Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Breathtakingly Beautiful

“Willow, mind your own business,” Yale warned. Tristan was too scary. They didn’t hurt me, but I was
locked up and couldn’t make any calls with my phone. That was a horrible experience.“Dad, I was
being honest. I feel bad for Grandpa,” Willow responded with pouted lips.Yale snapped, “Your grandpa
can decide that himself.”Charmaine cast him a dubious look. What’s with him? He used to despise
Sophie. What happened to him today?Before Willow could say anything, Yale chided her harshly and
stopped her from saying anything else.Willow fumed silently. Why is everyone going against me?“Mom,
I feel a little unwell. I’ll go and get some fresh air,” she said.Charmaine gave her a disapproving
look.“Willow, your grandpa is in the operating room. Don’t be willful,” she chided. Willow was unlike her
usual obedient self that day.“Mom, I am supposed to meet Mr. Zales later,” Willow explained. She had
no idea why she got lucky. Clayton took notice of her after she appeared by his side
deliberately.“What? Really?” Charmaine was elated. “Go, then! Seize the opportunity, okay?”“But
Grandpa…”“There are plenty of people here. The doctors are here too, and you can’t be of any help.
Just go!” Charmaine urged.If we get to establish connections with the Zales family, Willow will get a
chance! The Zales family is much more influential than the Laird family!Willow knew what her mother
was thinking. After gaining Charmaine’s approval, she sneaked away quietly.Arius and Sophie had
changed into surgical gowns. They were disinfecting themselves for the last time when the doors slid
open.Sophie turned at her shoulder to see Barney Smith, a renowned doctor, the founder of the
medical association, and also Arius’ mentor.“Dr. Smith? Why are you here?” Arius was surprised to see
Barney here, for the latter was recently busy with an important experiment in the lab. I can’t believe he
made time just to be here!“I received a call from Mr. Lombard and rushed here immediately. As I was
busy in the lab, I didn’t know about Old Mr. Tanner. Why didn’t you tell me about his condition?”If he
knew about it earlier, he would’ve come here at once. Fortunately, he had arrived just in time for the
surgery.“I was worried you were busy. Besides, I’m confident of undergoing the surgery myself, so I
didn’t bother informing you,” Arius explained.Barney turned to Sophie and reprimanded him, “Sophie,
didn’t I tell you to come to me for help no matter what? You didn’t come to me even though Old Mr.

Tanner is in danger.”“Dr. Smith, you were too busy, so I didn’t ask for your help,” Sophie
clarified.Barney sighed. “Don’t say that. I might want you to be my student, but I won’t coerce you into
doing anything you’re not willing to do.”Arius rolled his eyes. “That’s because you know coercing her
won’t work!”He knew his mentor well and was embarrassed to hear those pretentious words.Barney
glared at him.“B*stard! Is it fun to humiliate me? Did you forget that I am your mentor since I haven’t
punished you for too long?” he snapped.Arius argued, “Dr. Smith, you’re wrong. I’m merely telling the
truth. You have been dreaming of making Sophie your student every day, right?”Oh my… life is tough
and I can’t even tell the truth.Barney glared at him and huffed, “Yeah, you’re da*n smart!”Sophie
chuckled out loud after hearing their exchange.She was reminded of the times they shared back in
Horington.Arius got Barney a surgical gown and helped him to put it in. Barney then began scrubbing
his hands.“Can I come in?” Tristan asked suddenly. He wanted nothing more than to be with
Sophie.The only thing he could do for her was to invite Barney over.Even though he couldn’t be of help,
he didn’t want her to leave his sight.“Mr. Tristan, do you think we’re having fun inside? This concerns
someone’s life. Do you think it’s an exhibition?” Arius declared.Tristan ignored him and kept staring at
Sophie.“Why are you so talkative? Mr. Tristan can watch the surgery if he wants. He won’t affect you!”
Barney chided.Back in the medical association, Arius wouldn’t stop anyone from watching any of his
surgeries.Sophie nodded.She knew Tristan was worried about her and wanted to stay by her side.After
the preparations were made, the four of them went to the automated glass doors. The doors slid open,
and Barney brought Arius into the operating room.Sophie halted in her tracks momentarily.“Good luck!
Everything will be fine,” Tristan assured her. He wanted to give her a hug, but she had to enter the
operating room soon, so he couldn’t do that.“Mm. I’ll head in now.”It was pointless to say anything at
that moment.Sophie’s priority was to focus on the surgery.Tristan stared at her fragile figure stepping
into the operating room and felt his heart ache at the sight.He could only pray that Josiah would be all
right.He didn’t even want to imagine how Sophie would react if Josiah couldn’t survive the surgery.After
Sophie headed in, and the surgery began.Barney didn’t take part and would only provide guidance
from aside.“Sophie, help Arius.” Her hands were extremely important in the surgery, for even Arius’
hands weren’t as nimble as hers.Sophie nodded.The anesthesiologist had already injected Josiah with

the anesthetics, so he was lying in bed with his eyes shut.Arius was ready.“Good luck!” he told
Sophie.Sophie gave a firm nod. Arius and Barney—both renowned doctors—were here in the operating
room, so Josiah would be fine.The surgery began. Sophie and Arius worked well with one
another.Their actions were very much in sync.That was the first time Tristan saw Sophie performing
surgery.Each and every action she did was devastatingly attractive.Sophie was breathtakingly beautiful
when she was focused on doing one thing.The surgery went on smoothly. Barney couldn’t help but
wish he could bring Sophie back to Anglandur after seeing how nimble her hands were.“Here, it’s your
turn,” Arius told her.That was the most important part of the surgery—to remove the bullet
fragment.Sophie looked up. He wants me to do it?“You’re the only one capable of doing it,” Arius
explained. He knew she was very precise, so the surgery would end faster if she were to do the
deed.“You can do it, Sophie,” Barney encouraged her. After this surgery, she’ll know the significance of
becoming a doctor!Everyone trusted her immensely, so Sophie knew she couldn’t back
down.“Okay.”She focused on removing the bullet fragment. It was tiny but had tortured Josiah for many
years.Thus, she was determined to remove it to end his suffering.