Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 191

Chapter 81

Lucia went back to her bedroom and tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

What August had said flashed through her mind over and over again.

Did he really let her stay with him because of Grandma? Or was it something else? After thinking about
it for a long time, she couldn’t guess August’s meaning and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Lucia woke up at a late hour.

She was late for work, but Mrs.Mitchell wanted her to have breakfast before going Sure enough, she
was late for the morning rush.

Lucia rushed to the Administration Department in a hurry.

Just after she punched her card, she heard a hearing that, without time to go back to her office to put
her things there, she casually put her bag outside and ran directly to the Supervisor’s Office.

Knocking on the door, she pushed in and saw that Lisa was also in Carter’s office.

Lucia smiled apologetically at them, "Sorry, I’m late."

Carter said in a rare amiable and gentle manner, "It’s okay.

Sit down."

Seeing that they all sat down, Carter didn’t keep them guessing, and got straight to the point, "I’ve
called you all here for a task.

"Mr.Stebbing has previously been managing the branch of the Lion Group in Jaipuran City.

Now he’s been transferred back and our department will send an assistant to coordinate his work."

Carter paused and glanced at Lucia and Lisa in front of her, "To put it bluntly, this job is mainly to bring
Mr.Stebbing to familiarize himself with the company again and do some chores as his assistant."

Listening to her words, Lucia finally understood.

It turned out that Mr.Stebbing was back in the company, so she or Lisa would be responsible for
cooperating with Mr.Stebbing on some trivial matters at work.

That’s all.

"This work period is for one week.

I called you two to come because you are very careful and not speak It was clear in her mind that Lisa
would definitely rush to do the work like this, and she had no intention of competing with her.


Lisa coughed and said softly, "Carter, I think we should give this opportunity to Lucia.

She’s a newcomer and she needs a chance like this to hone her skills."

Lucia froze, not expecting Lisa to say that.

How could Lisa, who was usually so sarcastic towards her, easily give her this opportunity this time?
She was guessing when Carter suddenly turned her head towards her, "Lucia, what do you think?"

Lucia paused and swept a glance at Lisa next to her, "I’m fine with anything."

Carter nodded slightly, "Okay, it’s you.

Go report to Mr.Stebbing in a few minutes, so you can get acquainted with each other."

"Okay After Carter gave the order, Lucia and Lisa walked out of the Supervisor’s Office, one after the

After walking a few steps, Lucia looked at Lisa not far ahead and couldn’t help but call out, "Lisa."

Lisa turned around and looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "What’s up?"

"Why don’t you go to be Mr.Stebbing’s assistant?"

In the past, when there was any good thing, Lisa would fight for it.

But today, Lisa was generous enough to give her this task directly and she really did not know what
Lisa was wanting to go?"

After saying that, she walked away directly.

Looking at her back, Lucia was secretly relieved with knowing the reason.

With that in mind, she understood.

After a short break in the office, Lucia planned to go to the Vice President’s Office.

She would be working with Mr.Stebbing for the rest of the week, so she had to visit beforehand to get
acquainted with him The Vice President’s Office was located not far from the conference room.

When Lucia arrived, several employees were carrying a rosewood colored tea tray inside.

Although and various kinds of tea sets, she knew that these were worth a lot of money of why she was

She went to the office door and saw several people setting up and did not see Mr.Stebbing.

Hesitantly, she went to the person who had set up the desk middle aged voice came from behind her,
"You wanted to see me?"

Lucia froze, hurriedly half bowed and spoke, "Hello, Mr.Stebbing."

This man was over half a hundred years old, medium build, with a little white hair between the temples.

He had very thick eyebrows and a pair of inverted triangle eyes with an indefinable austerity and

Ted looked Lucia up and down, with some hesitation and speculation under his eyes.

In an instant, he returned to his normal self, "You are the assistant sent by the Administration

Lucia said softly, "Yes."

Seeming to find some amusement, he smiled crookedly, and a few sneers appeared under his eyes.

Seeing the badge on her chest, he asked in a cold voice, "Lucia, then tell me, what advantages do you
have to being my assistant?"

Lucia froze, not expecting him to ask such a question.

She lowered her head slightly, but she could still feel the sharp gaze above her head.


In the coming week, I will definitely cooperate actively with..."

Before Lucia could finish her sentence, she was interrupted, "All right."

Ted coldly snorted and said disdainfully, "Anyone can say such official words.

With your qualifications, you’re far to be my assistant."

At that, Lucia clenched her fist and a layer of cold sweat emerged from her back.

She didn’t expect Mr.Stebbing to be a so hard nut to crack.

According to Carter’s meaning, she was only here to be his temporary assistant and show him a little
bit of the company’s business.

After taking a deep breath, Lucia gathered the courage to look up at him and said, "What are your
requirements for your assistant? If I have shortcomings, I will certainly actively correct them, and will
not give you a leg up these days."

When he heard these words, a cold light flashed under Ted’s eyes.

Immediately after, he smiled crookedly and said in a cold voice, "To be my assistant, you have to be
more open.

I don’t want the kind of petulant girl who won’t even drink with our client.

If you’re that kind girl, leave right away."´ A few words made Lucia’s cheeks burn hot like she was being
slapped in the face.

What he said meant that she would definitely need to drink with the client during the week.

If she backed out now, she would not only be admitting her lack of ability, but she would also have no
way to explain it to Carter.

When she was silent, Ted stepped forward and stared at her grimly, asking, "Are you afraid?"

After a pause, he continued, "If you’re afraid, go back and tell your supervisor that you’re not up to the
job and tell her to replace you!"

Clenching her fists, Lucia gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, and looked up into his eyes, forcing to a
smile, "Mr.Stebbing, I’m not afraid."