Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Important To MeTristan immediately narrowed his eyes to study the man in front of
him.“Who are you? What are you trying to do?”Tristan was only worried that the man would hurt
Sophie.Arius could not hold back his laughter when he noticed how tense Tristan was.“Are you trying to
ask what kind of relationship Sophie has with me instead?”Tristan did not respond to him. Instead, his
eyes flitted toward the bed behind Arius and realized that Sophie was indeed lying on it.Despite the
loud commotion, Sophie was still asleep. At that, Tristan realized that something was amiss.“What
have you done to her?” Tristan bellowed, his heart leaping to his throat.“Who are you, and what right
do you have to ask all these questions?” So, is he the reason Sophie refused to join the medical
association?At that point, Tristan did not want to waste any more of his breath on the man, so he
began attacking Arius.Even though Arius was a medical student, he was quite skilled in fighting as well.
A fight promptly broke out between the two of them.Nevertheless, no matter how good of a fighter Arius
was, he was no match for Tristan. Soon, the latter had him sprawling on the floor.“Speak! What
happened to Sophie?” Waves of anxiety were washing over Tristan’s mind as he realized that Sophie
was still not awake from the loud noises they made. He kept wondering what the man had done to
her.Arius could not move an inch as Tristan kept him pinned on the floor, but he refused to admit
defeat.“Why should I tell you anything? Aren’t you worried about her? If so, find out what happened to
her yourself.”Upon hearing Arius’ stubborn words, Tristan kicked his abdomen.“Ah!” Arius cried out in
pain. “Sh*t, you f*cking—”Before he was done cursing at Tristan, Tristan lifted his leg, about to give him
another kick.“Stop it.”I know I’m a doctor, but it still hurts when I get kicked!“Speak!”No one could keep
their secrets if Tristan was the one interrogating them.“She’s fine. She’ll wake up in the morning. I’m
warning you now; don’t do anything to me. Otherwise, Sophie won’t let you off the hook when she
wakes up.”With how close Sophie and I are, she won’t let anyone bully me like this!Arius felt utterly
ashamed for suffering a complete defeat.“Scram.” The fact that Sophie came all the way there herself
meant the two of them were not merely associates.That was why he could not jump to a conclusion
based on merely his own speculations before Sophie regained consciousness.Nevertheless, once
Sophie woke up and Tristan confirmed that the man had indeed harbored malicious intentions toward

her, he would destroy the man.Arius rubbed his nose and muttered, “This is my room. Why do I have to
leave? Even if one of us has to leave, shouldn’t you be the one?”So what if he’s the renowned Mr.
Tristan? I, Arius Gullifer, am not an easy target either. Just a call from me, and the top assassin will
come and kill him!Tristan shot him a glare.Again, Arius scratched his nose awkwardly.“Fine. A good
man knows when to retreat. Since no one can speak up for me while Sophie’s asleep, I’ll wait until she
wakes up. Let’s see if you’re still going to be this haughty!”Arius then exited the presidential suite and
booked a different room. After entering the new room, he lay on the bed and slept.In the meantime,
Tristan walked over to the bed to look at the sleeping woman. Then, he held her hand.“Girly, how could
you make others worry about you this much?” I should’ve ignored her decision and come with her. This
wouldn’t have happened otherwise.For the first time in his life, Tristan was feeling regretful.After he
planted a kiss on her forehead, the anger in him dissipated.It was as if nothing mattered anymore as
long as he knew that she was fine.Tristan felt that it was strange for him to be acting that way.When
Sophie finally woke up, she noticed Tristan sprawling at the edge of the bed, asleep. She mused, He
looks uncomfortable in that position.Then, she began recalling what had happened the night
before. How did Tristan end up coming here? Where is Arius? Where did he go?Sophie then tried to
get off the bed to head to the bathroom, but just as she moved a little, Tristan was jolted awake.
Instinctively, he grabbed her hand.Her somewhat groggy look made Tristan’s heart skip a beat, and he
could not help but pin her under him.“Didn’t you ask me to wait for you at Wisteria Apartments?” Tristan
sounded a little resentful and piteous.Sophie scratched the back of her head as she, too, did not know
how she ended up falling asleep there.“Sorry, I accidentally fell asleep here. I have no idea what’s
going on too. Have you seen my friend?” The two of them must have encountered, right?Seeing that
Sophie was asking about her friend the moment she woke up, Tristan became upset. As a form of
punishment, he bit the corner of her lips.“Is he more important than me? Why are you asking about him
right after you wake up?” Tristan felt that it was no small matter, and he had to get an answer from
Sophie.“Mr. Tristan…” Sophie never thought that the mature and collected Tristan would ask a question
like that. This is unbelievable. He’s making me change my impression of him!“What’s the matter? Is
that a difficult question to answer?” Tristan insisted.Sophie was still pinned under him, and they were in

a truly awkward position.“Let me get up first. I need to use the bathroom.” Sophie was about to lose
control of her bladder soon.“No. You have to answer me first. Who’s more important to you?”He’s just
like a kid. Am I supposed to console him?“He’s important to me,” was what Sophie told him
honestly.Hearing that, Tristan fell silent. Is that man really that important to her?Finally, he let go of her,
and she sat up on the bed. When she noticed the sullen expression on his face, she scrambled for
words to say to him. Why does he have such a look on his face?“Mr. Tristan, are you okay?”Tristan
shook his head.“Not at all,” he told her. He wanted to be the one who mattered the most in her life.At
his response, Sophie scratched her head in confusion. A moment later, she silently went to the
bathroom to wash up.Right then, Arius returned, for he knew that she would wake up around that
time.Once Tristan caught a glimpse of the man, he scowled.That was what Sophie saw when she
came out of the bathroom—a stand-off between two extremely handsome men.Then, she spotted the
injury on Arius’ face, and the corner of her lips twitched.So… these two men have already fought, and
Mr. Tristan emerged as the victor.When Arius realized that Sophie was out of the bathroom, he rushed
to her side and pointed at Tristan. “Soph, look. He’s bullying me!”Tristan was speechless.How can this
man be so childish and a tattletale?Still, Sophie pretended not to have heard his words. After all, the
other man was Tristan. Even if he bullied Arius, there was nothing she could do about it.Arius was
instantly despondent when he saw Sophie ignoring him.“You’re too much, Sophie! How can you side
with an outsider and not me? I’m—”Sophie shot a look at him, and he promptly clamped his mouth
shut. I’m her senior, but what a sad life I lead!“Hmph! The two of you are so mean to me. I don’t want to
see you anymore. Leave!” Arius fumed.“Okay, I’ll leave then,” Sophie said before turning around to
actually leave.“Sophie, you’re going too far!”“I’m going too far? If you didn’t drug me and make me
sleep for so long, would I be oblivious to the two of you fighting here?”