Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Green With Envy

The moment Mason heard that, understanding dawned upon him. Is there no longer a place for
me?“That has nothing to do with you. Go back first.”“Go back with me, Mason! I beg you! Can we not
be together happily?” Willow sounded exceedingly pathetic. Really, all I want is to be with him. Is that
too much to ask?However, Mason didn’t pay her words any heed. Instead, he got into his car.Unwilling
to go home, Willow pulled open the car door and climbed into the car as well. Never would she allow
him to go after Sophie alone.At that, Mason couldn’t help jerking his head back and glowering at
her.“What are you doing? Did you not hear me telling you to go back? Why are you following me? I’ve
already made things clear to you. There’s no future between us!” He didn’t leave any room for
negotiation.When Willow heard that, the urge to cry seized her.“There are many of them, yet you want
to follow them? What are you planning to do? I’m worried about you.”“I don’t need your concern.”No
matter what Mason said, Willow refused to get out of the car, adamant that she wanted to go with
him.In truth, she did not want Mason to be with Sophie alone. I’ll never give them such a chance!As
Tristan drove, he peered at the luxurious car tailing him through the rear view mirror.The corners of his
mouth curved into a smirk. This man really doesn’t give up.“Mr. Laird is following behind us.”He didn’t
make an arbitrary decision but asked Sophie for her opinion. After all, the man was following them
because of her.Therefore, only she had the right to deal with it.Sophie glanced at the rear view mirror.
Sure enough, she caught sight of Mason’s car. Her brows inexorably creased. What is he trying to do?
Hadn’t I made things clear? Could it be that he has a comprehension problem?“Just ignore him. I have
nothing to do with him.”The car drove straight to Ducat Karaoke Bar. As Tristan wasn’t fond of visiting
such places in the past, no one knew him there.“How many persons, sir?”“Haven’t Felix and the others
arrived?”“Oh, you’re with Mr. Northley! This way, please.”The employee led them to the private room
where Felix and the others were.He pushed open the door and allowed Sophie to enter first. As soon
as Ysabelle saw that Sophie had arrived, she immediately made space beside her.“Over here,
Soph!”Sophie went over to Ysabelle and sat down beside her.“Why did it take you so long to arrive?
Weren’t you both right behind us? Spit it out. Where did you and my uncle go?”Hearing that, Winter

likewise perked up her ears to catch their answer.“Nowhere.”Truth be told, Sophie was puzzled herself.
Tristan’s driving skills were superb, but he drove exceptionally slow that day.Unbeknownst to them, the
man did it on purpose. He simply wanted to spend more time with her.Glasses abounded on the table
in the karaoke bar. Many of them were filled with wine.“Let’s drink to our heart’s content today!” Felix
declared domineeringly. Everyone is happy today, so it doesn’t matter even if we imbibe a bit
more.Ysabelle wasn’t interested in drinking. She went over to the screen and selected a few
songs.Then, she asked Sophie, “Is there any song you’d like to sing, Soph? We can sing
together.”However, Sophie shook her head in demurral. “You go ahead. I’ll just listen as you sing.”“No
way, Soph! You’ve got to sing when you’re at the karaoke bar! Besides, I noticed that you were truly in
sync with Mark back then. As such, your singing must be really melodious!”“Hear, hear! Sophie’s voice
is sweet in the first place, so her singing must be music to the ears!” Felix couldn’t help echoing. No
matter what Ysabelle said, he agreed with it all.“I really am sorry, Mr. Tristan.” Holding a glass of wine
in hand, Winter downed it in a single go before Tristan.Tristan picked up a glass of whiskey and took a
sip without saying anything.Winter didn’t dare speak further, so she could only shrink back and sit down
beside Charles.“All right, don’t harbor any more inappropriate thoughts. Mr. Tristan isn’t someone you
can dream about.”All Charles could do was comfort her. She isn’t malicious in nature. She merely loves
him too much.Nevertheless, Winter’s gaze remained fixated on Tristan.He’s too good to Sophie,
meticulous to a fault. I’ve never imagined that he would treat someone this tenderly.“Let’s sing together,
Soph!” Ysabelle handed the microphone to Sophie.Sophie took the microphone, but she placed it on
the table in front of her.“You go ahead. I don’t like to sing.”“Okay, then. In that case, I’ll be singing! Just
tell Felix if you need anything.”Ysabelle’s singing was really incredible. Her voice was sweet, so it was
perfect for her to sing such gentle love songs.She was exceedingly focused when she sang, rendering
her very much attractive. Felix sat in the corner and gazed at her. She was all he saw.After finishing
one song, Ysabelle continued singing another song. This time, it was an extremely popular Ustranasion
song recently. Still, it suited her perfectly.Winter got up and went over to the screen. Selecting a song,
she shifted it to the top.When Ysabelle was done singing, it would be that song of hers.She stood there
leaning against the wall. From that angle, she could perceive all of Tristan’s reactions.It was a song

about a confession of love, of which the lyrics spoke of the girl’s feelings and her love for the man. The
astringent feeling from it would make one feel anguished.It was clear as day that she was directing that
song to Tristan. Regretfully, she was the only one who felt touched after the entire song.In the
meantime, Tristan had already sat down beside Sophie. The two of them merely sat there without
exchanging a word. However, they looked incredibly harmonious.Sophie lifted her hand and picked up
a glass of whiskey.Seeing that, Tristan promptly grabbed her hand. He brought it before him and drank
the whiskey in her glass as he maneuvered her hand.“Drink at home if you want to drink. Don’t drink in
front of them.” He wasn’t willing to allow Charles and the others to see her sloshed.Sophie arched a
brow. Well, well, well… He’s really possessive.By then, Winter had finished singing. Alas, Tristan never
once paid her any mind.She felt devastated, but she couldn’t do anything about it.All she could do was
sit in the corner as though she didn’t exist.Just then, Tristan selected a song.It was an Ustranasion
duet song. It wasn’t a very popular song, but he really liked it a lot.Upon seeing that her uncle was truly
going to sing, Ysabelle quickly handed him two microphones.“Here, Uncle Tristan.” She wore a docile
expression and acted cute.Taking the two microphones, Tristan handed one of them to Sophie.Sophie
quirked a brow.“Let’s sing together.” His voice was remarkably deep, very much seductive as it drifted
into her ears.In response, Sophie nodded in agreement. All right! Since he’s willing to accompany me
here, singing a song with him is perfectly within reason.Charles, Sean, and Felix grew up with Tristan,
but even they had never heard the man sing.Of course, Winter went green with envy.Argh! The
difference is too vast. I sang to him, confessing my love, but he didn’t even bother listening. On the
contrary, Sophie gets duet with him!