Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Human Emotions

“Worry has driven you into a mess, but you have really done a good job.” After all, humans were born
with emotions and desires, and there was no way to have total control over them.She had done very
well.At that very moment, Arius and Barney came over. When they saw her in that state, Arius could
not help but shake his head.“Soph, don’t you trust me? As your mentor, I was right beside you
throughout the operation. It was totally faultless.”Sophie rose to her feet.“Dr. Smith, thank you very
much for coming here,” she said gratefully, knowing how busy he was.Barney burst out laughing.“My
dear, I don’t know when you will take me as your mentor. However, I’ll wait, no matter how long it will
take.” As a leading figure in the medical field, Barney founded International Medical Association.The
medical association had a lot of medical experts from all over the world under its umbrella.From the
time he met Sophie, he had always wanted her to helm his medical association.“Just give her some
time. You’re almost there.” After going through so much, Sophie could think of nothing else but her
grandfather.“Fine, I will not rush you. For your sake, I have mastered Chanaean. I’ll leave it to you.” At
that point, he spoke Chanaean well, but with a foreign accent.Arius shook his head. His mentor
seemed totally obsessed with Sophie. However, Arius could understand Barney’s feelings.Sophie was
indeed the most gifted medical prodigy they had ever come across.“Sophie, Dr. Smith has to leave
now. I’m sure you know how much work he has at the medical association.”“Dr. Smith, let me see you
out.” Sophie decided to walk him to the entrance because he had come such a long way.“You stay
here. I’ll walk with him.” Tristan knew how much she wanted to stay with her grandfather, so he
offered.“Neither of you need to do that. It’s good enough that Arius is with me.” Barney understood how
she felt, and he did not want her to do that. “Tristan, you stay here too.”Tristan had already done a lot
to bring him over.“Sophie, you stay here and watch your grandpa. Don’t worry. I’ll stay until he wakes
up.” He didn’t want to go off just like that.“Thank you, Dr. Smith,” Sophie said sincerely. Anyhow, she
was grateful that he had come all the way.At that moment, Constance turned up. She had heard that
the founder of the medical association was visiting. Even though Arius was unwilling to help her, there
was hope for Mason’s legs to recover as long as Barney agreed to help.What she had not expected

was that she had no way of reaching that level.Nonetheless, that was a rare opportunity to meet the
foreign expert.“Hello, may I know if you are Dr. Smith? My son’s legs are broken. Can I ask you
—”Before Constance could finish speaking, two bodyguards came over immediately and caught hold of
her.Seeing that it was her, Sophie’s expression was particularly cold, while Tristan just glanced at the
two bodyguards.“This must not happen again!” Tristan warned them sharply.The two bodyguards were
so afraid that they broke into cold sweat. They were well aware of Tristan’s fiery temper. Furthermore,
they could not give him any satisfactory reply for Constance’s intrusion.The woman had already
entered the room and that was an indisputable fact.“Sorry, Mr. Tristan.” The bodyguards apologized for
their mistake, but the damage was done.“Take her away!”“Dr. Smith, if you can heal my son’s legs, I
can give you whatever you want,” Constance yelled for that was her last chance.Barney frowned.He
did not like the woman’s attitude. There was nothing he wanted that he could not have so far.The name
Barney Smith was synonymous with absolute power. Where fame and fortune were concerned, he had
everything.If there were anything he wanted then, it was Sophie.Constance was taken away even while
she was still trying to convince Barney.“Soph, you must come to visit me in Anglandur. Even if you do
not wish to join the medical association, you can at least check it out.” He was confident that the
moment she visited the medical association, she would definitely be fascinated by what she would
see.“Alright, I will certainly pay the medical association a visit,” Sophie promised.Arius sent Barney to
the airport personally. Tristan had made arrangements for his flight.“Mr. Tristan, Old Mr. Tanner is
awake,” a staff came over to report.When Sophie heard that her grandfather was awake, she went over
immediately. She went in and saw that he was indeed awake.Seeing Sophie, Josiah raised his hand
slightly. He was awake, but still unable to talk.She went to him and held his hand.“Grandpa, don’t
worry. The operation was a success. After a few days of rest, we can go home.”When Arius came back
and found out that Josiah had awoken, he came immediately to examine him. After a series of tests,
Arius looked rather pleased.“You’re recovering well. So, don’t worry, Old Mr. Tanner. Rest well for a few
days, and be sure to listen to the nurses!”Josiah nodded slowly as he listened to the doctor.At his
advanced age, he felt weak after going through such a major operation, but his mind was still
sharp.“Grandpa, just close your eyes and rest,” Sophie advised after seeing how weak he was.Josiah’s

eyes were on Sophie all the time.He knew that she was undergoing a lot at that moment. Since he was
awake, she should go and have a good rest.“Grandpa, I’m fine.” She could see that he was worried
about her.“Grandpa, don’t worry. I’m here for her. She’s going to be fine.” Tristan gazed steadily into
Josiah’s eyes.When Josiah heard that, he heaved a sign of relief. For some unknown reason, he
trusted Tristan and took him at his word.Josiah fell asleep again.Arius patted Sophie on her
shoulder.“It’s all good. Now that Old Mr. Tanner has awoken, you can stop worrying.” The truth was that
when Josiah woke up, Arius felt relieved too.He was worried about any mishaps that might happen.
After all, every surgery involved certain levels of risk. That type of surgery Josiah had was especially
risky.“Thank you, Arius.”He waved his hands in reply.“Sophie, if you continue doing this, I’ll get angry.
There is no need for you to stand on ceremony.”Sophie did not say a word, but smiled instead.“All is
well and I’m tired. I’m going to sleep for a while.” He was not going back yet, but he would leave only
after Josiah’s condition had stabilized.Arius had gone to rest and Morgan noticed that Sophie did not
look well. Immediately he told Tristan, “Mr. Tristan, let me watch Old Mr. Tanner. You send Ms. Sophie
to get some rest.”With Morgan there, the others need not worry.“Morgan, I’m fine.” She knew they were
worried about her but she felt fine.“You should go home. I’m sure you don’t want Old Mr. Tanner to
wake up and see you exhausted or he’ll feel really bad.”