Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Too Ostentatious

When Tristan had finished the work at hand, he went upstairs. Unexpectedly, he glimpsed a shaft of
light from the gap in Sophie’s room door.He walked over and knocked on the door.Hearing the knock
on her door, Sophie placed her phone on the nightstand before going over and opening the
door.“What’s wrong? Is something the matter?”Puzzlement was written all over Sophie’s face. I wonder
what else he wants at this hour.“No, everything’s fine. I just saw that the light in your room is on, so I
came to ask you what you were doing. Are you having trouble sleeping? It’s very late now.” She still
needs to go to school tomorrow. Keeping such hours is too erratic, and it’ll be bad for health.“No, I just
talked on the phone with a friend. That took a bit of time, so I’m not asleep yet.”“Oh, I see. In that case,
sleep earlier. Or perhaps you’d like me to keep you company?” Tristan couldn’t resist the urge to tease
her every so often.Sophie said nothing.Her usual response was silence.“All right, I was just joking.
Don’t take it to heart and don’t sleep too late.”“I can’t sleep, Mr. Tristan. How about you tell me a
story?”How long has it been since someone told me a story? When we were young, Mom and Dad
always loved to tell Willow stories, but they never gave me the same courtesy. Perhaps it’s because I’m
too cold and indifferent that they aren’t close to me.“So, you really can’t sleep? Did something happen
that I’m unaware of? Do you mind sharing with me?”“No, I just have a bit of insomnia. Tell me a story,
will you?”“Sure! It’s my pleasure!” Tristan was more than eager to draw close to her, so he naturally
agreed when she proposed such a request.Sophie lay down on the bed with a premier duvet over her.
The duvet wasn’t all that thick, but it was exceedingly warm.That was the best duvet, a conclusion
drawn after Tristan had Felix compare the duvets of more than ten brands.While she lay on the bed all
toasty under the duvet, Tristan only had a white, thin sweater on him.The central air-conditioning was
running, but she didn’t set the temperature that high, so she had no idea whether he was cold.“Are you
cold?”The corners of Tristan’s mouth curved into a smile.“Yeah. Do you want to huddle under the
covers and chat with me?”Words promptly eluded Sophie.All right, that was remiss of me. I shouldn’t
have asked that.“Do I look like a heinous man who kidnaps young girls?”Even Tristan found himself all
too similar to such a kind of person then, for he couldn’t help teasing her at every turn.“All right, I got it.

Don’t look at me with such a look in your eyes.” He really couldn’t withstand further temptation, albeit
her doing nothing at all.As long as she looked at him with that particular gaze, desire inexorably blazed
within him.Tristan cast his mind back to the past. He hadn’t heard that many stories when he was
young.“I have no bedtime stories. How about I tell you about my stories in the business world
throughout the years?”It’s pretty good if I can use such a method to have her understand me better.In
response, Sophie nodded. Right. How could someone like him have bedtime stories in his memories?“I
grew up together with Felix and the others. Once upon a time, we were even sent to the special forces
to train…”Tristan started speaking of some incidents that had taken place while they were part of the
special forces.It was then that the four of them forged a strong and deep friendship.As Sophie listened
to him talk about his past, she gradually felt sleepy.Her eyelids grew increasingly heavier, and she
eventually drifted into slumber.Gazing at her beautiful sleeping countenance, Tristan pulled the duvet
over her before leaving her room.At seven o’clock the following morning, Sophie got out of bed. When
she went downstairs after washing her face, she surprisingly discovered that Tristan was already
awake.“Why didn’t you sleep for a while longer?”He slept so late last night. As the CEO of Lombard
Group, he should have the privilege of going to work a bit later, no? Besides, it’s still so early now.Right
then, Tristan was plating breakfast at the side of the dining table.“Come and have breakfast. I only
need three to four hours of sleep daily.”“Three to four hours isn’t enough. It’s best to have at least eight
hours of sleep a day.”“Okay, I’ll change henceforth.” As long as it was something she disliked, Tristan
would change it all. “All right, come and have breakfast!”Sophie shrugged nonchalantly.She then sat
down across from him. Taking a piece of hash brown, she started nibbling on it.Among all the breakfast
dishes, only coffee and hash browns were to her liking.She had never really liked eating bread and
drinking milk.Ultimately, she still preferred a somewhat modern style of breakfast.Tristan loved
watching her eat as she was natural without being the least bit pretentious. Whenever he had breakfast
with her, he could even eat an extra piece of hash brown.“You went to The Crown to buy breakfast
early in the morning?”It was quite a distance to The Crown from there. A round trip would take around
forty minutes. Yet, he had driven over and bought her breakfast early in the morning instead of sleeping
in.“I noticed that you like their coffee and hash browns, so I went there to buy them for you. It just took

forty minutes. It’s no big deal.”Her appetite wasn’t great in the first place, and she only ate more for
breakfast. Hence, he naturally had to try every means possible to feed her.“You don’t need to go to
such trouble in the future. Just buy a breakfast pie from downstairs, and that’s enough for me.”Sophie
didn’t care much when it came to food.“But I like watching you eat hash browns.”That remark of his
rendered Sophie speechless.What kind of peculiar kink is this that he actually likes to watch people eat
hash browns?“Mr. Tristan, The Wheelers is having a concert tonight. I want to go and attend it together
with Ysabelle.”Tristan quirked an eyebrow.Hmm, it’s the second time I’ve heard her mentioning The
Wheelers. She seems to pay particular interest to this band.“As you know, it isn’t easy for Ysabelle to
leave her house. So, could you please help me bring her out?”This request is probably not too much,
right?“Sure, but I have a condition.” Tristan took a sip of coffee. “Bring me along to the concert, and I’ll
bring Ysabelle out.”Sophie was stunned for a moment.“Do you like The Wheelers as well?” He doesn’t
look like the kind of person who’s crazy about celebrities.“I’m neutral about them. But since the two of
you are going, it’s no big deal to bring me along.”“But I only have two tickets.” By now, all tickets for the
concert have sold out. Where am I going to buy a ticket for him?“Do you think this is a problem to
me?”Again, Sophie was struck dumb.Okay, then. I asked a foolish question. If he so desires, he can
even purchase the venue of the concert, not to mention a mere ticket!In the end, six people ended up
going instead of the initial two.Seeing the four people who had come to pick her and Ysabelle up,
Sophie propped a hand against her forehead.The lineup—Tristan, Felix, Sean, and Charles—was even
more attractive that the concert itself.Every single one of them could have Jipsdale quivering in fear.At
that moment, they all appeared at the gates of Jipsdale Premier High in a luxury car each.Isn’t this a bit
too ostentatious?