Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Cheap

Hearing that, Arius rubbed his nose in shame. Indeed, he was the one at fault, so he did not dare to
say anything else.On the other hand, Tristan shot Arius a vicious glare, and the latter flinched in
terror.These two’s demeanor are truly in sync! It’s quite terrifying.Even after exiting the presidential
suite and entering Tristan’s car, Sophie said nothing to him to explain the situation.“Do you trust him a
lot?” It seemed like Tristan was really bothered by the close tie between Sophie and Arius.“What do
you mean?”“You’re a cautious person. If you didn’t have absolute trust in him, he wouldn’t have had a
chance to drug you.”Sophie continued staring straight ahead in silence.“Sophie, I don’t care how
important he is to you. If he hurts you, I won’t let him off the hook.”“Mr. Tristan, he wasn’t trying to hurt
me.” There were many things Sophie still could not tell Tristan.Tristan was disappointed. Even now, she
still can’t bring herself to explain anything to me.“Send me to the Tanner residence, will you?” Arius had
to return to the medical association, so the surgery had to proceed earlier than scheduled.“Are you not
going to school today?”“I need to talk to my grandpa, so I won’t be going to school today.” Regardless
of everything, Sophie had made up her mind to convince her grandfather to agree to the surgery.At the
end of the day, this surgery determines how much time Grandpa has left to stay by my side. No matter
the cost, I have to get him to undergo this surgery.“What’s going on? Soph, no matter what happens, I
hope you won’t keep it a secret from me. I want to face life head-on with you no matter rain or
shine.”His words moved Sophie. Although they had technically only met by chance, he had been nice
to her all this time, taking on all her problems as if they were his.Tristan was disappointed to see that
Sophie remained secretive with him. Have I not done enough? Why won’t she tell me anything?
Nevertheless, Tristan sent her to the Tanner residence. Only after watching her enter the house did he
turn to leave. However, before he could get into his car, Willow stopped him.“Hello, are you Sophie’s
boyfriend?” Willow’s heart skipped a beat when she finally met the man again.Mason was now bed-
bound, and no one could tell whether or not he would be able to stand on his two feet again. On the
other hand, the man before her was healthy and elegant in all ways. He made her heart
race.Nevertheless, Tristan was completely uninterested in talking to Sophie’s sister.Still, Willow

persisted despite his obvious indifference and ran toward him. She had dressed up to her nines that
day, and she was sure that no man would reject her.“Since you’re here, why aren’t you going in with
Sophie?” Willow deliberately asked. “Right, Sophie’s always been like this. She’s very wary of others.
Maybe you don’t matter to her, and that’s why she didn’t ask you to come in. I don’t know if you’re
aware of this or not, but she brought Mason home less than a month after meeting him five years ago.
Oh, I’m sorry. I think I’ve run my mouth.”Willow was spilling the beans on purpose.Upon hearing her,
Tristan drew his brows together.Is she trying to drive a wedge between us? Isn’t that a cheap
trick?“Sorry, but I don’t know who you are. Can you move aside now?”Whether or not he and Sophie
were getting along was none of an outsider’s business.Tristan’s straightforward response made Willow
grimace.After biting her lip, she decided to throw caution to the wind and uttered, “I’m just doing this for
your sake. There are plenty of men around Sophie. I’m hoping that you won’t end up as one of her
playthings.”At that, Tristan narrowed his eyes at her. That look from him sent chills down her spine.“I
don’t want to hear you talk about Sophie from now on. If I hear this again, don’t blame me for making
you pay.”Willow never expected that the man would not heed a single word from her despite how she
had to muster her courage to tell him those things.“I know better than you who Sophie is. A girl like you
is asking to be taught a lesson,” Tristan added.By then, all the colors had drained from Willow’s
face.“This is just for your sake…” Willow tried to protest, but Tristan gave her no chance to do so as he
went into his car.Overwhelmed with rage, she tightened her fists.What spell did Sophie cast on this
man to make him so protective of her? Why?Jealousy was an emotion that could drive anyone
mad.When Willow thought about the recent incidents that she had gone through, she felt the
overwhelming urge to skin Sophie alive.After Tristan entered his car, he did not leave immediately; he
intended to wait for Sophie in the car.When he saw Willow still standing rooted to her spot and fuming,
he sneered.Disgusting.Tristan was no fool. The moment Willow walked over, he knew what she was
about to do.When Charmaine saw Sophie return, she immediately paused her work and asked in
concern, “You’re free today? Are you here to visit your grandpa?”Sophie did not even feel like
responding to Charmaine’s feigned concern.“I’m going up to see Grandpa,” was all Sophie said before
heading to the backyard.After all, she knew that Josiah was in the middle of tending to his garden at

that moment.“This girl is so rude. Does she really think that she owns Tanner Group now?” Charmaine
simply could not bring herself to like this daughter of hers.“Mrs. Tanner, Ms. Sophie is pushing her luck.
Ms. Willow is still the more obedient and sensible one.”“That’s right. Willa’s more sensible and sweet.
It’s genuinely a pity that Mason is in this state now. I wonder if he’ll ever recover.” Every time
Charmaine thought about Mason’s leg, she would feel troubled.If Mason could no longer walk, Willow
would have a hard life, and Charmaine could not bear to let her suffer.After all, Willow was the daughter
she had doted on since young.“Mrs. Tanner, Ms. Willow is such an outstanding person, so there isn’t a
need for her to stick to the Laird family. I heard from a relative that the best families in Jipsdale right
now are the four major families.“The four major families.” Charmaine knew that those four families were
the best choices, but unfortunately, the Tanners had nothing to do with them at all.“Mrs. Tanner, since
Ms. Willow is such a wonderful person, if she can get a chance to meet anyone from the four major
families, she would be able to…”Charmaine was starting to grow haughty as she listened to the words
of the housekeeper. If Mason’s no longer a good choice, we can always opt for someone else as long
as that person can give us what we want.“The four major families? Let me think about how we can
approach these four major families…” She’s right. All Willow lacks is an opportunity.“My darling, you’ve
come! Hurry over to look at my orchid!” Josiah beckoned Sophie from inside the greenhouse.Sophie
then walked over and crouched down beside Josiah to look at his beloved orchid.“How is it?” Josiah
eagerly asked.