Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 132

Chapter 132 DisobedienceSophie didn’t want to get into a fight because she was right outside her
school.“It’s fine, Ysabelle. Go have lunch without me. I’ll catch up with you later.”“No, Soph. I’ll stay with
you.” There was no way Ysabelle would let Sophie go alone when neither of them knew who those
men were.“Our employer wishes to talk to Ms. Tanner.”Ysabelle rolled up her sleeves and seemed
ready to get into an argument.“Who the hell do you think you are? Why should we go to your employer
just because she wants to talk to Sophie? We’re not going! What are you gonna do about it, huh?”
replied Ysabelle angrily. She stood in front of Sophie and shielded the latter like a mother hen.“Our
employer is waiting for you, Ms. Tanner.”“Ysabelle, go wait for me at the restaurant. I’ll be there
soon.”“Soph, I don’t know who their employer is. However, if she is someone who is capable of sending
two bodyguards to relay a message, this is definitely not a simple matter; so I can’t let you go with
them.”Sophie was Ysabelle’s BFF, so the latter refused to let anything bad happen to the former.Sophie
was really touched and genuinely appreciated how sweet and protective Ysabelle was.Hence, she
stroked Ysabelle’s head so much that she messed up her hair.“Awh, Ysabelle, you are too cute, and
that level of sweetness should be illegal. Just go on without me. I promise that no one can hurt me,
okay?” said Sophie. She was no longer the helpless girl she used to be.Ysabelle panicked when she
saw Sophie following the men and left, so she called Tristan right away.It only took a few seconds for
the line to be connected, but Ysabelle felt as though an eternity had passed. What is up with Uncle
Tristan? Why hasn’t he picked up his phone? It’s been ringing forever. Ugh, he is so annoying.The
second Tristan answered the call, Ysabelle complained, “Uncle Tristan, why did it take you so long to
pick up your phone? Someone came for Sophie and took her away. I don’t know who they are, and I’m
very worried now. What do we do?”“What are the men like?” asked Tristan. He frowned the instant he
heard what Ysabelle said. Which bloody idiot is it? How dare they come after the woman I love?“I don’t
know. I won’t be panicking if I actually know who the culprit is. Are you busy now? Can you drop by and
look into the matter?”“Okay, I’ll head over right away.”Tristan was supposed to have lunch with a
business partner that day, but Ysabelle’s words made him lost his appetite.“Mr. Tristan, I thought we
are going to have lunch together. Where are you going?”The one who spoke was the daughter of his

business partner. Her name was Nancy Longbottom. She fell for Tristan at first sight, and he was all
she could think about, so she made her way to the office after learning that her dad would have lunch
with Tristan.“I’m so sorry, but please tell your father that I have to deal with an emergency right now
and won’t be able to have lunch with him. Let’s do that some other time.”As far as Tristan was
concerned, nothing on Earth was more important than Sophie.It was true that he knew just how skilled
Sophie was as a fighter, and he realized that only a handful of people could actually hurt her. However,
hearing news like that still worried him. It simply hit too close to home.Nancy stood up and stopped
him.“Mr. Tristan, the dishes are about to be served, and my dad left to make a phone call. It’s not
appropriate for you to leave right now.”She came all the way just to have lunch with him, but they
ended up spending less than two minutes together. They didn’t even get to talk before he excused
himself, so it was understandable that she was disappointed.“Sorry about that. I will treat your father to
another meal to make up for this, but I really have to go now.”Tristan was already being ridiculously
courteous by saying as much as he did. Even Nancy’s father couldn’t do anything to stop Tristan from
leaving.Nancy had more to say, but the secretary grabbed her wrist.“That’s enough. Stop talking. It’s
not like you are unaware of what Mr. Tristan’s temper is like. We had to beg to have the opportunity to
collaborate with his company, so you cannot offend Mr. Tristan. If you do, your father will never forgive
you.”Hundreds of people in Chanaea would kill to work with Tristan, so the secretary couldn’t risk
letting her ruin the business deal.Nancy was upset.“How can someone be so ridiculously good-
looking?” murmured Nancy as her eyes glowed with admiration and lust. She was in love with his
looks.The secretary was speechless.Yep, she is definitely an immature woman who knows nothing. I
can’t believe she judges someone based only on their looks. Mr. Tristan is so much more than that. His
reputation alone is worth a fortune.Sophie made her way to the luxurious car that the bodyguards led
her to. They opened the door, and she hopped right in.She wasn’t surprised to see Constance sitting in
there.The latter had always favored Willow, even before any of the drama had unfolded. Hence,
Constance had been mean to Sophie since the beginning.“Mason wants to talk to you, so go to him,”
said Constance. Even at a time like that, she showed no humility and was bossing Sophie around.She
was used to being at the top, so she never learned the proper way to ask for help. She didn’t think she

needed to do so either.“Why should I go to him? There is nothing between him and me, so there is no
need for me to go to him.”Constance fumed when she heard those words. What the hell does that
mean? How does she not have anything to do with this?“Sophie Tanner, do you not know how grave
the situation is now? I am only here to tell you that Mason wishes to talk to you. You don’t get to
choose whether you want to go to him,” replied Constance. Everyone had only ever tried to butter her
up, so she was as arrogant as she could be.Sophie couldn’t resist chuckling.“That is so funny. I have
no obligation to visit him, so what makes you think I have no choice? As far as I am concerned, no one
can force me to do what I don’t want to do.”Why should I go to Mason now? I’ve already made things
clear, haven’t I?“Don’t push your luck, Sophie. You’re the reason Mason is in the hospital now, so how
can you say that there is no need for you to go to him? Do you realize how bad the situation is now?
He might have trouble walking in the future! Given his condition, how can you say that you are innocent
of all crimes? How shameless can you get?”Mason wouldn’t have been hurt if it weren’t for her, so she
is the culprit. I can’t believe she said she’s innocent.“Not my problem.”Sophie’s patience was running
low, and she didn’t want to waste her time anymore.Constance had the driver lock the doors when she
noticed that Sophie was trying to leave.“I’ve made things clear. Mason wants to talk to you, and you
have to go to him.”Constance had the driver start driving right away.Sophie sneered.“What is the
meaning of this, Mrs. Laird?” By then, the car had already left the school.Constance ignored Sophie
entirely.At the end of the day, the former still favored Willow, who had always been obedient and did
what was told. Sophie had always been opinionated and rarely listened to what others said. Constance
hated people like that because she couldn’t control them.“Stop the car!” ordered Sophie as she turned
her attention to the driver.Unfortunately, the driver refused to listen to her and kept driving.Mrs. Laird
was the one who hired him, so he would only obey her instruction.“Shut up.” Mrs. Laird’s temper had
been terrible lately. Anyone would be upset to see their son injured in such a terrible accident, so it was
understandable that Constance found Sophie’s voice irritating.Sophie, however, was not having any of
it. She was truly exasperated that day.“I guess I have no choice but to do things my way,” said
Sophie. Well, if she’s too barbaric to behave, then I won’t waste my breath talking to her either.