Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 123

Chapter 123 A Drastic Turn“Mr. Langston, since I’m the victim of this incident, I think I have the right to
be here,” Sophie stated resolutely. No doubt, she was well aware that Andy was very concerned about
her. However, she would not chicken out when Whitlea insisted on putting her in a tight spot.“Sophie…”
Andy could not help but heave a sigh. Good gracious! Why is this young lady unusually
stubborn?“Andy, enough of that. Since you’re determined to take her side, how about you leave
Jipsdale Premier High too? From what I can see, Mr. Carlson is rather competent too. He can be
promoted to take over your position,” Whitlea uttered authoritatively.They needed a submissive person
in charge and not one with a mind of his own, like Andy.Hearing that, Franky Carlson, the vice principal,
was all over the moon. “Mdm. Dixon, I’ve reminded Mr. Langston right from the beginning that we
shouldn’t accept Sophie Tanner. I emphasized that such a problematic student would only ruin Jipsdale
Premier High’s reputation, but he paid no heed to my advice and insisted on accepting her. I couldn’t
help wondering if he had been obtaining any benefits from that.”In actuality, Franky and Andy had been
on bad terms long ago. Franky loathed the latter for surpassing him in managing the school throughout
the years. Hence, he was tickled pink when he finally had the opportunity to prove himself to the
board.“Mr. Carlson!” Andy shot Franky a warning glance, gritting his teeth. D*mn it! He’s really good at
buttering others up!“What do you think about this?” Whitlea turned to look at the other directors, who
then nodded fervently in unison.“If that’s the case, Andy, leave with this student and we can avoid
burning all bridges. Let’s resolve this peacefully so it won’t be awkward when we cross paths with each
other in the future.”Franky was grinning ear to ear. He could barely wait for Andy to be sacked. As the
vice principal, I have no choice but to bow to him for more than a decade. Ha! Now it’s finally my turn to
be the principal!“Wait a minute! You can’t expel me from the school. I didn’t do anything wrong,” Sophie
piped up and advanced toward the computer in the conference room. She turned it on and plugged a
flash drive into the USB port.“Sophie Tanner, you’ve been expelled from the school. If you insist on
stirring up trouble, I’ll lodge a police report right away!”Whitlea was irked by the fearless Sophie. What
on earth is she trying to do?“Lodge a police report? Great! I’m more than happy if you do that. Now that
you’re slandering me, I believe the police will seek justice for me. What are you still waiting for? Don’t

you know how to lodge one? Or perhaps you need me to guide you on that?”Whitlea blew a fuse, her
entire body trembling uncontrollably. “Where are your manners? Don’t you know the young ones like
you have to be respectful to the elders?”“Elders? Boy, you have the cheek to proclaim yourself as my
elder. Why should I be respectful of you? Do you deserve my respect? Who do you think you are?”
Sophie scoffed. Once provoked, she would not think twice about retaliating relentlessly. “You will know
if you’ve slandered me after watching this video clip. As an adult, I hope you can reflect on the mistake
you’ve committed and apologize to me later!”“What’s the matter with you? How dare a lowly student
like you request we adults to apologize to you? You’re talking nonsense!” Franky stood in front of
Whitlea, fending off Sophie’s words.Sophie snorted coldly. Is that how an adult should behave? How
ridiculous!Without hesitation, she played the video clip.It lasted barely twenty minutes, but it was
enough to let everyone have a grasp of the situation. Sophie was undoubtedly the victim as she did
nothing and was oblivious to everything throughout the time.Whitlea’s face fell in an instant. Even
though the video had proved that Sophie did not commit a wrong deed, she considered the latter to
have gone against her by playing the video clip in front of everyone.How could my son gaze at a
delinquent in such a way? She could not accept the fact that her son had fallen for Sophie instead of
demure young ladies from prominent families she had shortlisted for him.Andy approached Sophie and
said, “Everyone, it’s merely a misunderstanding this time. Sophie is really talented. Mr. Elswick is even
planning to let her take part in the physics competition this time. I’m convinced she’ll be able to make
us proud.”“Andy!” Whitlea almost burst a blood vessel. Doesn’t he know I’m planning to let Bailey take
part in the physics competition?Sophie asked indifferently, “So, are you still lodging a police report? I’ve
uploaded this video clip on the school forum. I wonder what those students who can’t seem to
distinguish between right and wrong will say again!”“Mdm. Dixon, why not put everything to an end?
After all, the top management is extremely displeased with this hiccup. If the situation escalates,
Jipsdale Premier High’s reputation will be ruined.” One of the directors tried to talk Whitlea into
changing her mind.“I agree with him. What’s important now is that we should try to resolve this matter
as soon as possible so it won’t tarnish the image of our school. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will affect the
new intake of students next year,” another director chimed in.Unequivocally, the students’ backgrounds

played a major part. Instead of relying on the teachers to play their roles well in educating them, it was
relatively important to ensure the students enrolled in their school were of virtue.“Wait a minute!
Someone has obviously set Sophie up and instigated the others to go against her,” Andy pointed
out. What are the culprit’s ulterior motives for editing the photos? Did Sophie step on anyone’s
toes?“Sophie, do you know who posted these photos?” Andy asked.“I do.”“Sophie is obviously the
victim in this matter. In my opinion, the school should seek justice for her.”“It’s all right. I’ll settle the
issue with my own method.” I’m not a crybaby who will only grumble to the teachers whenever I
encounter any problems!“Let’s put an end to this. Mdm. Dixon, since it’s Bay’s mistake, we’d better not
go overboard.” The other directors did not wish to blow things out of proportion too.No words could
describe Whitlea’s resentment. She vowed to expel Sophie from the school despite anything.However,
the other directors had stood up and stepped out of the conference room.Franky cast his head down
sheepishly and could not help despising himself for getting on Andy’s nerves. Oh my! He’ll unleash his
wrath on me later.“Sophie, let’s go!” Andy was worried stiff that Whitlea would strike against Sophie.
Hence, he had been waiting for her and was reluctant to follow suit when the others left the conference
room.“Mr. Langston, I wish to have a few words with Mdm. Dixon. You don’t have to wait for me.”
Sophie pulled a chair to sit down.Andy remained in the same spot, fearing that Whitlea would pick on
her.Whitlea shot daggers at Andy, but he pretended to be oblivious to it. He had to ensure nobody
could lay a finger on Sophie on his turf. Otherwise, he would not know how to explain to Felix if
anything occurred.“Mr. Langston, let’s go!” Franky urged him. He still made up his mind to take
Whitlea’s side.“Go ahead yourself. Why bother about me?” Andy snapped at him.“Get out!” Whitlea
bellowed. She was utterly ashamed because of the video clip.Sophie threw Andy a meaningful glance.
The latter had no choice but to step out.With that, only Whitlea and Sophie were left in the conference
room. Sophie remained seated, resting her elbows on the conference table.“Mdm. Dixon, is there
anything else you want to tell me?” Sophie asked.“You can continue studying at Jipsdale Premier High
if you wish to. But you mustn’t take part in the physics competition this time.” Whitlea sounded as if she
was being sympathetic.Sophie snorted. She still hasn’t learned her lesson. Bailey is unlucky indeed to
have such a mother.“Stay away from Bailey from today onward. I’ve made the perfect arrangements for

his future, and you have no place in it,” Whitlea reminded Sophie arrogantly. The assertive mother only
hoped that her son would not go against her will.