Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Exposing Her Schemes

The homeroom teachers of both Senior Class 1 and 8 had arrived, and the former’s expression turned
grim when she saw what had happened to Willow.The woman naturally knew that the two were
siblings.But since this ordeal had taken place in school, the teachers were responsible for addressing
any conflict that arose between the sisters.“Are you okay, Willow? Try moving your hand. Can you do
that?”Jenny Calkins, the homeroom teacher of Senior Class 1, knew how far the Tanner family had
gone to nurture Willow’s artistic abilities. If she’s really hurt her hand and can’t draw anymore because
of that, her life will be ruined.As soon as Willow lifted her hand, tears streamed down her cheeks from
the resulting pain.“I really can’t, Ms. Calkins. What should I do?” Willow replied in agony. “You know I’m
training to be an artist. If anything happens to my hand…”Jenny’s heart ached at the way Willow
choked on her words. She’s never done anything bad ever since she came to my class. She’s such a
good girl, but this just had to happen to her.“Sophie, no matter what gets between you two, Willow is
still your sister. Why did you do this to her? What good would it bring you to break her wrist? I get that
Willow’s always been an incredible student, and you might be jealous of her, but still!”“I don’t think
that’s something you should say, Ms. Calkins. We don’t even know what happened yet. How could you
start accusing Sophie before getting a clear view of things here?” Derrick refuted immediately upon
hearing the way Jenny spoke to Sophie.Both homeroom teachers had arrived after hearing the news
from their students, which meant neither of them had witnessed the event with their own eyes.“Mr.
Hayes, I know you’ve always been protective of your students, but we both know that the school has
always paid attention to both Sophie and Willow. Willow’s an outstanding girl, and everyone knows that.
As for Sophie, she may have gotten second place in the exams, but she’s known for being savage and
doesn’t have much of a good reputation. Look at what Willow is going through now! Don’t you have any
sense of responsibility at all? Should we overlook a person’s character just because they get good
grades? So what if someone like Sophie ends up going to the best college there is? She’d only be a
menace to society!”“Ms. Calkins, I’m asking you to focus on the facts. The truth is none of us know
what actually happened. All I want is to find out the exact situation before coming to a decision, so what

does it have to do with me being protective? If Sophie is really at fault, I’ll be sure to make her
apologize to Willow,” Derrick stated firmly.While it was true that many events had transpired ever since
Sophie had joined his class, she had only ever acted in an attempt to defend herself. Never had she
instigated any trouble.“Tell me what happened, Sophie.”Derrick spoke gently so as to not frighten the
young woman.“Nothing much, really. She just pulled me by my hoodie. If you guys don’t believe me,
you can always check the cameras. Isn’t there one right over there?” Sophie explained while pointing to
a surveillance camera above her.“Everyone saw what you did, Sophie! You’re the one who grabbed my
hand!” Willow yelled in response.“Everyone can find out the truth by checking the camera. What’s
wrong? Do you actually think I can alter the surveillance footage?”Unable to steer each other’s
opinions, Derrick and Jenny eventually resorted to checking the surveillance cameras. Lo and behold, it
was Willow who had started it all.Everyone else fell silent after seeing the footage.What else could they
say when the truth had been laid bare in front of them?Jenny glanced at Willow.“Willow, you…”The
latter began to panic as she noticed the look of disappointment in her teacher’s eyes.“Let me explain,
Ms. Calkins.”At that very moment, a doctor arrived and gave Willow a check-up.“How is she, Doctor?
Will she still be able to draw?” Regardless of who had started the fight, what mattered most now was
the condition of Willow’s hand.The doctor merely turned to them with a frown.“What happened to her
hand, Doctor? Is she okay?” Jenny prompted anxiously.The doctor let go of Willow’s hand.“Did you
guys deliberately call a doctor over thinking we have all the time in the world? Her hand’s perfectly fine.
There’s nothing wrong with her,” he responded, furious at how these students were wasting medical
resources.“What?”Jenny’s expression took an immediate turn.As the doctor left, everyone turned to
Willow.“So, what’s Willow trying to do?”“There’s nothing wrong with her hand, but she kept saying it
was broken and that she wouldn’t be able to draw anymore. She was clearly trying to frame
Sophie.”“That’s right. She’s just jealous of her sister!”“Yeah. Remember the incident with the
photos?”“You mean the photos Angie sent? If I remember correctly, Angie uses an Android phone, but
those photos were probably taken with an iPhone.”“I would’ve forgotten about this if you hadn’t brought
it up. Doesn’t Willow use an iPhone?”“This is a wild guess, but do you guys think Willow was the one
who took those photos? That’s a terrifying thought if it were true.”Willow’s gaze darkened as she heard

the discussion.Everything was supposed to go according to my plan! What the hell’s going on now?“All
right, everyone. Get back to class! The show’s over,” Jenny announced while eyeing Willow in dismay.“I
really didn’t do it, Ms. Calkins. I don’t know what’s wrong with my hand either, but it hurts so
much.”Willow frantically raised her arm.“Willow, I know Sophie does really well in school, and there’s
always going to be some competition between sisters. However, I’m truly disappointed in you this
time.”Not wanting to say anything more, Jenny turned and left.The first period was Jenny’s class, so
the other students followed her.Willow was about to leave too, but the students of Senior Class 8
immediately held her back. They weren’t going to let her leave after she had put on such an act.“What
are you guys doing?” Her wrist was still in pain, and yet the doctor had said there was nothing wrong
with it.Is Sophie that influential? What’s the cause of it?“You really are a pretentious b*tch, Willow. What
were you going on about earlier? Something about how Sophie broke your wrist?”“Right? You’ve been
trying to do Sophie dirty ever since she came back. Shouldn’t you be apologizing to her now?”“Don’t
even think about leaving without an apology! You think you can mess with us?” Did she assume the
students of Senior Class 8 were a bunch of pushovers?