Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Protecting What She Wants To ProtectEven though he hoped that he would be able to
head there with her, he decided not to press on since she said nothing.Sophie knew that Tristan
wanted to go with her, but Arius was no ordinary person. Without Arius’ permission, no one, including
Sophie, could reveal his location to anyone else.“Mr. Tristan, you can send her there.” Why let a young
woman like her take a cab to who-knows-where so late at night?Tristan shot him a look in
response. Do I look like I needed you to prompt me to do that? It’s only because Sophie doesn’t want
me to do it. That’s what I mind the most.Right then, Ysabelle came out and saw Felix and her
uncle.“Are you all here to pick me up?” Clearly, Tristan was not. But where’s Sophie? Did they not
come across her?“Send her home safely, and don’t let her linger around outside,” was all Tristan said
to Felix before getting into the car, ready to head to Wisteria Apartments and wait for Sophie
there.Ysabelle then turned to Felix and scoffed at the man. She did not forget that they were both
giving each other the cold shoulder. Moreover, she had tried to initiate reconciliation, but he ignored her
completely.“Ysabelle, I was the one who uploaded the video. Sorry.” Felix was overwhelmed with guilt.
All he wanted was to help her out, but his action ended up trapping her in a situation like this.Ysabelle
scoffed again.“Oh,” she flatly said as if she was completely unfazed by the matter. “Is there something
else you want to talk about? If not, it’s time for me to head home. My dad has given me a curfew.”Felix
pursed his lips, feeling helpless. I think I’ve really made a mistake.“Belle, I really didn’t mean to be so
distant toward you. I just didn’t know how to face you.”“Is that so? So, you know how to face me
now?”Felix was silent.“If you don’t, you might as well just give up. It’s the best outcome for all of us.”
Then, without giving him a chance to respond, Ysabelle turned and got into the Lombard family’s
car.Felix remained rooted to his spot, thinking, Maybe I’m really in the wrong. Perhaps we’re not
suitable for each other. Relationships can’t be forced, and it’s time for me to sober up.Meanwhile,
Sophie had taken a cab to Cloud Nine Hotel, where Arius was waiting for her.It only took Sophie a
knock on the door before Arius opened it. He was wearing a white top with the two top buttons undone
and a pair of black slacks.In those clothes, he looked like an intellectual, but there was also a tinge of
slyness in his witty eyes.“Dress yourself properly,” Sophie huffed.“What’s wrong? I’ve already dressed

decently, but you’re still unhappy with my attire? If not for you, I wouldn’t have even worn a shirt.
Moreover, don’t you know that many girls love the sight of my figure? You’re full of complaints despite
getting a free show. Don’t you think that you’re too much?”Sophie was silent, pondering where he was
getting his confidence from.Dressed properly? You’re giving me the urge to wash my eyes with
bleach.A beat later, Arius had no choice but to button up his shirt.“I’d say you must have really low self-
esteem. You’re scared that you’d fall for my beauty, and that’s why you’re so picky with my
clothes.”Sophie did not know how to reply to that. He’s so full of himself. I might as well let him wallow
in his self-delusion.Arius then asked Sophie to take a seat on the couch before he filled a glass of
warm water for her.“Here’s the thing. The medical association is about to have a medical summit in a
few days, so I have to rush back to attend it. Therefore, I will have to perform your grandpa’s surgery
before I go back. Is that fine with you?” Arius said without beating around the bush, knowing that
Sophie was a busy young woman.“Hm,” she hummed as she tapped the desk languidly.Arius then sat
down beside her and held her hand.“You’d be at ease to hear that I’ll be the primary attending surgeon
for the surgery, right?” Arius knew how important Josiah was to Sophie, and that was why he had spent
a long time preparing for the surgery to the best of his ability. He was trying hard to minimize all the
risks involved.“It’s not that I’m worried about your skills.” After all, the one she was talking to was Arius
Gullifer. How could she possibly not have trust in his skills as a surgeon? However, it was surgery at
the end of the day, and surgery always came with risks.“Trust me, Sophie. If I was able to pull you
away from the hands of the grim reaper four years ago, I’d be able to save the one that matters the
most to you four years later too.”Sophie could only incline her head in response.“All right, make the
arrangements for the surgery, and I’ll talk to my grandpa.” Frankly, if Josiah did not undergo surgery,
Sophie did not know how much longer he could hold out.The surgery was mandatory, and Arius was
the most suitable one to be Josiah’s primary attending surgeon.When Arius noticed the hesitant look on
her face, he stood up and opened a bottle of red wine before giving her a glass of it. Then, when she
was not paying attention to him, he added a little drug to it.“I don’t feel like drinking,” Sophie said,
shaking her head when she saw the glass he was handing to her.“Just a little. This red wine is really
smooth. I spent three million to get it. You’ve been too stressed out lately, and drinking a little alcohol

will be good for you.”Sophie did not have her guard up around Arius at all; the only person she trusted
most besides Josiah was Arius.Thus, she took the glass from him and drank every last bit of the red
wine.A few minutes later, she fell asleep on the couch.“I’m sorry, Sophie. I didn’t want to do this to you,
but I have to check you over.” If not for her stubbornness, he would not have resorted to drugging
her.Arius then hunched over to lift Sophie from the couch and placed her on the bed before giving her a
checkup. After making sure that she was physically fine, Arius let out a sigh of relief and tucked her
in.“Good girl, rest well. I’ll help you protect the people you care about the most.” At the very least, he
was confident in his ability to do that.That night, Sophie had a long, long dream.Meanwhile, Tristan was
getting more and more anxious as time ticked away.Sophie had asked him to wait for her at Wisteria
Apartments, and that was why he had chosen to do nothing but trust her, believing that she would
return.However, as time passed, Tristan was getting increasingly doubtful about his choice. Why?
Where did she go? Did something happen to her?Unable to hold himself back anymore, Tristan called
her. However, no one picked up his call.It was then that Tristan started panicking. He had never felt that
kind of fear before.In the end, he sent his men to track her whereabouts, not because he had no trust in
her but because he was worried about her.Nevertheless, once he found out that she was in Cloud Nine
Hotel’s presidential suite with an unfamiliar man, Tristan’s expression darkened.Instantly, he sped off to
Cloud Nine Hotel. He could not stand the thought of her being with another man, no matter who he
was.After getting down from the car, he went straight to the presidential suite and knocked on the
door.When Arius heard the sound, he opened the door, only to be greeted with the sight of the enraged
Tristan.Arius frowned. Mr. Tristan? What’s he doing here?“Mr. Tristan, how may I help you?” While
Tristan did not know who Arius was, that did not mean Arius was clueless about the former too.