Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Instigator

“Hello, Old Mr. Tanner. I’m Sophie’s classmate and best friend,” Ysabelle said cheerfully.

“Your good looks tell me you’re quite blessed, young lady,” Josiah praised. “Soph must really like you!
She doesn’t have a lot of friends, so I hope you’ll get along well with her.”

“Don’t worry, Old Mr. Tanner! I’ll always stay by Soph’s side and be her strongest support!” Ysabelle’s
eyes were sparkling. When she spoke, her long eyelashes would flutter, which made her look

Josiah could tell she had no ulterior motive for being Sophie’s friend, which made him like her even

“That’s right! Even though Sophie doesn’t have a lot of friends, the ones she does have all treat her
sincerely, Old Mr. Tanner,” Arius added. He must be joking about her not having many friends, right?
Any one of her friends is enough to terrify you all!

“Mhm, that’s good. With you two by her side, I know she won’t feel lonely after I’m gone.” While
Josiah’s operation was successful, he was pretty old already. It was hard to say how much time he had

Sophie wasn’t happy when she heard him say something like that.

“Why are you saying that, Grandpa? Didn’t I tell you already that the operation was successful? You’ll
definitely stay by my side,” she uttered. Old people sure do like to overthink things.

“I know the operation is successful. All right, let’s change the topic.” He was happy to see her having so
many friends by her side.

Then he chuckled. “Tanny, have you brought them out for a meal yet? It’s about time to eat. Have you
all eaten yet?”

Ysabelle almost laughed when she heard how Josiah addressed her uncle, but she managed to hold it
back. I guess it’s natural that Sophie’s grandfather gives Uncle Tristan a nickname like that. Although,
this relationship seems a bit messy!

She was a bit confused.

It was a joyous sight as a room full of people gathered around the old man.

Meanwhile, Charmaine had brought Willow to the hospital to get treatment for her daughter’s hand.
The treatment took a while to conclude. During the process, Willow sobbed very loudly.

A layer of her skin had fallen off.

The doctor said that it was possible her hand would never recover. Even if it somehow did, there would
be an obvious scar.

Willow had always been proud of her hands. However, that had changed because of Sophie. When she
saw Sophie, she wanted to tear her into pieces.

The only reason she didn’t dare to do anything was that there were a lot of people around.

“You need to stand up for me, Grandpa!” She could only place her hope in Josiah. As much as
Grandpa likes Sophie, he must know how serious this matter is! Sophie clearly intentionally hurt me!

When Ysabelle saw her claiming to be the victim despite being the instigator, she got angry. How can
this woman be so shameless?

“What’s wrong? What happened to your hand?” While Josiah liked Sophie the most, Willow was still his
granddaughter. Thus, there was no way he could ignore her injury.

“It’s all because of Sophie, Grandpa. She ruined my hand! The doctor said I might not be able to draw
in the future anymore,” Willow said aggrievedly.

Ysabelle couldn’t control herself anymore and spat, “Nonsense! You were the one who wanted to hurt
Sophie! She was just protecting herself.” Willow is disgusting!

Arius’ and Tristan’s expressions changed when they heard that. What? There are still people in this
world who dares to hurt Sophie? Does she have a death wish?

“I’m your granddaughter too, Grandpa! You can’t just condone her actions! She hurt me because she’s
jealous that I got together with Clayton!” Willow was starting to twist the truth.

Josiah was very disappointed.

Seeing that expression on his face made Willow glance at Sophie slightly smugly. “Sophie has crossed
a line, Grandpa. You must stand up for me!”

“Willow, you’re my granddaughter too, but how can you act like this? Sophie is your sister. If you hadn’t
hurt her, would she have hurt you? I know you’re a prideful person, but you must learn to be humble
sometimes. Your abilities aren’t as good as Sophie’s.”

Willow was truly at a loss for words. She didn’t expect her grandfather to say that. “Why have you
already decided to take Sophie’s side before you even learn the full story, Grandpa? How can you do
this to me? I’m your granddaughter too! Why are you treating me like this? Why are you so biased?”

Sophie glanced at her sister. She acts too much.

Then she ordered coldly, “It’s time for Grandpa to rest. You should leave!”

Willow glared at her. “How can you all treat me like this? Am I not a child of the Tanner family, too? Why
is it that you always only pay attention to Sophie, Grandpa? What about me? What am I to you?” Even
though I’ve worked so hard, these people still can’t see my effort! How can they be so cruel?

“What are you saying, Willa? All right, that’s enough. Let’s go home! Your grandfather needs to rest.”
Charmaine was disappointed in Willow. She didn’t expect her daughter to turn out like that.

“You’re treating me like this too, Mom? Are you all not even going to offer a word of comfort after
seeing how badly my hand is hurt?”

“What else do you want? If you like, I can do the same to your other hand to make it symmetrical.”
Sophie was sick of listening to Willow and didn’t want to hear any more words coming out of her mouth.

“You—” Willow rushed toward Sophie in an instant.

Before she could touch Sophie’s clothes, Arius bolted toward Sophie and used his body to block
Willow’s path. Tristan was even more direct with his method as he pulled Sophie into his embrace.

“In respect to Old Mr. Tanner, you better get out of here now. Otherwise, I will take more than your life
for what you’ve done today,” Tristan threatened domineeringly.

He knew Josiah’s difficult position, which was why he said that.

However, if Sophie had gotten hurt, then he wouldn’t care about anyone’s feelings and would’ve
retaliated. “You should be glad she’s not hurt. If she were, I would’ve chopped both your hands off, and
no one will dare to say a thing.”

Willow’s impression of Tristan had always been that he was just a handsome man. However, at that
moment, his domineering aura terrified her so much that she couldn’t squeeze a word out of her mouth.

“You… All of you…” she stuttered.

Everyone was shaken when he spoke like that.

However, none of them doubted his words.

He really did have the ability to do exactly what he said.

“You should bring her home now, Mrs. Tanner. I suggest you keep a tighter leash on her in the future.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for what I’ll do,” Tristan added.

Charmaine was shaken, too. She also couldn’t say anything as she dragged Willow away. Who the hell
is that man? Why is he so scary?

Sophie grabbed Tristan’s hand. He’s really scary.

When Tristan felt her small hand holding his, he calmed down and dispelled the aura he was exuding
so he wouldn’t appear terrifying anymore.