Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 186

Chapter 186 I Just Want To Get Laid

“Don’t worry. I’m not hurt, and Mr. Tristan isn’t either,” Sophie muttered, exasperated by Arius’
childishness. “I don’t care where you are right now, but come to the hospital instantly. One of my friends
is injured.”“Okay, I got it. I’ll go to the hospital right away. Don’t panic. As long as I’m there, nothing’s a
problem. Ask Mr. Tristan to drive slower. It’s fine if he dies, but I’m not going to let him off the hook if
you’re injured.”“Arius, I hope you’ll have the courage to repeat this in my face later.”Indeed, Tristan was
gradually becoming more and more childish around Sophie. It was mainly because Arius was someone
special to Sophie, so he could not actually hurt him, for Arius mattered a lot to Sophie.Otherwise, he
would have murdered Arius countless times by then. The other man was simply annoying. Hence,
Tristan mulled over how he was going to get Sean to make arrangements and teach the annoying man
a lesson later.“Sophie, he’s threatening me!” Arius complained.Sophie was speechless, so she just
hung up the call.Arius gasped when he heard the telltale sound of the call being ended.“Holy cr*p,
Sophie! What kind of attitude is that? How can you do this to me? This is too much!” Arius was not
amused.What did I do wrong? Am I not the most important person to Sophie? How can she do this to
me because of this evil man? This is too much! She’s crossing the line! I’m never going to believe in
her words anymore.Arius was heartbroken, but the moment Sophie appeared at the hospital with
Sunny, he had gone back to his normal state.“Sophie, is he your friend?” Arius looked at the young
man from head to toe.“Yes. His hand is injured. He’s a drummer, so his hands are important to him.
You’d better take a good look at it.” Sophie pushed Sunny over to Arius.“All right. Leave this to me. As
long as I’m the one on this case, these hands, even if they were broken, can be fixed and will be as
good as new,” Arius reassured confidently.Sunny knew that he was not as popular as his leader.
Seeing that the man in front of him was Sophie’s friend, he went ahead and introduced himself, “Hello,
I’m Sunny.”“Sunny, let’s go. I’ll take you to do a checkup now.”“Sophie, you should go back first. I’ll
send your friend home once I’m done with his treatment.”“Okay. Don’t be mean to him.”Both were
speechless, and Sunny mused, Do I look like I’m an easy target?“Sophie, can you not think of me as a
monster?” Arius grumbled. Do I look like an evil man who is interested in minors?“Okay, we’re leaving

now. He won’t dare to do anything nasty.” Tristan then grabbed Sophie’s hand and turned to leave.“Let
go of her, Tristan. Don’t touch her! I have to worry about you being with her. Sophie, don’t listen to his
nonsense, got it? A man like him is clearly a douchey man,” Arius hissed.However, Tristan shot him a
look, and Arius instantly grabbed Sunny’s hand.“Sophie, did you see that? He keeps glaring at me! I’m
so scared!”“Hahahaha!”Sunny burst into laughter looking at Arius.“Oh my, Sophie, this friend of yours is
very interesting.”Arius then turned to glare at Sunny, who was beaming.“Boy, I’m a doctor, and the fate
of your hand lies with me. What’s with that bright smile on your face? Do you not want to get your hand
treated anymore?”Sophie sighed.No one could stand the way Arius acted.“I’m leaving.” Not wanting to
waste her time on Arius anymore, Sophie grabbed Tristan and left.The corner of Arius’ lips
twitched.Does Sophie not love me anymore? Did she just leave without saying goodbye to me? Why is
she doing this to me?“Let’s go, Sunny.” Nevertheless, he took Sophie’s friend as his friend too, so he
was friendly to the young man.Arius then wrapped his hand around Sunny’s shoulder and went further
into the hospital.Sophie did not let go of Tristan’s hand until they were out of the hospital.“Mr. Tristan,
you can head home by yourself.” Sophie was planning to just take a cab home.At that, Tristan arched a
brow. Where is she going so late at night?“It’s late, and it isn’t safe for you to stay outside alone. Let me
send you home before I go home.”“It isn’t safe for me? I think those people who bum into me should be
worried about that,” Sophie joked, but what she said held a tinge of truth in it.“Are you going to look into
Sunny’s matter? Leave this to me. I’ll deal with it in a way that you’ll be satisfied with.”The people at
Sky Media has gone too far.He could not believe that they actually had the guts to hurt Sophie’s
friend.“Okay, I trust you.” Since Tristan had told her that he was going to deal with it, Sophie was
certain that she would receive a satisfactory outcome. After all, she had great trust in him.After sending
Sophie home, Tristan called Charles.The Quigley family was involved in the entertainment industry, so
he was the best person to carry out the investigation.At midnight, Charles was with a young model.The
young lass had a fantastic figure, and she was all in to have a good time.Right in the middle of their
passionate moment, and just as they were one step away from the real deed, Charles’ phone
rang.“F*ck, who the hell is that?” Charles wished he could murder the person on the other end of the
line.“Who is it?” he bellowed into the receiver. “I really hope you’re calling because of an

emergency!”Oh my, I am about to have a jolly good fu*k. The ringtone nearly frightened my dick into
oblivion!“Charles!” Tristan furrowed his brows. Who is he losing his temper at?Upon hearing that it was
Tristan, Charles quickly put on his clothes.“Mr. Tristan, what’s the matter? Please don’t make me suffer
even if you’re feeling aroused but didn’t get laid at this time of the night.”Charles was distraught.Why do
I have such a tough life to have encountered a lunatic like Tristan? His practice of abstinence has
nothing to do with me. I need a good fu*k now!The young model then came closer to Charles again, but
he pushed her away.She fell to the ground and pouted at him.However, after seeing Charles’ facial
expression, she dared not approach him anymore.She was all naked…“There is something I want you
to look into, and I want the results by tomorrow.”“What is it?”Charles sobered up when he heard that
something serious had actually happened.Tristan then told him about what happened earlier that
night.“All right, I got it. I’ll send someone to look into this.”Anything in relation to Sophie had to be dealt
with immediately.Otherwise, they would have to face Tristan’s terrifying wrath.Once Tristan was done
with the call, Sophie poured a glass of hot water for him.“Sorry for the trouble and thank you,” she said,
for he had helped her friend out.Tristan pulled her into his arms.“Okay. Although I don’t want to let you
go, you’ve worn yourself out tonight. Hurry up and take a shower then go to bed.”“Okay.”Performing at
a concert was truly a test of stamina. It was especially so with The Wheelers, for they performed
everything live. Hence, Tristan was right about Sophie being knackered.After Tristan adjusted the water
temperature and filled the bathtub, he pushed her into the bathroom.“Enjoy your bath. I’ve added two
drops of essential oil in it.” That essential oil could help Sophie sleep better.“Okay, you should head
back.” When did he become such a strange person?“Okay.”Tristan then closed the door behind
him.Sophie only took off her clothes after hearing the door close. Then, she stepped into the
bathtub.Tristan had filled the tub with water of the right temperature, so she was completely at ease
soaking in the tub.After the bath and by the time she came out of the bathroom, it was almost one in
the morning.Right then, her phone rang.