Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Battle On The Stage

“Not at all. It’s obvious to me that you’re overthinking it. How can you rank last?” Sophie said.“I hope I
am overthinking it. You look beautiful today,” Tristan complimented.The topic changed so fast that her
throat and lips suddenly went dry, especially when she was being stared at so intently by a handsome
man.She licked her lips. “Mr. Tristan—”Before she could finish her sentence, she was pulled into his
embrace. Once he caught her in his embrace, he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. “No
matter what you wear, you’ll always look alluring to me.”So is he blaming me for his behavior? Sophie
was speechless.“Ysabelle had something to take care of, so she can’t accompany you to the premiere,
but I can.” It was pretty clear he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.The premiere was about to start.
However, the person Cecelia was waiting for still hadn’t arrived, which put a frown on her face.Her
manager didn’t know how to comfort her seeing her like that. “Maybe Ms. Tanner has something to take
care of, Cecelia. The premiere is about to start. We should go!”Everyone was waiting for Cecelia, so it
wouldn’t be ideal if she just waited there.“No,” Cecelia replied stubbornly.Her manager sighed
resignedly. It was then the door to the lounge was opened and Sophie showed up.When Cecelia saw
her friend show up in the dress she prepared, her eyes sparkled with joy.“You finally came, Soph! I
thought you were going to stand me up again.” She stared at Sophie aggrievedly, like a pitiful
puppy.The manager felt too embarrassed to watch. After staying by Cecelia’s side for many years, she
knew her temperament, and it wasn’t anything good.Yet, when Sophie showed up, Cecelia would act
like a pitiful puppy.“I have promised you that I will be here, so here I am. Last time was an accident,”
Sophie replied. Can she stop acting pitiful like that?Cecelia immediately hugged her friend’s neck,
raised her head, and stared at her.Tristan’s expression darkened when she saw Cecelia hugging his
woman.Sensing his hostile stare, Cecelia intentionally stuck her tongue out toward him. Soph doesn’t
belong to him only. Why can’t someone else hug her?He scoffed.“Time’s up, Cecelia. We should go,”
the manager reminded.It was then Cecelia let go of Sophie. “I can go there with my assistant. You take
Soph to the VIP seat.”“No need. I can go there by myself. She’s your manager, so it’s better if she
follows you,” Sophie declined.She was just there as a member of the audience. It wasn’t necessary for

the manager to follow her.“In that case, please lead Ms. Tanner to her seat, Chrissy.” Cecelia was still
worried. Soph is in my territory right now. I need to take good care of her.After Cecelia left with her
manager, Tristan grabbed Sophie and pulled her into his embrace. “Don’t let anyone else hug you in
the future. I’ll get upset.”If Cecelia was not Sophie’s important friend, he would have chopped Cecelia’s
hands off.Sophie raised her eyebrow. “Not even a woman?” He’s so possessive!“No. I’m the only one
allowed to hug you like this.”It was Sophie’s first time seeing him acting so childishly.In the end, she
didn’t answer Tristan and brought him to the hall instead.When Sophie arrived, Cecelia was already on
the stage.A woman like Cecelia was born for the stage.She looked dazzling and was the center of
attraction.The second female lead in the movie looked pale by comparison.The host was the host of a
television channel. He was a great showman, and a fan of Cecelia, so all his questions were focused
on her.No matter what he asked, Cecelia was able to answer the questions without any issue.“You
gave an amazing performance in this movie, Ms. Lance. I think everyone would agree that it felt very
real. Do you have a friend like that in your life as well?” the host asked.“I do.” Cecelia subconsciously
turned her gaze toward Sophie when she said that. “I have a friend I treasure very much. I believe that
we’ll continue to stay best friends because I really like her.”Sophie stared at Cecelia. She has really
grown up. A lot of sacrifices are required for someone to grow up, but I still can’t help but feel touched
when I see her being the shining star that she is right now.Tristan grabbed her hand. I didn’t have the
opportunity to participate in her life in the past, and many things had happened. However, I’ll be sure to
accompany her for the rest of her life.The warmth she felt when he held her small hand made her feel
really safe and secure.She felt she was really lucky to have a group of friends who treated her
sincerely.The second female lead of the movie was the same person who accepted to star in Dream’s
advertisement last time, Lorelei.Even though she was also a female lead in the movie, the host only
paid attention to Cecelia, which made her feel very uncomfortable.It was then the other host finally
changed the topic and directed some questions to her.“Ms. Crawford, I heard Mr. Zales booked a few
showings for this movie for you. Does this mean you two are in a relationship?” The host was referring
to Clayton.Lorelei looked proud when Clayton was mentioned. So what if Cecelia is amazing? She
doesn’t have anyone backing her up, unlike me, who has Clayton supporting me. She brushed her hair

to the side a little and smiled. “Mr. Zales has really helped me a lot, but our relationship isn’t what you
all think it is. I hope no one will misunderstand that.”“Haha, we know. The Zales family keeps a low
profile. I sure do envy you, Ms. Crawford. Mr. Zales is a wealthy man!”While she didn’t say it, she felt
really proud.She couldn’t help but glance at Cecelia.Of course, Cecelia knew what Lorelei was doing.
Clayton had chased after her before, but she didn’t like him, so she rejected him. I certainly didn’t
expect him to be with Lorelei, but this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me. What is she so
proud of about him? Isn’t it kind of lame for her to compare something like this with me?The host spent
the rest of the time on Lorelei, especially her relationship with Clayton.It was the first time Cecelia felt
what it was like to be brushed aside.When it was time for the reporters to ask questions, many of them
were already bought out by Lorelei, so they kept asking questions about her.Suddenly, a reporter
yelled, “Oh god! An anonymous rich person just booked a bunch of showings for Ms. Lance,
too!”“What? Who is it?”“No idea, but the person booked ten thousand showings. It said so on Twitter.
Anyone who liked Cecelia will be able to watch her movie in the movie theater for free. The person will
cover the tickets.”“What? You must be kidding me! Who’s capable enough to book ten thousand
showings? That will cost an astronomical amount of money! Even Clayton only booked ten for Lorelei!”