Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Sophie The SavageWillow stared at Clayton in puzzlement.“Why do you want her to get
in? We’re already almost at school. There’s no need to give her a ride.” She was rather fearful of
Clayton’s demands.“Did you not hear me? We’re not even a couple yet, and you’re already not
listening to me. Why should I keep you by my side, then? Remember, I only like obedient women.” The
man appeared nonchalant, but his words were more than enough to instill terror within
Willow.“Clayton…” She gazed at him, not knowing what to do. What does he mean? Is he interested in
Sophie?Clayton said nothing more. He merely tapped on the steering wheel from time to time, looking
surprisingly patient.Under his watch, Willow called out to her sister, “Sophie! Hop in! Let’s go to school
together.”Yet, Sophie walked straight in the direction of their school without even looking up.Willow
balled her hands into fists.She’s horrible! How could she humiliate me like that?Being ignored like that
in the presence of Clayton, she felt her cheeks burn in embarrassment.“Clayton, I…”“School’s about to
start. You should get going,” Clayton responded, paying no heed to what had just happened.Willow
grabbed her bag, hopped down, and stared at him from beside the car.“Go on,” the man added with a
wave.“You go first. I’ll leave after you do,” Willow insisted as she shot him a loving look.With that,
Clayton drove off immediately.It looks like I won’t be able to get close to Sophie through Willow. I’ll have
to think of another way.His phone rang as soon as he began driving.“Hey, Clayton, didn’t you ask me to
keep a lookout for Phantom? I’ve gotten my hands on some new intel. Phantom’s currently in
Jipsdale.”“Got it. I’m on my way.” Clayton sped up upon receiving news about Phantom, a figure who
had captured his interest. This was the closest they’d been to the renowned hacker. If we can get
Phantom to help us, the upcoming investment’s going to be a success.Meanwhile, Lombard Group had
also received word about Phantom.“Mr. Tristan, it looks like Clayton Zales is also on the hunt for
Phantom, who hacked into Zales Corporation’s system last night.”“What?”Phantom… You really are a
mystery. Why did you do that? Are you interested in Zales Corporation?“Clayton’s currently gathering
all his forces to get a hold of Phantom.”Any financial group that could get its hands on Phantom, the
founder of Wings of Light, would instantly be rich.“It’s been a long time since Phantom last appeared.
What’s going on this time? Find Phantom before Clayton does.”He had gone up against Phantom on

several occasions, only to lose them every time.“All right. By the way, Mr. Tristan, do you think
Phantom’s a guy or a girl?”“How would I know?”“If it were actually a girl, I’d say she’s a monster.” Many
large financial groups in Jipsdale had tried to locate her but to no avail.“What’s there to be afraid of?
Don’t you think smart girls are cute?”Given her hacking skills, she’s probably a genius.“Well, no matter
how smart Phantom is, she’s nothing compared to you, Mr. Tristan.” Felix couldn’t help but suck up to
his boss.“How about you start thinking of a way to locate Phantom instead of trying to win some
brownie points?”In truth, Tristan had nothing to fear even if Phantom were to join forces with Clayton. It
would still be troublesome, though.“Okay. I’ll get right to it.”Unfortunately, Phantom always left as
quickly as she showed up, which left Tristan in a bind.Meanwhile, Willow waited for Clayton’s car to
disappear completely before running toward Sophie and grabbing the latter by her hoodie.“What’s with
you, Sophie? I know you’re jealous of me, but how could you embarrass me like that? Don’t you know
how important Clayton is to me?”This d*mned woman. Why is she always so conceited?Sophie’s face
clouded over as soon as she felt her hoodie being seized.“Let go.”Willow jumped in fright at her sister’s
grim expression, but she refused to let go of her.“Sophie, no matter what happens, I’m still your sister.
How could you treat me like this? I’m saying this for your own good.”With onlookers surrounding them,
Willow immediately put on a façade. She could never let others know her true colors, no matter
what.“Forget it, Willow. You may treat her as your sister, but she’ll never do the same. All she does is
take what’s yours. You’re better off without a sister like her.”“Exactly! Not everyone will be grateful for
what you do. Someone like Sophie deserves to die alone.”“Do you hear that, Sophie? This is what you
look like in other people’s eyes. I know you don’t like me, but it’s not like you can do anything about
that,” Willow remarked smugly.You had your way the last time just because there was no one around,
but what can you do to me in front of all these people now?Sophie’s brows creased. Why is she always
spouting so much crap? Well, if she doesn’t want this hand of hers anymore, I’ll grant her
wish.Suddenly, she grabbed Willow’s hand and bent it.“Ahhhh!” the latter shrieked, her face turning
pale.She didn’t think Sophie would dare hurt her in front of all these people.However, Sophie hadn’t
done much; she had only bent Willow’s hand lightly, but the latter felt as though her wrist had been
broken.The crowd had also seen how softly Sophie had curved Willow’s wrist, but for some reason, the

older sister appeared to be in so much pain that she broke out in a cold sweat.“What the hell is wrong
with you, Sophie? She’s still your older sister! How could you attack her like that?”“You heartless
witch!”“Are you okay, Willow?” A few girls who often hung out with Willow immediately expressed their
concern, although they dared not approach Sophie.“Let go of me, Sophie,” Willow croaked between
gasps of air. “Let go!”Having not bothered Sophie for a while before this, Willow seemed to have
forgotten how ruthless the former could be.“What’s wrong now? Where did that smug look on your face
go, huh?”Willow began to tear up.“You broke my wrist, Sophie. I’m an artist. Don’t you know how much
my hand means to me? How could you do this to me?” she whimpered. Though it was partially an act,
she was feeling genuinely afraid. What am I going to do if I can’t draw anymore?Seeing how anguished
Willow looked, everyone began to rebuke Sophie.Yet, Sophie merely smirked.“I broke your wrist? Are
you sure about that? How about you call a doctor over and find out if it’s really broken? Since you love
putting on a show that much, I’ll let you keep going.”“Don’t be afraid, Willow. I’ll call a doctor and get
him to come over right now. We’ll sue her if she really broke your wrist.”One of Willow’s watchdogs
immediately phoned the hospital. Then, everyone stayed behind, waiting for the doctor to
arrive.Nobody moved even though classes were about to begin, and that garnered the attention of the
school authorities.