Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Uncontrollable

In twenty seconds, Sophie removed the bullet fragment deftly and without mistakes.After the removal of
the bullet fragment, follow-up work was just the usual routine.When the operation was over, Josiah was
pushed into the observation room.Sophie and Arius went to shower and change. However, Sophie
found herself leaning against the wall, her hand trembling uncontrollably.Sophie bit her lip as she
watched her trembling hand.Tristan had already showered and changed and was waiting outside for
her.The moment he set eyes on her, Tristan noticed that something was not right, and he held her
hand.“It’s okay, now. You did a great job,” Tristan said, consoling her.Sophie leaned gently on his body
and slowly closed her eyes.Performing such a delicate operation was exhausting both mentally and
physically, and she was totally drained now.“It’s okay, now. You did well. Now, go and get some rest.”
Seeing her in this condition, his heart ached for her. On the operating table, Sophie’s skill was so
extraordinary that no one could take their eyes off her but she was his woman and he wished that there
would be less pressure on her.Some might judge him for being selfish but all he wanted was for her not
to be so exhausted.“I’ll go and see Grandpa first.” No matter how tired she was, she wanted to see her
grandfather before going back to rest. The operation was done but recovery would depend on close
observation and aftercare.“Okay, I’ll accompany you to see Old Mr. Tanner first. After seeing him, you
can go back to rest. I’ll stay there and everything will be fine.” He could take over her place to watch
over him.Sophie did not protest as she really needed to rest for a while. Besides, Josiah would take
several hours before waking up.Josiah had been wheeled into the observation room and visitors were
not allowed in. So, she went in alone.“Grandpa, I’ve done all that can be done. It all depends on you
now. You’ve always been my hero so I am sure you can pull through. You won’t let me down, will
you?”Her grandfather was a veteran. He had been through the war and was an indomitable hero. If it
was not for that tiny bullet fragment, he would not leave his beloved job.After speaking a few words,
Sophie came out of the observation room as she could not stay long.Yale saw her coming out.
Immediately, he asked with concern, “Soph, how is your grandpa doing? After he was wheeled out, we
asked many doctors, but they were not familiar with the case.”At that point, Yale’s attitude toward

Sophie improved a lot.Realizing that Tristan was on her side, Yale did not dare to show any disrespect.
After all, the Lombard family was very prominent in the city of Jipsdale.“The operation was a success,
but we will only know the whole picture after Grandpa wakes up.” After all, he was advanced in age.
Younger folks may take a few days to recover, but he would take longer.“The successful operation is a
good thing,” Yale mumbled, almost to himself.Charmaine glanced at Yale in surprise. That was the first
time he was so cordial to Sophie.“Okay, you’re tired. Go and rest.” Tristan did not want her to stay and
talk for too long. The operation had already sapped too much of her energy.Sophie stopped talking and
went off to the VIP ward nearby accompanied by Tristan.“Why are you so nice to Sophie today? Is
there something I do not know?”She did not understand the present situation at all. What is going
on? She did not like that feeling at all as she liked to be in control of every situation.“Have a better
attitude towards Sophie in the future. The entire Tanner family can only rely on her in the future.” Yale
had not expected that after he spent so much time and effort on Willow, the boss turned out to be
Sophie in the end.Charmaine frowned. “Why? I don’t understand.”“You don’t need to understand.” Who
was Tristan after all? He did not even know if Tristan would mind others finding out about his
relationship with Sophie.It did not matter what Tristan thought of Sophie, they could no longer ill treat
Sophie.Even if Sophie was just a pet kept by Tristan, no one would dare to harm his pet.Furthermore,
no one really knew what Sophie meant to Tristan.“What was that about? Can’t you tell me the
truth?”We are one family, aren’t we? Why is it necessary to be so secretive and hide the truth?“Don’t
question me. Just do as I say, that’s all.”Charmaine was rather upset. She was his wife, after all. Why
does he always use the same reason to shut me up?Tristan led Sophie to the ward. He had to see her
lie down with his own eyes.“Sleep well, so I won’t worry about you, okay? I shall go over to Grandpa
now and watch him. There won’t be any problem.”“Mr. Tristan, I really appreciate this.”She felt at ease
having him around.“You don’t have to mention that with me.”Tristan tucked her in, closed the door and
left.Soon, she fell asleep and had a dream. The dream went on for a long time.In the dream, she was
about seven or eight years old. Her grandfather went down on all four and dotingly carried her on his
back.The memory became vivid and it was difficult to differentiate between a dream and
reality.Nonetheless, she had smiled sweetly in the dream.Then, the dream changed and it was about

the recent surgery but was a failure.“Grandpa—”Sophie woke up in fear from the nightmare, drenched
with perspiration.Sitting up on the hospital bed, Sophie gasped violently. With one hand placed over her
beating heart, she reached out for her phone with the other to check the time.She had slept for more
than forty minutes.Unable to go back to sleep, she dressed up and went outside. Tristan was standing
guard outside and saw her the moment she appeared.He walked toward her, frowning in
disapproval. How long did she sleep? Why is she up already?“Why don’t you sleep a bit longer?” He
led her to a bench nearby and seated her. Seeing her covered in perspiration, he could not help looking
at her with concern. “What happened? Did you have a bad dream?”“Mr. Tristan, is my grandpa alright?”
As someone who was knowledgeable in the field of medicine, she knew that the operation was very
successful, but as Grandpa’s beloved little girl, she actually asked a silly question.Knowing that she
was worried about Josiah, Tristan held her hand tightly.“Didn’t Arius say it’s a completely successful
operation? You took part in it yourself.” She knew everything, but that did not stop her from
worrying.Sophie nodded. That’s true! She knew everything, from beginning to end. She knew it all.Yet,
she could not help but worry. In fact, she was even fearful.Sophie leaned on his shoulder.“I know that
this is not good but I can’t help it. I can’t control myself.” She did not like it but she cared too much for
her grandfather, so she became all worried and felt awful about it.