Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Sing A Duet

The song started playing. This Ustranasion song is lovely and I really like the prelude. I didn’t expect
Tristan to pick this song. I have heard it before and loved it the first time I heard it.The male part started
first. When Tristan opened his mouth, the audience was shocked. His deep baritone voice reverberated
through the air.Just his voice alone was enough to send shivers down their spine.The song was about
the singer expressing his feelings for the girl he loved in every word of the lyrics. Tristan managed to
express and sing it well with his handsome looks and deep timbre voice.When it was the female’s turn,
Sophie lifted the microphone to her lips. Staying on the beat, she started singing. Her voice was on the
colder side, but it suited the song.Tristan subconsciously held Sophie’s hand at the chorus. The gaze
he gave her was so gentle.The audience was full of envy at the two acting sweet. Life is short. It isn’t
easy to meet someone you love.Even after the song had ended, Tristan still had his gaze fixed on
Sophie.The room fell into silence briefly before Ysabelle’s applause broke it.“You’re amazing, Uncle
Tristan. I thought I was good at singing and was confident that I could be an excellent singer. Now that I
have heard your singing, I’m ashamed of my skills compared to yours. Soph, your voice is so good! It
suits the Ustranasion song. I’m sure you’ll be popular if you make a debut. You’ll be even more famous
than Mark.”Sophie set down the microphone and returned to her seat without saying anything.Even
though she used to be in a band with Mark, she didn’t like living under the scrutiny of others. She
preferred to keep a low profile.“Mr. Tristan, you sounded so good when you sang,” Winter couldn’t help
but praise. The man I love is good at everything. It doesn’t matter what he does. Even his singing is
better than the others.“That’s not very good of you, Mr. Tristan. I never knew you could sing so well.
Why don’t you form a band with Sophie and debut? Your album will be a blast.”“I’m not interested in the
entertainment industry. Moreover, why would someone like me enter the entertainment industry?”That’s
true. A man like Tristan is more suited to being a leader.“Soph, let’s sing a song together. I want to sing
with you too. I really like your voice. I think our voices match well together.”“I don’t want to sing
anymore.” Sophie reached for the glass of milk and took a sip. Her brows furrowed when she tasted
milk on her tongue.Does Tristan take me as a child? He actually ordered milk for me even at a place

like the karaoke bar.“Come on, Soph. Just one song together!” Ysabelle pleaded.Seeing how she acted
cute, Sophie nodded.“Fine. You pick a song. I’m fine with anything.”Getting her permission, Ysabelle
hurriedly went over to pick a song. The song she chose was a duet that suited girls.Finally, Sophie
stood on the stage and sang a duet with Ysabelle.Sophie might look independent, but she was
surprisingly good when singing a duet with others.She wouldn’t try to show off and merely harmonized
with Ysabelle.Felix couldn’t keep his hands to himself and pulled out his phone to record the scene of
Sophie and Ysabelle singing.He took a short video.Singing is her dream. I hope I can help her.Once he
was done recording, Felix lowered himself to his seat and drafted the description before uploading it to
the trendiest video-sharing platform.His actions had unknowingly changed Ysabelle’s life
completely.When the song ended, Sophie got up and went to the restroom, feeling discomfort in her
belly.Tristan was right behind her the minute she stepped out of the room.Sophie merely wanted to
catch some air but saw Mason standing up ahead.She was not even the slightest bit curious about his
reason for being there, so she decided to feign ignorance.Despite her obvious negligence, Mason still
ran over to her when he spotted her.“Soph, I have something to tell you.”At his approach, Sophie
instantly turned around to leave.“We used to be friends. Can’t I even have a conversation with you
anymore?” he pleaded. He only wanted to talk with her.Sophie finally stopped in her tracks and looked
over her shoulder at Mason.“There’s nothing more to say between us. I’ve repeated the same thing so
many times already. Don’t you get annoyed by it? Whatever happens between you and Willow is just
between the two of you. It has nothing to do with me. Can you just let me go?”Sophie had no interest in
getting involved in a love triangle.Mason grabbed her wrist and said, “I already broke up with Willow. I
left Jipsdale five years ago because I was shocked when I found out about that incident. You knew that.
Nothing is going on between her and me anymore. It was all her wishful thinking.”Willow was trailing
after Mason the whole time. His cruel words pierced her heart.She rushed out from her hiding place
and grasped Sophie’s wrist. “Sophie, how could you be so shameless? You even stooped so low as to
hit on my boyfriend? Do you even believe him? I’m about to get engaged to him. Don’t you think it’s
funny when he said nothing is happening between us? Sophie, you’ve never liked Mason. Am I right?
Especially now. I know you won’t give him another chance. If that’s the case, why are you not telling

him?” Willow shouted.Willow was all frustrated when she found out that her love for Mason meant
nothing to him.Sophie got very annoyed. I already knew a love triangle is messy, and it’s just as I
expected.“Sophie, she’s lying. There’s no engagement. I won’t be engaged to her. My mom was the
one who arranged everything. I’m not going to listen to her this time. You have to trust me.”His words
sent Willow into a state of panic. She grabbed onto Mason frantically.“Mason, can’t you give me a
chance? I love you so much. I’m already putting myself down for you. I can do anything to be with you.
Why do you treat me this way?”Why can’t I compare to Sophie no matter what I do?“Willow, you can’t
force someone’s feelings. Even if you love me, what’s the point of that? I only have her in my
heart.”“Sophie, is this your revenge? You don’t even like him. Why not just tell him straight? What do
you want?” Willow didn’t dare to blame Mason, so she turned to Sophie instead.“Is your brain working?
What did I even do? Why do I care about what’s happening between the two of you?”Tristan went to
Sophie’s side and pulled her into his embrace.“She’s right. What’s between the two of you has nothing
to do with her. She’s mine.”