Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Visiting Josiah

The way she spoke his name was enough to make him all giddy. Since she’s too shy, I’ll say it. I’m the
man, anyway, and I really do miss her.

“I miss you,” he stated.

When he had nothing else to say, he continued, “Well, I’ll hang up first.”

Tristan had something to do, anyway, so he had to end the call earlier.

Seeing his reluctance, Felix nearly burst out laughing.

On the other hand, Sean remained calm even though he was surprised by Tristan’s behavior, as he
never expected the latter would act like that when it came to love.

“Mr. Tristan, you look like you’re about to go to the school right now to wait for her until the exam’s

“Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll do that during the university entrance exam.”

“I was only joking,” stated Charles helplessly. He did not think Tristan would take his words seriously.

“I’m not, though. I’ll go there tomorrow since my schedule today is packed,” uttered Tristan in all

“Mr. Tristan, you’ll also be busy tomorrow!” Felix remarked.

There’s so much to do tomorrow!

“Well, you’re here, aren’t you? You can go settle it yourself tomorrow. I’m going to take the day off.”
Why do I have to do everything myself when I have an assistant?

“I… You cannot enslave me like this, Mr. Tristan. I also want to have a girlfriend, and for that, I need to
have the time to pursue someone,” Felix whined. “Why is my life so pitiful? Hey, why don’t you guys
speak up for me?”

Ignoring him, Charles and Sean acted as if they were discussing Clayton’s issue.

“You guys are too much. I’ve decided to leave this organization and establish my own,” said Felix.

“Go ahead. The door’s right there,” responded Tristan nonchalantly.

Felix was stumped for a moment.

“Mr. Tristan, don’t you love me anymore? I’m your sweet little Felix. Now that you have Ms. Tanner,
you’re abandoning me?”

“Get out!” hollered Tristan.

That’s disgusting.

Seeing the expression on Tristan’s face, Felix felt satisfied.

Hehe, if there’s something I’m good at, it’s to make Mr. Tristan feel disgusted.

Watching their exchange, Charles and Sean were both rendered speechless.

Meanwhile, Ysabelle and Sophie napped for over an hour at home. Waking up at half-past two, they
walked to the school for their mathematics exam.

After the exam, Ysabelle felt like crying.

I’m doomed. I’m seriously failing this exam. I didn’t even understand some of the multiple-choice

“D*mn it! Who the hell came up with these questions! They were so hard!”

In response to Ysabelle’s explosive outburst, Sophie uttered, “Calm down.”

Hugging Sophie’s arm, Ysabelle queried, “What do you think about it, Soph? Did you find it hard?”

Upon seeing how expectantly Ysabelle was staring at her, Sophie did not know how to answer the
former, for she found the exam easy.

If I answer honestly, will she cry? I don’t want to see her cry!

“Yeah, it was kind of hard. The one who made the questions is cruel!”

Hearing that, Ysabelle nodded fervently.

If even Sophie found the questions hard, then they were indeed hard. Everything will be okay if
everyone scores low.

When the students around them heard Sophie’s reply, they patted their chests.

I knew it. The exam was difficult. It’s reasonable we didn’t answer half of it. Even one of the top
students found it hard, let alone us. We shouldn’t worry too much, right?

Noticing their expressions, Sophie felt a bit guilty.

When our results come out, I hope they don’t kill me.

While they were conversing with each other, they were exiting through the school gate.

As Ysabelle spotted a familiar car, she questioned, “Why is Uncle Tristan here? Are you guys planning
to go somewhere? Can I come along?”

Right now, going home was the scariest thing for Ysabelle.

No, I don’t want to go home. I want to run away from home. Ugh, not like I have the courage, though. If
I do that for real, Dad would beat me to death.

“We’re visiting my grandpa. Would you like to come with us?” She always says she wants to visit
Grandpa. Now that he’s recovering, we can go see him.

Instantly, Ysabelle’s face lit up. “I can? Yay, okay!”

Approaching the car, Sophie opened the backseat door to let Ysabelle in first before climbing into the
car herself.

“Uncle Tristan, I’m tagging along. Is that all right?” Even though she had gotten permission from
Sophie, she still had to let Tristan know.

He’ll not be happy with me being their third wheel.

“Yeah,” replied the man coldly.

See? As I expected.

Tristan’s icy aura was so strong that Ysabelle felt cold, even when the heater was turned on. She could
only draw closer to Sophie to feel warmer.

“What’s wrong?” Sophie asked.

Shooting them a glance, Tristan voiced, “Get away from her, Ysabelle. Don’t be so clingy.”

At his words, Ysabelle immediately sprung to the other side of the car.

“You frightened her, Mr. Tristan.”

Hearing Sophie, Ysabelle shook her head and waved her hand frantically.

“I’m not, Soph. I’m already used to Uncle Tristan being like this. I’m fine. I truly am.”

If Sophie keeps on speaking for me, Uncle Tristan might kick me out of the car for real. There’s no way
I want that to happen.

Upon seeing Ysabelle in this state, Tristan was extremely satisfied.

They went for a meal first before going to the hospital.

Once they opened the door, Sophie was relieved when she saw how her grandfather was almost fully

“You shouldn’t move around that much, Grandpa. You need to take it easy to recover.”

“Got it, girl. So how was your exam? You’ve been taking care of me these past few days. You didn’t
have time to study, so I’d understand if you didn’t do well. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself,

The results don’t matter, anyway. She’s great in everything else.

“All right.”

As Josiah’s eyes darted toward the pretty Ysabelle standing at the side, he seemed delighted. After all,
Sophie barely had friends. “Who is this young lady? Is she your friend, Soph?”