Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Am I Ranked Last

“Can you stop being so serious, Sophie? I’ve never seen you look so serious before,” Arius uttered.He
had obtained all the results.Things weren’t looking good, but it wasn’t hopeless either.“What’s his
situation now? Don’t joke with me. I’m not in the mood right now.” Sophie’s expression darkened.Of
course, Arius knew not to joke with her about her grandfather. He knew how important the old man was
to her. “Relax, I got it! I already sent the information to Dr. Smith.”He more or less knew what was going
on, but there was one key question he needed an answer from his mentor.“Is it necessary to inform Dr.
Smith about this?” Sophie’s expression darkened further.Arius approached her and patted her
shoulder. “There’s nothing you need to worry about with me around. Didn’t I tell you it’s not going to be
a problem? I just want to make sure I didn’t get anything wrong.”“I believe you.” She let out a small
sigh. If Arius can’t do it, then there’s no other way.Since Arius had just returned, the director of the
hospital wanted to see him. Thus, he didn’t leave with her.Once she was out of the hospital, she saw
Willow. I guess she has been waiting for me.When Willow saw that Sophie was out, the former blocked
her path.Sophie furrowed her eyebrows.“Get out of my way,” she uttered mercilessly. I have no
patience in dealing with her right now.“Tell me the truth, Sophie. Do you still like Mason?” Willow wasn’t
willing to accept the truth.She felt really bitter. I don’t see how I’m worse than Sophie. Why is it that
Mason can only think about her even after so many years?“It’s none of your business.” Sophie directly
pushed Willow away and prepared to leave in a taxi.“Hah.” It was then Willow hoped Mason’s legs
would never recover because that would mean he wouldn’t be able to stay with Sophie.After leaving
the hospital, Sophie contacted Ysabelle.Ysabelle was all happy and in a good form when she
answered Sophie’s call.“Have you finished with your matters, Sophie? Didn’t you say you want to
attend Cecelia’s movie premiere? I think it’s tonight. Do you have time to go?” She only paid attention
to Cecelia’s new movie because of Sophie.“Where are you right now? I’ll come and pick you up,”
Sophie suggested.“I’m at the Lombard residence right now. You don’t need to pick me up. This place is
too remote, and it’s hard to get a taxi here. I’ll ask the driver to send me to Wisteria Apartments. You
can just wait for me there.”Due to William, the Lombard residence was built on a spot halfway up the

mountain. It really would be inconvenient for a taxi to drive up there.Ysabelle changed into a beautiful
dress. Even though Jipsdale’s winter was very cold, she still liked to wear dresses. She only wears a
woolen jacket on top of her dress.Upon applying her makeup and casually tying her hair into a bun, she
was ready to head to Sophie’s place.However, Tristan stopped Ysabelle before she could leave.“What
are you doing, Uncle Tristan? Sophie is waiting for me to join her on an important matter. I need to
leave now. If you have something to say, tell me about it after I come back.” It had been days since she
last saw Sophie, which was why she really missed her friend. After all, Sophie had been getting so
wrapped up in her matters for the past few days that Ysabelle didn’t even have a chance to meet her.
Ysabelle couldn’t help but wonder what kind of important matter was keeping her friend busy.“Can you
stay home today? Your dad’s heading back right now, and he asked me to tell you to wait for him at
home. Are you sure you still want to leave?” Tristan kindly reminded.“What? No way. Why is my dad
back today? Why does it have to be now? Do you have anything to do with this, Uncle Tristan? Isn’t my
dad really busy? Why would he come back home today when it’s not Friday?” Her father usually only
returned on Friday, which made her guess his decision to come home that day.Tristan gave her a scary
look, so she spoke in a rather unhappy tone. “What do I do now? I can’t just let Soph attend Cecelia’s
movie premiere by herself. It’s too pitiful to let her go there alone. Please, just let me go with her, Uncle
Tristan. If my dad looks for me, please put a good word in for me. That way he will surely let me off. I
beg you. Pretty please?”Ysabelle blinked as she gave him a pitiful look.“No! Your dad seems really
angry this time, so you’d better wait for him to come home and talk to him yourself. I don’t know who
posted the video of you and Sophie singing in the KTV on the internet, but it’s trending right
now.”Lincoln never wanted Ysabelle to enter the entertainment industry, so he was really surprised
when his daughter became famous like that. That short video had accumulated over two million
views.“Video? What video? I don’t know anything about that,” Ysabelle was confused.Tristan was kind
enough to show the video to her. “You always said you want to become a singer, right? Perhaps this is
a good start for you to talk to your dad about it. No matter what happens, you should at least try to fight
for that chance. This way, you won’t regret it in the future.”She was frustrated. Why did things turn out
like this? Yes, I want to rebel and change things, but I didn’t expect the opportunity would come so

soon. I still want to study at a university somewhere in the south after I graduate from high school.
Once I leave Jipsdale, I’ll be able to do whatever I want.“Will my dad listen to me, Uncle Tristan? You
know how stubborn he is. All the men in the Lombard family are stubborn! They don’t like to listen to
anyone.”“That’s your problem to solve. There are things I have to deal with, so I’ll be leaving now,”
Tristan said.“Soph is still waiting for me at Wisteria Apartments, Uncle Tristan! How about you
accompany her to attend Cecelia’s movie premiere instead? I don’t want her to go alone because I’m
afraid she’ll get bullied.”“I see! Since you want me to go there so badly, I’ll head over there,
then.”Ysabelle’s heart was bleeding silently. She wanted to go too, but with her father returning soon,
she didn’t dare to leave the house.Sophie returned to Wisteria Apartments and opened the box Cecelia
asked someone to send to her. Inside was a black dress with a simple design. Nevertheless, anyone
could tell it was very high quality with just one glance.There was also a note on the box that read: To
Sophie. This is a dress I specially bought for you from overseas! You must wear it. Otherwise, our
friendship is over!There was a doodle of a silly face behind the note.Sophie was quite speechless, but
she still removed the dress from the box and changed into it. Then she let her hair down.Upon hearing
a knocking sound on the door, she went to open it before she could tie her hair up because she thought
Ysabelle had arrived.She didn’t at all expect the person standing outside to be Tristan instead of
Ysabelle. “Why are you here, Tristan? I’m sorry, but I already have a date with Ysabelle. I can’t join you
for dinner today.”He pressed his hands on the walls, basically locking her between his arms and the
wall. “Do I rank last among the people you know, Sophie?”