Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 135

Chapter 135 She Is With Another Man

“You’d better behave yourself today because Mr. Tristan isn’t in a good mood.” Charles suppressed his
anger, knowing that it was not appropriate to argue with Winter at that moment.“What’s wrong? Why is
he in a bad mood?” How is it possible that an insignificant slut could ruin Mr. Tristan’s day? He’s a
prominent figure in Jipsdale! Who would dare to upset him? What gives, Sophie Tanner?Tristan took a
sip of water and rose to his feet.“Where are you going, Mr. Tristan?” Winter called out to him and asked
immediately. I just got here…“Winter!” Charles shot her a stern glance to warn her to stay out of
trouble.She should mind her own business.“Mr. Tristan, Sophie isn’t who you think she is. Did you
know where I met her just now? She’s in Cloud Nine Hotel with a very handsome man. Have you
realized that you’re not her only option? She has plenty to choose from,” Winter blurted everything she
had in mind without any hesitation.He’s too prideful to settle as a rebound.Charles quickly stopped
Winter. Had I known this would happen, I wouldn’t have revealed our location. Winter, you’re great at
messing things up!“I’m sorry, Mr. Tristan. I’ll take her back now. I also guarantee that she won’t ever
show up in front of you again.” Charles got panicked.Felix and Sean were flabbergasted.Winter is so
brazen! Does she have a death wish?Tristan’s face dimmed as fury burned in his dark eyes.“Mr.
Tristan, you…” Felix did not know how else to comfort him.Surely, no sane man could stay calm when
he discovered that the woman he loved was in the arms of another man in a hotel!Sean had never
seen an enraged Tristan before. The latter looked as if he was capable of destroying the heavens and
earth.“I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding somewhere, Mr. Tristan. Why don’t we find out the details
first?” Sean finally found his voice.Mr. Tristan has never lost control like that before. He must have
fallen head over heels for that young lady!Tristan glanced at Winter and said fiercely, “Don’t you ever
appear in front of me, Winter, or you’ll regret it.”With that, he left.Winter was horror-stricken. She did not
expect such a terrifying response from Tristan despite him not saying a word about Sophie.Charles
could not do anything but only shook his head.“Why must you go for the extreme, Winter? Is it so
difficult to keep quiet? Is it necessary for you to get on his nerves?”After what seemed like an eternity,
Winter said, “I merely spoke the truth. Why was Mr. Tristan angry? Isn’t it a good thing to see Sophie’s

true colors as early as now?”She was clueless about her mistake. “I’ve been around Mr. Tristan for so
many years. Am I not any better than Sophie whom he has only known for several months?”She
refused to accept the reality.“Charles, I’m the only one worthy of Mr. Tristan.” Clearly, Winter had not
realized what she had done wrong.Felix’s expression changed at her words.He spent the most time
with Sophie compared to the rest, so he was well aware of her character.“Winter, Sophie isn’t so awful
as how you perceived her to be. In fact, there’s no one as good as her in the whole of Jipsdale.”“Felix,
you…” Winter had never thought she would hear that reply from him.After taking a deep breath, she
continued, “Why are all of you reacting this way? What benefits has Sophie given you? Did she cast a
spell on you?”Why aren’t they on my side when I’m the one who grew up with them?“Whatever. If you
obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, then I’ve got nothing to say to you anymore.”
Felix refused to argue with her and left.Mr. Tristan isn’t in a good mood now. I shouldn’t leave him
alone. If anything untoward happens to him, no one can bear the consequences.By the time Felix
walked out of the bar, Tristan had already driven off. Oh man, this is not good! He’s just had quite a bit
of alcohol.Immediately, he tried calling Sophie, but to no avail.“Shit!” Felix cursed. Why isn’t she
answering? She’s the only one who could calm the infuriated man right now.Left with no choice, Felix
called Ysabelle. “What’s the matter?” the latter asked in annoyance. She had been ignoring Felix for
the past few days.“Do you know where is Sophie?” he asked anxiously.Ysabelle was slightly
disappointed since the call was not about her.“Nope. I’m going to hang up now if there’s nothing else.”I
swear I won’t entertain this man anymore! How dare he neglects me for so long?“Ysabelle, if you hear
from Sophie, please ask her to call me at once, okay?”Frustrated, she promptly hung up and did not
bother to listen to what Felix had to say.However, she could not help it when she thought about how
panicked Felix sounded. Hence, she gave Sophie a call, but the latter did not pick up.That got her all
worked up, so she kept dialing Sophie’s number.Meanwhile, Sophie was in Arius’ room at the hotel,
discussing Josiah’s surgery.“Soph, it’s rather risky to perform this operation.” Even someone as brilliant
as Arius was not confident about it.Sophie said nothing. She was well aware of the implication.
Otherwise, she would not have invited him to travel all the way back.“Anyway, don’t worry too much. I’ll
take charge of it while you assist me in the operating theatre.”“Me?” Sophie asked hesitantly. If another

person had asked her the same question, she would have agreed right away.However, the person they
were going to operate on was her grandfather.While she had complete faith in Arius, she doubted if she
could maintain her composure and perform the surgery with him.“Soph, you’ve got to believe in
yourself. You’re the one in whom my mentor sees potential. If he says that you have it, then you
definitely can do it.”They were all extremely confident in her skills.Arius also had a hidden agenda. He
wanted to use that experience to convince Sophie to join the medical association.“Okay, I got it.” She
glanced at the clock, only to realize that it had already passed midnight without them knowing. “Go get
some rest. I’ll contact you again once I get Grandpa to the hospital.”“It’s so late now. Why don’t you
spend the night here since the room is so big?”Sophie widened her eyes at him.“Don’t look at me like
that. I just feel bad that you have to take a cab home at this hour. Moreover, it’s not safe for a girl to be
on the street alone.”“Thanks for your concern.”Sophie took her bag and left.After the door was shut,
Arius whipped out a case from his pocket and lit a cigarette.“What a heartless person!”She’s always so
carefree and lackadaisical. Yet, everyone worries about her extensively.Regardless, Arius vowed to get
her to complete a thorough body check-up; or else, he could not be at ease.Sophie took a cab back to
Wisteria Apartments. By the time she got to her floor, she saw Tristan leaning against the wall outside
of her unit. The strong sense of loneliness that lingered around him sent a cold chill down her spine.