Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 131

Chapter 131 She Will Not Go Back To Her Ex

“Why does it always come back to Sophie?” Constance was so angry that she was trembling.Yale and
Charmaine showed up at that moment.They both jumped in fear when they saw the blood on
Willow.“Willow, are you okay? Are you hurt?” asked Charmaine in a concerned tone. When Willow
replied by shaking her head, Charmaine asked, “Where’s Mason? What’s the situation now?”“I don’t
know. I honestly have no idea what is going on. Mason went to look for Sophie, and I couldn’t stop him,
even though I tried. I don’t know what Sophie told him, but he acted as though he had gone
insane.”“Sophie… ugh, why is she always making a mess? Don’t worry, Mrs. Laird. I will not let Sophie
get away with this if anything were to happen to Mason,” growled Yale. If he could, he would strangle
Sophie then and there.“Do you really think I will let Sophie go now that things have progressed to this
extent?”What does he mean by “if”? Mason has been sent to the hospital! Something has already
happened!The surgery took hours, and the sun had already risen by the time it was over.When the
doctor exited the operating theatre, Constance went to him right away and asked, “How is my
son?”Willow was staring nervously at the doctor as well.“The surgery was a success, but we don’t
know if there will be any complications yet. We’ll have to further observe his condition. His legs are
severely injured, though, so he might have trouble walking in the future,” replied the doctor. He had
already done everything he could, and all that was left was for the patient to fight for himself.“What? He
might have trouble walking… Oh no, Doctor, please. You have to save him. He is my only son, and I
can’t let anything bad happen to him.” Constance could not accept the news of her son being crippled.
Mason had always been her pride and joy, so she would not let anything bad happen to him. “Please,
you have to help him. I will pay you however much you want.”“We’ve done everything we can. He will
have to work hard during rehab. Only then can we determine how things will turn out.”At that stage, no
one could guarantee what would happen in the end.It was already two in the afternoon when Mason
woke up.Constance, Willow, Yale, and Charmaine had been staying guard beside him the entire
time.They didn’t sigh a breath of relief until they saw him waking up.“Mason, how do you feel? Does it
hurt anywhere? I’ll go get the doctor for you right away,” said Willow in a worried tone.Mason didn’t

reply. He looked as though he was at peace.“What’s wrong, Mason? Are you hurt? Talk to me,”
requested Constance who was teary-eyed at that moment.“Just leave. I want to be alone.”Mason
wasn’t in the mood to listen to what others had to say. The only person he wanted to see was Sophie,
but there was no way she’d show up.Charmaine could tell that Constance was on the verge of losing
her temper, so she quickly dragged her away. “Mrs. Laird, let’s leave for now. Mason needs to
rest.”Yale shot a look at Mason.The former kept thinking about what the doctor said earlier. Does that
mean Mason won’t be able to walk properly in the future? If that is the case, what will happen to
Willow?That night, Willow returned to school. When she saw Sophie acting as though nothing had
happened, her fury overwhelmed her.Willow ran to Sophie. She no longer feared anything
anymore.“Sophie Tanner, you jinx. You’re the reason Mason is lying in the hospital bed right now. He
might never be able to walk again! People like you should be dead. You should’ve died in Horington
and never come back,” roared Willow. Her emotions were running wildly at that time.She didn’t know if
she would still want to marry him if he became a cripple.Sophie shot a look at Willow.“What does his
injury have to do with me? What do you mean when you say I’m the reason this is happening? It’s not
as though I am the driver who hit him,” replied Sophie before she mercilessly dissed. “Wait, didn’t you
say that you love him no matter what? Isn’t this perfect for you? You can prove your love to him
now.”“You…” growled Willow. She was infuriated. “What are you so happy about? Do you really think
the Laird family will let you get away with this now that he is hurt?”The Laird family of Jipsdale was
ridiculously powerful, both in terms of economic prowess and political influence. They were much more
powerful than the Tanner family.“They don’t have what it takes to make me pay.”“You…” growled
Willow. She didn’t expect Sophie to be that arrogant.Sophie was too busy to deal with Willow, so she
turned around to leave right away. How she swirl her hair, the way she moved…. everything about her
was cool.“Mr. Mason of the Laird family got into a car accident yesterday, Mr. Tristan.”Felix came
rushing as soon as he heard the news.“Okay,” replied Tristan. What does that have to do with me,
though? Countless people get into accidents every day.“Do you think Soph will feel bad for him?” asked
Felix. Women are always self-sacrificing and tend to be too nice.“What are you saying?”“Nothing! It’s
just… Mr. Mason has always liked Soph. Do you think they’d end up…?”“No,” replied Tristan. He was

quick to interrupt Felix.“You’re that confident, huh?” said Felix. It was obvious he didn’t think that
anyone could be certain of anything when it came to love.“I trust Sophie, and there is no way she’d get
back to her ex.”Tristan believed that whatever happened between Sophie and Mason was in the past,
and they couldn’t go back anymore.“Okay, if you say so,” replied Felix. I envy Mr. Tristan so much. He
is always so certain and confident. I wish I can be that confident, even when things between Ysabelle
and me are still uncertain.Mason’s mood had been unstable over the next few days. When he realized
that he couldn’t move his legs, he became terrified.At first, Constance assumed that the doctor was just
a pessimist. She was certain that her son’s legs would recover.As time passed, however, she realized
just how grave the situation was.She was also heartbroken to see how devastated Mason was about
his injuries.“Don’t give up, Mason. We’ll go overseas and hire the best doctor there is for you. I’m sure
you’ll recover by then,” cooed Constance.Truth was, she didn’t even want to imagine how bleak his
future would be if he became a cripple.“Mom, I want to talk to Sophie.”When Mason finally calmed
down, he made one request.Constance turned pale immediately, and she looked so angry that it was
as though her face had distorted.“You won’t be in this state if it weren’t for her! Mason, why do you
remain stubborn despite the situation? Sophie is nothing but a jinx, and I will never let her get close to
you ever again!” roared Constance. If she could, she would kill Sophie right then and there. None of
this would’ve happened if Sophie never returned from Horington.“Mom, I have never asked for anything
from you in the past. I’m begging you for once. Please help me.”Constance had no choice but to back
down when Mason said it that way.“Fine. I’ll go and get her.”That woman has never shown up even
though it has been a while since Mason was in the hospital. Geez, she might be young, but her
heartlessness knows no bounds.Constance waited right outside Jipsdale Premier High for Sophie. She
had to wait until the class was over before she saw Sophie.“Go grab her for me. Do whatever is
necessary if she refuses to come willingly,” ordered Constance. She didn’t care how it happened. All
she cared about was getting what she wanted.“Understood.” Two bodyguards made their way to
Sophie and blocked her path.Ysabelle stepped forward as soon as she saw those two burly
bodyguards. She sounded as though she had her guard up when she asked, “Who are you two? What
do you want?”“Ms. Tanner, please come with us.”