Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Irresistible Passion

“Why aren’t you going in?” Sophie approached him and asked softly.“You’re finally home.” The one who
was authoritative, high, and mighty seemed so pitiful at that instant.Tristan stretched out his right arm
and pulled her into his embrace. He hugged her by the waist with another arm and rested his forehead
on hers.Sophie’s heart skipped a beat upon his sudden action.How long has he been standing here?
Why are his body and breath so cold?“Mr. Tristan —”As soon as her words fell, the man moved and
pinned her to the wall. Then, he began to kiss her.His kiss was swift and somewhat aggressive, to the
extent that Sophie felt a stinging pain on her lips. Gradually, he slowed things down and kissed her
gently.Then, he stopped and hugged her quietly.If only she was older… He had to fight the desire from
within to dismiss the thought of launching a series of amorous advances toward her.He wanted to let
her know how much he cared for her so badly.“Shall we go in now? It’s cold out here.” The winter in
Jipsdale was freezing cold even though it was just the beginning of the season.He touched her hands
and felt the cold. Immediately, he covered both her palms with his and strode toward the
apartment.Upon scanning his thumbprint, the door unlocked itself, and the heater was also
automatically switched on.Sophie was a bit surprised that he was so quick to act and seemed very
familiar with it.“What’s wrong? Still feeling cold?” Tristan frowned as he seated her on his lap.The
ambiguous position made Sophie blush.“Mr. Tristan, I—”Without paying heed to what she was saying,
he kept her locked in his arms as if she was his most treasured prize.“Where were you?”I bet the main
reason why he’s not his usual self is because I turned him down for a meal and met Arius instead.“Mr.
Tristan, something urgent came up, and I had to meet an important person today. I promise to buy you
a meal another day,” she tried to pacify him.“An important person? Is the person more important than
me?” He was very particular about it.Sophie was rendered speechless.When Tristan heard that she
was seen with a man at Cloud Nine Hotel, he was blazing with rage.It was not because he did not trust
her, but he lacked confidence in himself.He felt like he was in no position to question her. Hence, at that
moment, he wanted to destroy every single man on earth just to be with her forever.However, when he
saw her walking out of the elevator after having waited outside the apartment for three long hours, his

pent-up anger just faded away within seconds.“Quite important.” I wouldn’t have been here if it was not
for Arius—the man I met when I first came to Horington five years ago.Hearing her stating so, Tristan
felt as though his heart was instantly torn apart, and the pain was unbearable.Sophie felt a little down
when she noticed the disappointed look on his face.What’s going on?“Mr. Tristan, I’ll definitely treat you
to a big meal one day. Just the two of us.” Can he stop staring at me like that?He pressed a kiss to her
forehead.Do I really care about getting a free meal? What has got into her head to arrive at this
conclusion?At first, Sophie wanted to call Josiah as soon as she arrived home. Now that Tristan was
present, she could not make the phone call anymore.I guess I’ll have to go pick Grandpa up personally
from the Tanner residence tomorrow.That night, Tristan stayed at Wisteria Apartments for quite a while.
Although he knew her bedtime, he refused to leave.“Mr. Tristan, I’m getting sleepy.”“Go to bed, then.”
Still, he did not seem like he was getting ready to go home.“Do you have something to say to me, Mr.
Tristan?” Sophie sighed. This is so not him.“Nope! It’s late, you should go and get some rest.” Tristan
walked her to the bedroom and said, “Get a hot shower, then sleep. “Sophie stood behind the door.
She could sense that he was going through emotional turmoil. However, she had no idea how to coax
him or make him feel better.“What’s the matter?” Tristan asked tenderly.Sophie shook her head.In the
end, she decided to shut the door.Whatever. If he can’t think things through, no one else can help him
with it.Tristan went back to the living room, took a bottle of wine, and poured himself a glass.He was
well aware that he should leave, but he just could not bring himself to do so, given the circumstance.
The longer he stayed at Sophie’s place, the more secure he felt. At the very least, he could convince
himself that he mattered more to her compared to anyone else.After taking a shower and getting
changed, Sophie walked to the living room in her pajama. Just as expected, Tristan was still there. He
seemed really lonely, standing by the French windows, drinking.Sophie approached him and poured
herself a glass. Then, she took a tiny sip.Without saying a word, she kept him company while looking
out of the window at the hustle and bustle of the city.Moments later, Tristan put aside his wine glass
and strode toward her. He hugged her from the back and buried his face in the curve of her
neck.Sophie remained silent. She allowed him to embrace her as he wished.His hug was very warm
and enchanting, to a point whereby she could not resist it. As a matter of fact, she enjoyed it.When the

both of them had finished a bottle of wine, Tristan landed a kiss on Sophie’s forehead and left with a
heavy heart.When Constance arrived at Jipsdale Hospital the following morning, she was greeted by a
mess created by Mason.He hurled his breakfast all over the floor.It had been days since the surgery
was done, but he still could not stand on his feet.No matter how many times he had attempted, he
failed again and again.Looking across at the messy room, Constance heart ached.“Mason, I’ll get the
best doctor to treat you. So, please don’t give up,” consoled Constance.“I want to see Sophie.”She had
become his only hope.Constance furrowed her brows and said, “Mason, I’ve looked for Sophie many
times. However, she refused to see you. Why are you still thinking about her?”She could not
understand why was her son so stubborn.“I want to see Sophie! Get out of my room and leave me
alone.”At that moment, Mason was no longer the dashing guy he used to be. Conversely, he looked
rather disheveled and unkempt.It was the weekend. Willow requested the driver to take her to the
hospital early in the morning. It turned out that those were the first few words she heard.I’ve been
taking care of Mason tirelessly for several days now. Yet, I don’t even have a place in his heart?She
clenched her fists tightly, unwilling to accept the truth.Have I lost to Sophie? Do I really want to admit
defeat?Constance exited the ward and saw Willow standing right there. Obviously, she overheard their
conversation.“Willa, I can’t let Mason continue living like this. Ask your mother to call Sophie and make
her come to the hospital.”“Mrs. Laird…” Willow thought that Constance was on her side all along. Never
in a million years would she have imagined Constance to get so pushy.“Willa, I don’t have a choice
right now, except to make use of Sophie temporarily. Trust me, you’ll be the only one who ends up by
Mason’s side.”