’t I tell you not to mess with Sophie, Willa? Why don’t you listen to
me? You should already know she’s not someone we should piss off, so can’t you just leave her alone?
Why did you still do that?”

The one thing rich families avoided the most was any form of flaw, and yet her hand had turned out like

One such example was the situation between Willow and Mason. Despite the Laird family’s status, with
Mason being crippled, the Tanner family was reluctant to have Willow marry him.

Did she never think of this? With her hand being like this, what rich family would accept her as their

“What do I do, Mom? You can’t just ditch me! I’m your favorite daughter. You can’t leave me alone!”
Willow was desperate. My hands can’t stay like this!

“What do you expect me to do?” It was a headache for Charmaine to deal with, too. “I wonder how
Mason’s legs are doing right now. Willa, if Clayton doesn’t want you, Mason isn’t a bad choice.”

“What do you mean by that, Mom? Do you want me to marry a cripple? How can you say something
like that? I’m your daughter!” In the past, Willow would’ve devoted herself to Mason.

However, since he had lost the ability to walk correctly, she found no reason to stay with him.

In her mind, if she got together with a cripple like Mason, she would become a joke in Jipsdale, and
that was something she desperately didn’t want to happen.

Constance, who was at the hospital to visit Mason, coincidentally heard what Willow said. I always
thought she was a good girl and would make a great daughter-in-law. It turns out she’s that kind of

She suddenly felt wobbly and couldn’t stand still. Thankfully, the driver behind her caught her in time.

The driver asked, “Are you all right, Mrs. Laird?”

“I must be truly blind in the past to think Willow was a good woman. How can a woman like her deserve
to stay with Mason?” It was then she understood why Mason never liked Willow. It seems like my son
has better and sharper eyes than me.

When Willow heard Constance’s voice, she turned around and saw the older woman standing behind

She didn’t expect Constance to hear her words. “Mrs. Laird, I—”

“You don’t need to say anything, Willow. Perhaps it was just my wishful thinking in the past, but it
seems Mason doesn’t deserve you. Please don’t show up in front of us again.”

In the past, Constance wouldn’t have let Willow go. However, at that point, she no longer cared about

She had decided to channel all her efforts and thoughts into helping Mason to recover as soon as
possible. Nothing else mattered to her anymore.

“Mrs. Laird, I—” Willow wanted to explain, but when she saw the older woman’s pale face, no words
could find their way out of her mouth.

In the past, Constance did treat Willow very well because she hoped Willow would end up with Mason.

It was why Willow felt guilty for what she had said.

Constance ignored her and entered the ward. When she saw her son working hard to practice walking,
tears poured out of her eyes.

The moment Mason turned to the entrance, he saw his mother crying. “What’s wrong, Mom? Why are
you crying? Aren’t I doing fine?”

He didn’t feel good seeing his mother like that. What is she doing?

“I’m sorry, Mason. If I hadn’t treated Sophie like I did back then, you wouldn’t have ended up like this.
The heavens are punishing me for my mistakes, but why didn’t they cripple me instead if that is the
case? Why did the punishment befell you and not me?” Constance sobbed.

“Come on, Mom. This doesn’t have anything to do with you. Stop crying, all right? I’ll get better and
walk again.” Mason approached her with great difficulty as he wanted to hug and comfort her. She has
endured too much recently. It’s not right for me, her son, to constantly misunderstand her.

“Really? You’ll do your best to stand up again?” Constance’s mind was shrouded with uncertainty.

“Mhm, don’t worry!”

Sophie and the others had been keeping Josiah company in the room because, despite his old age, he
liked a lively atmosphere. When he saw it was already over ten o’clock, he felt it was time for him to
rest and for them to leave.

“You all should head back now. Don’t you two have final exams tomorrow, Soph, Ysabelle? If you two
do well in the exams, I’ll treat you to a nice meal.” Despite his unwillingness, he still let them leave.

“Mhm. You should rest early, Grandpa. I’ll come and visit you another day.” Sophie still had other things
to do. However, she was truly happy with her grandfather’s recovery.

“Okay. Go on, then! No need to worry about me.”

After she left the ward, she called Sunny to the side. “Now that the culprit has been found, what do you
plan to do?”

While his hand had recovered thanks to Arius’ treatment, she believed she still needed to teach the
culprit a lesson.

“My hand’s fine already, Sophie. You can punish the one who hurt my hand if you want, but you should
just forget about the person supporting him.” He didn’t want to give The Wheelers too much trouble.

It hadn’t been easy for them to reach their current position, after all, and he didn’t want to be the one to
ruin it.

Sophie furrowed her eyebrows. “You were not like this in the past, Sunny. When did you become so
tolerant?” Does life sand off a person’s edges?

“In any case, I’ve locked up the culprit. You have two days to think about what to do. Once my exams
are over, we’ll deal with this again.” She had made her decision.

“I don’t want to drag you down, Sophie. It’s just—” When Sunny saw her glare, he shut his mouth and
changed what he wanted to say. “Fine, I get it. I’ll think about it after I go back!”

“Relax! The culprit may have someone backing them up, but you also have someone backing you up,
which is me. I do want to see who’s the motherf*cker who had the gall to hurt my people.”

He blushed as he stared at her. “Can’t you be less straightforward, Sophie? I’m still not yours!”

There was a shy expression on his face.

Sophie was speechless. What is that expression on his face right now and why does it look so…

“Please wipe that disgusting expression off your face, Sunny,” she uttered.

He was at a loss for words. Didn’t she just say I’m her people? Why did she suddenly say I’m

It made him angry.

“You’re too mean, Sophie. I’m going to ignore you now.” He said that intentionally because he knew
she hated it when men said things like that.

It was because she was so serious earlier that he said it. He was the face of The Wheelers, so when
he said something like that, it didn’t make her feel great.