Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Are You Jealous Of Me

“Soph, I didn’t do it on purpose. I really didn’t see you.” Willow feigned remorse. “Anyway, you can stop
worrying about me fighting with you over Mason. Since you like him, you can go ahead and have
him.”“Willow, you disgust me.” Sophie’s eyes were piercingly cold. “Haven’t you fallen head over heels
in love with him? What’s wrong? Have you changed your target?”Willow was outraged.“What are you
trying to say? I just realized that some things couldn’t be forced. Since Mason has no feelings for me,
there’s no point in me losing my dignity over him.” So what if I have really changed my target? Since
Mason doesn’t want me as his girlfriend, there’s no point in me throwing myself at him. Besides, isn’t
Clayton a hundred times better than he is?“Have you heard of the Zales family?” Willow gloated all of a
sudden. “It’s only now that I discovered I like ambitious men like Clayton.”“How the f*ck is that my
business?” Sophie didn’t mince her words. “Willow, let me warn you. I don’t care what you want to do.
However, if your actions harm the Tanner family’s interest, I’ll definitely make you pay.”Is she not taking
me seriously because I have yet to hold her accountable for the incident with the picture?Due to
Josiah’s condition, Sophie had no time to deal with Willow. But now, the latter was getting increasingly
on her nerves.Willow broke into a smirk.“Sophie, I knew you have always been jealous of me. What’s
wrong? Are you also going to seduce Clayton just to spite me?”Sophie’s eyes narrowed with a
dangerous glint in them.If they weren’t in a ward and Josiah wasn’t already sleeping, Sophie would
definitely have taught Willow a lesson.“Willa, that’s enough.” Charmaine was also worried that their
exchange would escalate into an argument in the ward.“I’m not trying to meddle in your affairs, but you
had better not get yourself so deep into trouble that you have to beg me for help.”Does she even know
what kind of person Clayton is? She must be deluded to think that she can manipulate him. That aside,
am I his target, or is Tristan?“Let me tell you; you’re obviously jealous of me. There’s no doubt about it.”
Willow was extremely full of herself.“Take her away.” Sophie had lost her patience for further
conversation, as she felt like she was speaking to a fool.Sensing Sophie’s exasperation, Charmaine
grabbed Willow and walked away.Upon leaving the ward, she remarked, “Willa, there’s still a long way
to go before you and Clayton are together, and yet—”“Mom, I’m confident that Clayton will definitely fall

into my grasp. How can you not trust me?” Willow was upset by her mother’s lack of faith.Charmaine’s
concern intensified upon hearing her daughter’s words.“Can it be that Clayton is trying to use
you?” With tons of girls clamoring to be with him, why would he give Willow special treatment?
Charmaine’s doubt struck a nerve with Willow.“Mom, what’s that supposed to mean? Am I not worthy of
someone’s love?” How can she think that of me?Charmaine held Willow’s hand gently and comforted
her, “Willa, that’s not what I meant. I’m just worried about you due to Clayton’s bad reputation.”I don’t
doubt the influence of the Zales family in Jipsdale, but Clayton is an infamous playboy who is
surrounded by girls everywhere he goes. Thus, are his feelings for Willow true?“I know everyone has a
bad impression of him, but it doesn’t matter, for I’ll be the one whom he settles down with.” Willow knew
she had no control over the past. All that mattered was that he would change for the better once both of
them were together.“All right now, you should go. If you have time, get yourself some new clothes. You
don’t want to be outshone by the girls who are throwing themselves at Clayton.” Charmaine had barely
spoken when she handed Willow a card.“There’s five hundred thousand in here. Buy whatever you
fancy. If there’s a need, get Clayton a present too.”Willow took the card gleefully.When she was
together with Mason, her mother didn’t pay much attention to her.In contrast to then, Charmaine had
now given her a card with five hundred thousand inside.“That’s all, run along now. I’ll keep an eye on
things here. There’s no need for you to be around.” All you’ll end up doing is getting into an argument
with Sophie.“Fine, I’m off then. When Grandpa awakes, tell him that I dropped by. Otherwise, he will
think that Sophie is the only one who’s concerned about him.” I care about him too, all right?Charmaine
furrowed her brows as she watched Willow leave in delight. Deep down, she prayed that her daughter
would succeed this time.Given what happened to Mason, she no longer has any chance with him.In
fact, Constance had even given Charmaine a call. It was just that the latter didn’t dare pick up.Now that
Willow had a new target, Charmaine stopped planning for her and Mason to get back together even if
his leg recovered.Upon returning to the ward, Charmaine saw Sophie chatting with Josiah, who looked
to have recovered a lot.“Dad, Willa came to see you just now. Since you were sleeping, I took the
liberty to tell her to leave.”Worried that Josiah’s resentment for Willow would grow, Charmaine quickly
made an excuse on the latter’s behalf.“As the university entrance exam is approaching, you had better

remind her to focus on her studies and not go gallivanting around.” Even though he wasn’t at home,
Josiah was kept informed of Willow’s affairs by Morgan.“Dad, how can you say that about Willa? She
has always been a good girl. You shouldn’t accuse her of gallivanting outside.” That’s not an
appropriate statement to make.“It’s true that she’s a good girl but unfortunate that both of you have
spoilt her.” Ever since she was young, all she cared about was fawning upon the powerful instead of
learning a proper skill. Moreover, it will only get worse when she grows up.Even though Charmaine was
upset with Josiah’s comment, there was nothing she could do about it.“All right now. You should head
home too. As Morgan is here, there’s no need for you to stay.” Over the years, Charmaine had done a
lot for the family. However, it was just a shame that she was too narrow-minded.Although she wasn’t
oblivious to Josiah’s resentment of her, Charmaine was still disturbed by how he reprimanded her.“Dad,
I know you have never liked me, but I have already done my best. There’s nothing more I can do to
change your mind.” Just as Charmaine spoke, she left with a pitiful silhouette.Josiah let out a
sigh.“Grandpa, what’s wrong?” Sophie asked attentively.“Oh, Sophie! Do I really demand too much of
your mom?” Josiah began to grow unsure of himself.Sophie didn’t know what to say.“There, there. Let’s
not talk about that. Anyway, why didn’t I see Tanny today? Is he busy?” One didn’t need to be a genius
to know how occupied Tristan was. After spending the last few days focused on Josiah, there was a
huge backlog of work at Lombard Group that needed his attention.“Mm-hmm, he will be busy for the
next few days.” Lombard Group had recently made an investment worth a few billion.