Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 133

Chapter 133 We Need Your Talent

“What are you doing, Sophie? Are you incapable of behaving just a little? All I ask is that you go talk to
Mason. Didn’t you use to love him? Why are you not willing to visit him now that he has been in an
accident?”“I have always hated it when others force my hands. I will never accept that.”If Constance
had asked nicely, Sophie might have considered visiting Mason. However, the former decided to be
barbaric, so the latter wouldn’t bother being nice either.It only took an instant. Sophie moved from the
back seat to the front seat and grabbed the steering wheel.The driver was so surprised that his jaw
almost dropped. This woman is too agile. How did she move so quickly from the backseat?“Calm
down, young lady. It’s too dangerous for us to fight for control of the steering wheel,” said the driver
whose voice had trembled.“I gave you a chance and told you to stop the car, but you refuse to listen to
me, so I have to resort to doing things my way.”Constance didn’t expect Sophie to do something like
that either.The latter moved so quickly before anyone could react.“Stop the car, you lunatic.” Both
Constance and the driver were so angry that they were shaking.The car stopped short, and Sophie
opened the door before hopping right out.“Don’t bother coming for me again. I will not go to him.”She
didn’t like any member of the Laird family.After slamming the door mercilessly, she walked on the
sidewalk. That was when her phone rang.“Where are you now?” asked Tristan. His low and masculine
voice came from the other end of the line.“What’s wrong? Did Ysabelle call you? I’m okay,” replied
Sophie. Ysabelle must’ve been scared mindless after witnessing something like that.“Just tell me
where you are now.”Sophie sent her GPS location to him, then sat on a bench to wait for Tristan.He
showed up three minutes later in his car.All he saw was her sitting quietly on the bench. She was still
wearing her uniform and was playing a game on her phone while having her earphones on.When he
saw her sitting safely there, his thumping heart finally settled down. Everything was right with the world
again.He slowly made his way to her and sat beside her.Sophie tilted her head up to look at him when
she sensed his presence.“Don’t you have to work today? I can handle minor issues like these, so there
really is no need for you to come here for me.”Tristan pulled her and made her rest her head on his
shoulder.“There is no such thing as a minor issue when the matter involves you. The lady of the Laird

family is famous for being cruel, so I was worried.”Sophie was speechless.She didn’t think she would
live to see the day she heard the merciless Mr. Tristan describing someone else as cruel…A man in a
jacket was with a young lady, who was still wearing her school uniform.Anyone who saw the two of
them sitting together and being close like that would misread the situation.Sophie truly was tired, so
she closed her eyes as she rested on his shoulder.The soothing music drifted into her ears. She would
lose control of her emotions when she was annoyed, so she needed to listen to some music to calm
her nerves.The two of them ended up staying there for about thirty minutes until Sophie was hungry
and opened her eyes.“I haven’t eaten yet, so as a thank you, I will treat you to a meal,” offered Sophie
as she sat up.Just then, her phone rang once more.She picked the call up as soon as she read the
caller ID.“Sophie, it’s me. I’m back,” said Arius. His voice was relaxed but seemed to be brimming with
sincerity as well.“Where are you now?” Sophie had been waiting for Arius to get in touch with her ever
since they exchanged contact details. She was surprised to learn that he was back so soon,
though.“I’m at Cloud Nine Hotel. Come over now. I haven’t had my lunch yet.”Arius never told her when
he’d be back because he wanted to surprise her.“Okay, I’ll head over right away.” The matter regarding
her grandfather bothered her, so Sophie needed to deal with it as soon as possible.“Great.”Arius took
off his shirt, and his eight packs revealed themselves. He went into the showers because he wanted to
see her at his best.After Sophie hung up the call, she realized that Tristan was still waiting for her. She
had just invited him to a meal, but it seemed that was no longer possible.“I’m sorry, Tristan, but I have
something important to deal with, so I can’t have lunch with you today.”“Are you meeting someone?
Can I tag along?”He overheard bits and pieces of the conversation, so he knew that a guy asked
Sophie to have lunch together.Sophie seemed troubled when she looked at him. In the end, she shook
her head.“My friend is a little weird and doesn’t like meeting strangers.”Tristan didn’t reply to that.Oh,
so that so-called friend is more important than me, huh?Tristan felt as though his heart was gripped
instantly.He had always assumed that she saw him as something more, so he never thought that
someone else could be more important to her.Who the hell is this mysterious man?“I have to go now,
Tristan. Bye,” said Sophie as she hailed a cab and left.Tristan felt…. strange.He got into his car and sat
behind the steering wheel, but he never started the engine.He wanted to tail her cab, but he didn’t do

anything in the end.Sophie made her way right to Arius’ room because he gave her the room
number.He answered the door as soon as he heard her knocking.“That was fast. It’s been a while since
we last met, so tell me. Did you miss me?”Sophie sat on the couch and looked right into his eyes
before shaking her head.“Not at all.”“Oof, you are so heartless. I knew it. Women like you are really
mean.”Arius sat down beside her.“How is your grandpa?” asked Arius. He hadn’t forgotten what his
main mission for meeting her was.“He’s stable now, but he refused to stay in the hospital and has gone
home.”“I see… Well, I can’t exactly go to your place to examine him,” replied Arius. Even if he could
magically become the best doctor in the world, he’d still need his patient to cooperate. At that moment,
it was crucial that Josiah had a full body check-up.“Tomorrow. I’ll make him to go the hospital tomorrow
and do a check-up. You can examine him then.”Sophie didn’t want to waste any time since Arius was
rarely in the country.“Okay, I will free up the entire day tomorrow. Call me after you take him to the
hospital.”“No problem.”“It’s been over a year since we last met. Do you really have nothing to say to
me?” flirted Arius. He couldn’t help teasing her a little.Sophie tossed him a look.“What is there to say?
Okay, let’s not talk anymore. Let’s go and eat.”He was finally back in Jipsdale, so Sophie thought it was
only normal that he’d want to enjoy the local cuisine.Arius suddenly inched closer to her.“Sophie,
I…”Sophie remained unmoved even as that unearthly handsome face suddenly closed in on
hers. What does he want now?“Have you thought about what I offered? Will you come with me this
time?” She is too gifted, and I am sure she will become a legend in the medical association.“This
again?” complained Sophie as she gestured for him to stop. “Does the medical association really need
that much manpower?”“Oh, we have plenty of manpower. In fact, we receive countless applications
every year. What we lack is a talent like yours.”