Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Kneel In Repentance

Mason was gripped with envy after seeing how Tristan wrapped Sophie in his arms.“Soph, don’t make
a hasty decision just because you hate me.”Sophie let Tristan’s arms circle her waist and sneer at
Mason.“Mason, you’re so full of yourself.” Refusing to continue the conversation further, Sophie turned
on her heel and tugged Tristan with her to leave.This is the first time she’s holding my hand.Tristan
stared at the hands clasped together for a while before he covered her small hand with his.Mason was
furious at their departure. I finally worked up the courage to owe up to my mistake from five years ago.
Why wouldn’t she forgive me?“Sophie, what can I do to get you to forgive me?”All he wanted was a
chance.Sophie’s steps didn’t falter. She didn’t like anyone or anything clinging to her. Since the
situation was already like that, words were meaningless at that point.Cheat on me once, and I’m never
taking you back. That’s my principle, and nothing can change that. Hence, Mason’s words mean
nothing to me.Seeing her leaving with another man without the slightest hesitation, Mason fell to his
knees with a loud thud.Willow stared at Mason with disbelief. How can he do this? Is he still the proud
Mason? Why is he acting like this whenever Sophie is around?“Get up, Mason! What are you doing?
Are you still a man? How could you kneel at her?”Tristan looked over his shoulder and saw his rival
kneeling on the floor.He really likes Sophie. Well, due to his past betrayal, he doesn’t deserve any
sympathy no matter what he does now or how much he likes her.Sophie turned her head and saw
Mason kneeling on the ground. The expression on her face looked colder at the unseemly sight.“Is this
necessary, Mason?” Well, I’m not going to stop him since he wants to do it. Honestly, I don’t care what
he does.“Soph, I was wrong. I should’ve trusted you. I shouldn’t have left you. I regret it now. Do you
know I would dream of you every night for the past five years? You have always been on my mind. I
can’t forget you. Can you please give me another chance? We can leave this city and start a new life
somewhere else. Would you like that? I don’t mind doing anything as long as I’m with you.”“Sorry, you
might want that but not me. Why would I leave this city? The one in the wrong was never me in the first
place.” Sophie turned to Tristan. “I don’t want to go back to the room anymore. Let’s get out of
here.”Tristan removed his coat and slid it over her shoulder as he led her to the exit.He said I could go

wherever I wanted. However, no one can force me to do anything I don’t want to.Mason was still on his
knee even after Tristan and Sophie had left.Willow went over to help him up, but no matter how hard
she pulled, he refused to stand.“Mason, let me send you back.” Willow pleaded, “Please don’t do this.
Sophie doesn’t want you, but you still have me. I always have my eyes on you. Can’t we just be
together?”“I’ve wronged her. I refused to listen to her explanation and just took off when she needed
me the most. What do you even see in someone like me?”Mason got up to his feet and left the karaoke
bar looking absent-minded.He wasn’t paying attention when he crossed the road, and a car crashed
into him.Willow had been right behind him all the while. When she saw the car hit him, she raced over
to his side.Her hands were covered with blood when she touched him.“Don’t scare me, Mason! Mason,
what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Willow almost cried her eyes out.However, Mason merely mumbled, “I’m
sorry, Sophie.”Tristan drove to Breakwater Port. The place was deserted, except for the two of
them.Silence hung heavy in the car.I have no idea what Mason means to her, but does he really mean
nothing to her?Tristan was annoyed at the long silence.“Am I too heartless?” Sophie asked.Tristan
reached for her hand to comfort her. His heart ached for everything she had to face in the past.If I had
met her earlier, then she wouldn’t have had to face everything alone. She was probably only thirteen to
fourteen years old at that time.“No. I agree with every decision you make no matter what you do.” None
of those who have hurt her can ask for her forgiveness.Sophie nodded.“I think so too.”“Let’s head
back.” It’s getting late, and she still has things to do tomorrow.Sophie nodded.Tristan pulled up in front
of the Wisteria Apartments. When Sophie got out of the car, Tristan followed suit.“You can go back.” It’s
already so late. He should go back and rest.After taking out an exquisite box from the trunk, Tristan
walked over to her.“Merry Christmas!”Sophie took the box from his hand and looked up at him.“Thank
you, but I didn’t prepare any gifts for you.”“It’s fine. Meeting you is the best present.”That was how
Tristan truly felt.Sophie’s ears warmed at the sweet words coming out of his mouth.“I’ll head up then.”I
have always thought I’m strong enough now, but I can’t believe I have a soft side in front of him.After
watching the elevator door close, Tristan whirled around and left.Sophie’s phone started ringing the
minute she got back to her room.“Soph, where are you?” The call was from Josiah. It’s already so late
into the night. I’m shocked that he’s still up.“What’s wrong, Grandpa? It’s already this late. Why aren’t

you asleep?” She could hear something serious had happened from his tone.“Mason met with a car
accident.” Josiah did like Mason in the past, but he preferred Tanny now.Even though she felt nothing
for Mason, Sophie didn’t know how to react to that piece of news.“It’s late, Grandpa. Rest well. This
matter has nothing to do with you, so ignore it.”After all, Sophie couldn’t just pretend nothing had
happened after hearing about the boy she was once fond of getting into an accident.Meanwhile, Mason
was still in the ICU at the hospital. Willow’s whole body was shaking like a leaf as she sat on the bench
alone.Constance arrived at the hospital after getting a call. She spotted Willow sitting on the bench all
covered in blood.She raced over to Willow and pulled her up.“Willow, what happened? Didn’t I ask you
to take good care of Mason? How did things turn out like this?”“I’m sorry, Mrs. Laird. I didn’t know this
would happen. I should’ve stopped Mason. I shouldn’t let him meet with Sophie, or he wouldn’t end up
like this. I’m really sorry. I really didn’t know what to do. If Mason is gone, I won’t let him go alone.”