Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Legendary Deft Hands“Do you not know who Dr. Gullifer is, Mrs. Laird? I thought I told
you Dr. Gullifer might be able to heal Mr. Mason’s leg,” the attending physician exclaimed.Constance
froze right there. Little did she know that the man she had looked down on was the mysterious Dr.
Gullifer.“And what about the girl? That girl is probably just eighteen years old, so why is she standing
next to him? How could she wear the surgical gown and follow him into the operating room?”
Constance refused to believe what she had heard. That man is not Dr. Gullifer. Dr. Gullifer is a medical
genius from Chanaea. Why would he associate himself with a teenage girl?The attending physician
actually did not know much about Sophie.“I have to go in now, Mrs. Laird. The director has granted me
access to the operating room, so I must take this opportunity to learn from Dr. Gullifer!” The attending
physician could not hide his excitement. All doctors, including myself, want to witness how Chanaea’s
best surgeon conducts the medical procedure! It’s a dream come true for me!The attending
physician was given this once-in-a-lifetime chance merely because the director owed him a favor.
Otherwise, the director would not have granted him exclusive access to the operating room.So instead
of wasting time talking to Constance and letting the opportunity slip away, he caught up with
Arius.Constance’s legs weakened after she heard that, and she staggered a couple of times, only
managing to steady herself by clinging to the railing next to her.She knew she had offended
Arius. Would Dr. Gullifer still help us?Despite learning the truth about Arius, Constance refused to
leave. She wanted to be there for Mason since there would be a high chance of him regaining the
ability to walk.She would do anything for Arius so long as he was willing to operate on Mason. I’ll even
drop to my knees before him if he wants me to! I’ll do anything as long as he can heal my son’s
leg!Constance was overwhelmed by mixed emotions. The doctor she had been hunting high and low
for had finally appeared, but he turned out to be the man she had offended.It was a hard pill to
swallow.While Sophie and Arius were in the operating room, the rest of the people could only watch the
live stream of the procedure from another room.Sophie glanced at Arius when she saw no other
surgeons and nurses in the operating room.“Looks like you have a lot of faith in me, huh?” Sophie said.
She was concerned since the man lying on the operating table was a high-ranking official, and his

survival would affect the life and death of many people.Arius chuckled while putting on a pair of surgical
gloves. “In this world, you’re the only one I trust. There would be no one else I could count on if I had
zero faith in you.”Many doctors and nurses were willing to assist him, but Arius had a much higher
expectation of his assistant since it was an intricate surgery.After much deliberation, Arius thought
Sophie was the only one qualified to perform this procedure with him!“Arius, people would think you’re
putting the patient at risk.” Sophie might be familiar with the surgery, but she had neither received
formal training in medical school nor obtained any certificates.“Do you think I care about what others
would say? I have confidence in you, Sophie. And I believe you will one day supersede me and
become the best surgeon. Being the top surgeon in the country can be quite lonely, and I think it’s time
for you to take over the title. What do you think?”His remark rendered Sophie speechless.More than
twenty doctors overheard their conversation outside, and their mouths twitched. Why does he think so
highly of that young lady?All of them expressed interest in training under Arius, yet the genius doctor
ignored them and gave preferential treatment to this eighteen-year-old. What logic is this?“What if Dr.
Gullifer made a wrong judgment about her? She’s just a young lady. Can she actually do this?”They
were all experienced doctors who had carried out hundreds of medical procedures. Are we no match
for this teenage girl?One of the doctors turned to the director and raised his concern. “Can we trust this
young lady? The person lying on the operating table is not an ordinary patient…”If anything goes south,
everyone in the hospital will be in deep trouble.All these doctors had worked hard throughout their
careers to get to where they were. Our careers will be over if the surgery fails! We can’t allow this to
happen!The director, who sat in the middle, kept mum and did not respond to the doctors’
concerns.“Keep quiet. The surgery is about to start.” The director had faith in Arius. He believed his
most competent disciple would surpass his own achievements.Likewise, the director dared not
underestimate Sophie too. After all, Arius was the one who brought her to the hospital.Arius might
seem unreliable, but he would not take any surgeries lightly. Moreover, he would also meticulously
explore all the options before making the best decision on a medical procedure.Since Arius requested
Sophie to join him in the operating room, the director had high hopes for the young lady.“But they might
put our future in jeopardy!” There were still doctors who were not willing to accept the fact that Arius

was better than them. The doctor who made that remark felt that the Chanaeans had over-glorified
Arius. We know he made it into the international medical association. So what? What’s the big
deal?“Oh, shut up! Why don’t you take over if you think Arius can’t do it? The man lying on the
operating table was initially your patient anyway!”The doctor immediately kept mum.“Those who want
to watch the procedure, zip it. Those who aren’t interested, feel free to leave right now.” The director
shot daggers at the doctors. It took me some time to bring Arius over and arrange this live
demonstration for them, yet all they do is complain!As soon as the surgery began, the doctors who
doubted Arius were stunned the moment he made a perfect incision on the patient’s body. He indeed
has a pair of deft hands that work wonders!While everyone was still astonished by the demonstration,
Sophie had also made a flawless surgical incision in the patient’s heart under Arius’ guidance. All the
experts could not help but gasp when they saw what she had done.“Here. Make an incision here,”
Arius instructed. Taking a glance at the spot he pointed, Sophie made another precise cut.“Oh, my
God! My eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, are they?” At first, these doctors thought Arius merely
brought this young lady into the operating room because he wanted to impress her, but when she made
the incision, they were taken aback by Sophie’s skills.The director, too, could not believe his eyes.As a
mentor who had poured his heart and soul into the medical field and guided countless young doctors,
the director had learned a lot just from watching them carry out the procedure in the operating room.He
was so thrilled that his hands started shaking, losing control of his emotions.The doctor who had
doubted Arius earlier was also utterly struck dumb by how well they performed the surgery.The success
rate of this surgery was less than one percent, yet at this point, everyone was confident that the
procedure would be a huge success!“This Arius is indeed one of a kind!”“Yeah! But don’t you think the
young lady is more impressive? She’s just a teenager, but her skills are insane. She’s just as capable
as Arius.”“I thought so too. Who is she? I guess the Chanaean medical field is about to witness the rise
of an emerging star.”