Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Let Us Go At It Again

Whitlea took out a cigarette from the cigarette box. At once, Franky snagged a lighter and lit the
cigarette for her.“Since Sophie is so stubborn, bring a few men over to put the fear of God into her.”
Whitlea’s father was part of the underworld, so she emanated an ominous aura as well.“Sure! Don’t
worry, Mdm. Dixon. I’ll definitely teach her a lesson so that she’ll never dare to appear before Mr. Dixon
again!”Franky immediately seized that opportunity. As long as I yank Andy down, the position of
principal for Jipsdale Premier High will be mine!For him to become the principal of Jipsdale Premier
High, he would undoubtedly require Whitlea’s help.As such, he had been monitoring Bailey’s every
move at school, just to get close to the woman.“Go!” Whitlea’s expectations toward Bailey had always
been sky-high, and he had really disappointed her recently.After the self-study session at night, Sophie
and Ysabelle exited the classroom together. Ysabelle had been downcast these days, for her father
had been restricting her too much.“Soph, how I wish I could go to a place where no one could find me!
Then, I’ll be able to do whatever I like.”I just want to sing. It’s not like I want to do something bad. Why
is Dad so adamantly opposed to it?“If you really want to be a singer, Ysabelle, stick to your guns. Your
dream will only come true if you persist.”Ysabelle stared at her.“I truly envy you, Soph. I’m jealous that
you can do whatever you please.” Perhaps it was because she had glimpsed such insouciance in
Sophie’s eyes back then that she had done everything possible to befriend her.“Ysabelle, you can
become the best singer in the world. Oh yes, The Wheelers is having a concert tomorrow. I’ll bring you
there!”The Wheelers was all the rage presently, so every single concert by the band was incendiary.As
long as it was for a concert by The Wheelers, it was difficult to even obtain a ticket.“How I wish! I tried
to get a ticket last night, but I failed to buy any.”Ysabelle was entirely crestfallen. The Wheelers is really
too popular. The main vocalist, Mark, is even renowned across Chanaea. He’s the dream man of many
girls!“I’ve got tickets.” Mark had someone send tickets to Sophie a week ago, but she hadn’t planned
on going back then.Since Ysabelle had been depressed recently, she decided to accompany her to the
concert.“Really?” Ysabelle seemed to have come to life the instant she heard that Sophie had tickets.
After all, she idolized The Wheelers.“Yup!”Sure enough, she’s young and guileless that she’s so easily

appeased!By the time they reached the school gates, the car belonging to the Lombard family was
already idling there. Seeing that the driver was already waiting for her, Ysabelle couldn’t help heaving a
sigh.However, her good mood rebounded at the thought that she would be attending The Wheelers’
concert tomorrow night.“Soph, have my uncle pick me up tomorrow night, okay? Otherwise, it’s very
likely that I won’t be able to get out of the house.” She hankered for a revolution, but it was beyond her
capabilities.At that, Sophie chuckled.“Okay! Don’t worry. I’ll have your uncle pick you up.”But… will
Tristan be willing to attend such a concert with us?“All right. I’m going home, then! Go back and rest
earlier as well!”After getting into the car, Ysabelle even stuck her hand out and waved at
Sophie.Subsequently, Sophie headed back to Wisteria Apartments. No sooner had she taken a few
steps than she noticed someone tailing her. Verily, she was sick of such tricks.Can’t they be more
innovative? They only tail me every single time, yet they can’t do anything to me.She stopped short and
leaned back against the wall, waiting for those people following her to make an appearance.Sure
enough, the few men tailing her rushed out upon seeing that she wasn’t moving anymore. It was a few
burly men with petrifying tattoos on their arms.Taking out a strip of chewing gum, Sophie ripped the
wrapper off and popped it into her mouth. It’s been a long time since I’ve last gotten some exercise.
They came at just the perfect time!“Do you know who we are, girly?”Sophie hadn’t even an iota of
interest in engaging in such dumb conversation, for it wasn’t the least bit significant.“Is something the
matter?” Sophie asked bluntly. “If you want to fight, just come at me together.”Don’t they find it boring to
play a such silly game when they’re all strong and strapping men?“How dare you?”Huh? This script is
wholly different from what we imagined.Before Sophie had the chance to make her move, Bailey
appeared beside her and shielded her behind him.“Who ordered the lot of you to come here? I’ve said
that no one is allowed to hurt her.” Bailey had known that his mother would never let Sophie off the
hook.He had followed her as well when he saw her leaving with Ysabelle after the self-study session at
night. Never had he expected to witness such a scene for real.“Mr. Dixon…”At the sight of him, the few
burly men grew somewhat flustered. They all knew his temperament, but it was Whitlea’s orders. For
that reason, they couldn’t do anything about it either.“Mr. Dixon, Ms. Whitlea is only doing this for your
own good. Please don’t make things difficult for us and go home quickly instead! We promise we aren’t

going to hurt her. We merely want to scare her for a bit.”Scare her?“Well, the lot of you indeed look
rather scary.” If a kid were to behold their countenances, he would probably burst into tears in
fright.“How dare you?” Argh! Why are her remarks all so irritating? No matter what, we all have normal
facial features. How could she make personal attacks on us? This is too much! She’s really going too
far!“Look, Mr. Dixon! We aren’t the ones who want to pick on her. It’s the other way round!”How can
there be such a girl? We all look like tough nuts at a single glance, okay? Yet, she dared claim that we
are lacking in the looks department!Ignoring them, Bailey urged Sophie, “Go home first, Sophie!”It’s
very late, so she should go home and rest.Sophie cast a glance at the few men, but she wasn’t certain
whether he could handle them.“You don’t have to bother about me, Bailey.” Really, there’s no need for
him to strain his relationship with Whitlea because of me. Ultimately, she’s still his mother.Bailey shook
his head.“I’m to be blamed for this incident. How can I sit idly by and do nothing? No matter what, I
must interfere in this!”“Mr. Dixon, you’ll definitely be hauled over the coals when you go home if you do
so.” Is he still not familiar with Ms. Whitlea’s temperament? He’ll only suffer if he continues to persist.“In
that case, pardon me for my actions!” Sophie pulled the hood of her sweater over her head before she
pushed Bailey away. If I beat them all up, Whitlea won’t blame him anymore, will she?“Sophie!” Panic
swamped Bailey. Crap! She has no idea about their line of work in the past! They’re all brutal and
vicious!To his surprise, Sophie wasn’t the least bit inferior to them.They were ruthless when they
attacked her, but she was even more merciless.They were terrifying, but she was even more horrifying
than them.Sophie stacked them all together. Then she casually dusted her hands.“It’s been a long time
since I’ve last had such a workout. Get up. Let’s go at it again!”