Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Kneel And Beg

The crowd wouldn’t be able to recognize Tristan because his existence in Jipsdale was rather
mysterious. Although a lot of people had heard of his name and knew that Jipsdale was basically
controlled by the Lombard family, no one from their social class had ever seen him in person.When he
saw how solemn she looked, he walked up to her and held her hand.Tristan’s gaze turned grim when
he spotted Clayton.At the same time, Clayton was surprised to see his archenemy there. What a
coincidence! So, this young girl is with Tristan. Things are getting more interesting now.“What’s going
on? Are they bullying you?” Tristan lowered his head and asked.Upon seeing how Tristan was treating
Sophie, Clayton’s interest was piqued. It seems like they’re quite close.“Clayton, who is he?” Lorelei
didn’t know Tristan, and she had never seen him in person. However, she was aware of how
handsome Tristan was. He looks even more dashing than the young idols in the entertainment industry.
Besides, that demeanor of his is frightening.“He’s someone you’ll never be able to interact with in your
life,” Clayton replied truthfully. He hated Tristan a lot, and he had tried numerous times to get rid of
Tristan. However, his attempts were futile.“What should we do now?” Lorelei asked.“What do you
mean? Didn’t you say that young girl was taking photos of you secretly?”Lorelei couldn’t help but feel
nervous. Well, that young girl did point her phone at me. However, it’s not like I’ve seen the photos on
her phone. What if it was just a misunderstanding?The only reason she was acting brazenly earlier was
because she thought Sophie was someone without any background.Things had changed, though. She
could feel a chill running down her spine upon receiving a casual glance from Tristan.“They said I was
trying to seduce Ms. Crawford’s boyfriend, and that’s why I’ve been following them around and taking
photos of them secretly.” As Sophie was telling Tristan what had happened, she couldn’t help but feel
amused. Who would’ve thought that there comes a day when I’m accused of taking photos of someone
secretly? The funniest part is that my target is a low-grade star!“I’m so sorry, but I think there must be a
misunderstanding.”Because of how scary Tristan was, Lorelei apologized immediately. No matter what,
we should just get this conflict sorted out.“Hey, young man. Your girlfriend did take photos of someone
secretly. Just let it slide, okay? You know where the Zales family stands in Jipsdale, right? You’ll be in

trouble if you mess with them,” a kind-hearted man cautioned Tristan. I doubt they know what they’re
getting themselves into.That was the first time Tristan was told that he couldn’t afford to mess with the
Zales family.“Mr. Zales, how do you plan on settling this conflict? Your woman crossed my girlfriend.
We need to settle the score, no?” Tristan asked.Upon hearing that, everyone at the scene was taken
aback. None of them had expected Tristan to have the balls to talk to Clayton that way. Who exactly is
this young man?“Mr. Tristan, is this necessary? I bet this is all just a misunderstanding. Since no harm
was done, perhaps we should just act as if nothing had happened.” Unlike everyone else, Clayton was
well aware of who he was dealing with. He had always schemed from behind the scene and avoided
facing Tristan head-on because he knew exactly how scary he was.“Mr. Tristan?” Lorelei’s knees went
weak immediately.Based on her identity, there was no way she would ever have a chance to see
Tristan. Since Clayton said this man is Mr. Tristan, that must be him. He’s a legend and a myth in
Jipsdale. Not only is he ruthless, but he’s also cold-hearted.Fortunately for her, she managed to grasp
Clayton’s shirt just in time. Otherwise, she would’ve slumped to the ground.“Mr. Tristan, out of respect
for me, would you be willing to let this slide?” Either way, Clayton had to protect Lorelei because she
was his woman.“Out of respect for you?” Tristan thought he had just heard the funniest joke in the
world. “Mr. Zales, I barely know you. What kind of respect do you expect me to have for you?”Tristan
took Sophie’s phone from her hand and pressed a few buttons. Just like that, he managed to switch on
the phone.There were a lot of people nearby, but no one said a word. They were all looking at Tristan
and wondering about he was doing with the phone.After he switched the phone on, he pressed on the
photo album.After looking through the photos, he tossed the phone to Lorelei. “Ms. Crawford, please
check if there’s any photo of yours in there, will you?”Lorelei’s hands were trembling at that point. Even
if there were photos of her in there, she wouldn’t dare to say it.However, she could not fine any.“I…”
Lorelei couldn’t even spit her words out. Most people in the entertainment industry would pay her the
utmost respect. Hence, she had a false sense of superiority.That day, however, she had gotten herself
into deep trouble, and there was nothing she could do to salvage the situation.“I’m sorry. I must’ve
been w-wrong,” Lorelei stammered.“Well, why are you apologizing to me for? You’ve got the wrong
person.” Tristan crossed his arms and looked down at her.“I’m truly sorry, little girl. I’ve misunderstood

you. Please forgive me, okay?” Lorelei apologized.The crowd was stunned. Who is this man? How did
he make Clayton’s girlfriend beg for forgiveness?“Now you’re sorry? Where did your arrogance go?”
Sophie scoffed. She despised people like Lorelei. Since she dared to act haughtily, she should just
maintain it. She’s apologizing just because Tristan showed up. She’s just a disgusting coward.Lorelei’s
legs could barely support herself, and she dropped to her knees. “I’m sorry. I get it now. I won’t do such
a thing again.”Despite always being an arrogant person, Lorelei had no choice but to kneel and beg for
forgiveness in front of Tristan.While that was happening, Clayton merely stood beside her and kept
quiet.“Let’s go!” Tristan was unhappy with himself. If I didn’t answer the phone in the car just now, I
wouldn’t get caught up for so long, and she wouldn’t have to endure everything on her own.She took
the initiative and held his hand. It was as if she knew he was blaming himself for what had happened.
“I’m fine, really. I’m not bothered by what they said.”For some unknown reason, the more time she
spent with Tristan, the more she didn’t like to see him blaming himself.“Clayton, I—” Lorelei knew how
embarrassing that was, but that was the only thing she could do in Tristan’s presence.Clayton
interrupted her speech by saying, “Lorelei, I think this is the end for us. Don’t come looking for me
again.” With that, Clayton went to his car and drove away.