Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Nothing To Do With YouWhat the h*ll? How dare she address me by my full name like
that? I’m her father, d*mn it! I’ll teach her insolent a*s a lesson!“Looks like I’ll have to teach you some
manners, Sophie. Can’t have you ruining the Tanner family name by going around causing trouble
everywhere!” Yale shouted as he grabbed her arm and swung at her.Josiah sat bolt upright and yelled
sternly, “Stop it, Yale! How dare you hit Sophie in front of me? You’ve gone way too far!”To their
surprise, Sophie stopped the slap by grabbing his incoming hand by the wrist and flinging it aside with
force.Angered by her act of resistance, Yale said stubbornly as the frown on his face deepened, “I’ll
have you know that I will never agree to this surgery, Sophie!”Sophie’s gaze was as cold as ice as she
replied, “And I’ll have you know that the surgery will be performed whether you agree to it or not. I will
bear the consequences myself, so it has nothing to do with you.”Seeing as she refused to back down,
Yale raised his hand a second time.This time, Tristan caught him by the arm before Sophie could even
react.“Who the heck are you? I’m disciplining my daughter here, so let go of me! This is none of your
d*mned business!”I’ve been through a really rough day at work. As if that isn’t bad enough, I now have
to deal with my daughter’s insolence and a random stranger? Who is this guy? How dare he grab me
like this?“Who I am doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you’re messing with someone you
can’t afford to.”Tristan would never lay a finger on Sophie, so he wasn’t about to let someone slap her
in front of him.Not wanting to see them continue fighting, Josiah said, “Go home, Yale. My surgery is
none of your business.”“Dad! I know you’ve always let Sophie have her way and that you’ve always
looked down on me. However, I’m truly doing this for your own good! Think about it, Dad! An old man
like yourself undergoing surgery? How likely do you think you’re going to survive it?” Yale protested.I’m
the head of this household, yet these people decided on this without even informing me about it! I can’t
believe I’m actually the last person to find out about this surgery!Josiah glared at him coldly as he
asked, “We’ve been living together for so many years, Yale. Since when have you ever cared about my
well-being? You’re my son, and yet you didn’t even notice such a huge issue with my health. Do you
really think you’re in a position to object at all?”“I’ve just been too busy with work, Dad. I really am
concerned about you right now!”“That’s enough. The surgery will take place the day after tomorrow.

Feel free to drop by if you like, and I won’t blame you for not coming if you’re too busy. Just don’t cause
any trouble if you decide to come over.”“Fine. I won’t stop you if you’re so determined to get that
surgery done.” Yale then turned toward Sophie and continued, “Your grandpa really loves you. I hope
you don’t repay his kindness with cruelty.”After that, he stormed out of the ward and slammed the door
shut behind him.Seeing as none of them would listen to him, Yale deemed it pointless to say anything
further. If anything, he felt more like an outsider compared to Tristan.Josiah shook his head helplessly
after Yale left. Sigh… Yale and his hot temper… How will he ever be able to handle problems in life if
all he knows is to throw tantrums like that?Tristan went to get a mop from the restroom and began
cleaning up the floor.“Please don’t take your father’s words to heart, Soph. This is my choice, so I don’t
want you feeling upset regardless of what the outcome may be.”“Okay.”Sophie had been under a lot of
stress ever since Josiah decided to undergo the surgery. She was really afraid of it being unsuccessful,
but there was no backing out of it at that point.“I’ll go buy you something to eat, Grandpa,” she said as
the food that she had brought over earlier was all wasted.“All right, go on. Tanny, you can just let the
janitor take care of the cleaning. Go keep Soph company!”Josiah didn’t want her going out by herself in
her current state.Tristan nodded and set the mop aside before following Sophie out the
door.“Everything will be fine,” he reassured her gently while wrapping an arm around her
shoulder. Whatever happens, I’ll always be her greatest source of support!Willow had come to visit
Mason at the hospital, only to witness that intimate moment between Sophie and Tristan in the
corridor.Sophie is seducing another man right after doing this to Mason? Does her shamelessness
know no bounds?Her face contorted in rage at the thought of that, and she clenched her fists so tightly
that her fingernails were digging into the flesh of her palms.“Come on, let’s go buy your grandpa
something to eat,” Tristan said. He could’ve just let his assistant do it for them, but he wanted to take
her out for some fresh air.It wasn’t until Constance came up to Willow and tapped her on the shoulder
that the latter snapped out of her daze.“How is Mason doing, Mrs. Laird? I’m sorry it took so long for
me to come visit him. I’ve been really busy lately. I’m really worried about his condition, so I tried asking
around to see if I could find him a better doctor,” she said politely.Constance was originally displeased
with Willow’s absence throughout the past few days, but she felt her heart soften when she saw the

latter’s pitiful state.“Thank you for being such a caring sweetheart. You can go in and see Mason
now.”Unsure of how to face Mason, Willow said, “Actually… I think I should break up with Mason since
he doesn’t like me, Mrs. Laird.”The look on Constance’s face turned gloomy the moment she heard
that.“How could you dump Mason like this, Willow? I can’t believe you’d say something like that after
how well I’ve treated you!”“You know I’ve always liked Mason, Mrs. Laird! The problem is, he doesn’t
feel the same about me! Since he likes my sister that much, I figured it’s better if I just give them my
blessings instead!”As Mason could barely walk anymore, Willow was determined not to waste any
more of her time and energy on him.Constance was so mad that she broke into a cold sneer as she
said, “Heh… I must’ve been blind to think you’d make a great wife for my son, Willow. Very well… You
want to leave? Then get lost and never show yourself in front of Mason ever again!”“Mrs. Laird—”“Keep
my name out of your mouth! You’re unworthy of saying my name!”Willow clenched her fists tightly but
turned around and walked off without saying anything.So what if I like Mason? I can’t be marrying a
disabled man! Sophie will only look down on me even more if I do! I can’t let that happen!“What
happened?” Mason asked when he saw Constance return to the ward with a furious look on her face.