Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 125

Chapter 125 First Love Is Always Unforgettable

“Who the hell are you calling a moron?” Following the criticism, the few girls promptly blew
up.“Whoever answers to it!” Ysabelle sneered.“How dare you?”Snapping, the few girls geared up to
charge at her.However, Willow held them back.“We’re at school, so forget about it. Fighting at school
will result in a demerit.” Willow was worried that they would anger Sophie. Hence, she immediately
stopped them from doing anything rash.“Hmph! Do you see that? Even your pretentious b*tch doesn’t
dare go against Sophie. Hurry up and scram!”“How dare you?”The few girls were livid, but they couldn’t
do anything to her and could only leave in a fit of pique.Only when they had gone back to the
classroom did they snarl furiously, “Da*n it! Ysabelle was really asking for it! How I wish I could slam
into her the wall and kill her right then and there!”“Forget it. Don’t provoke Sophie these days.” Willow
was still very much uneasy. Verily, she couldn’t afford to offend Sophie at present.“What exactly is
wrong with you, Willa? Why are you afraid of her?”“Yeah! You’re becoming all the more different, Willa.
You’ve really changed ever since Sophie returned.”Frustration inundated Willow, but she couldn’t tell
anyone about the matter. Thus, she could only bottle it up within herself.As it was raining that day, the
exercise period was called off. All the students studied in the classroom instead.Bailey went to Senior
Class 8 and stood at the door. A few girls caught sight of him and started whispering among
themselves.Ysabelle saw him as well. She walked over to Sophie’s desk.“Soph, Bailey is
here.”Sprawled on her desk while taking a nap, Sophie cast her gaze out the window when she heard
that. At once, she spotted Bailey standing outside the window.He seemed to have something to say yet
was hesitant to speak.Sophie got up and strolled over to him.“Is something the matter?” she queried.
That matter had nothing to do with him. As such, she had never held him responsible.“I’m sorry,
Sophie.” Because of me, she was put through the wringer.Gazing out at the autumn rain, Sophie stood
there silently without saying a single word.Bailey tilted his head, only to see her hair fluttering in the
wind. As the desire to smoothen her hair rose within him, he lifted his hand.Alas, she canted her head,
leaving his hand suspended in the air. Subsequently, he lowered it in embarrassment.“I like you,
Sophie!” At long last, he gave voice to his thoughts.No matter what, this is the first time I’ve got a crush

on a girl! Even if it ends in disappointment, I still want to say it!Even after hearing his confession,
Sophie remained as calm as ever.“We can only be friends, Bailey.”She was the kind of person who
made things clear when it came to matters of the heart. She didn’t like ambiguous
relationships.“Oh…”Well, I knew long ago that she’d turn me down, no? Nonetheless, he still
felt dejected upon hearing her rejection with his own ears.“Work hard, Bailey! You’re really talented in
physics. Let’s compete fairly in the physics competition!”Sophie would be doing her best, for it was a
form of respect toward him.In response, Bailey nodded.“Got it.”The girls in the class were all green with
envy to see them both standing together.“Oh my God, if we’re just speaking about looks, they’re really
a match made in heaven!”“Hear, hear! One placed first, and the other second. They’re a perfect match
in all aspects!”“B*llshit! How’s Sophie worthy of my first crush?” After all, Bailey was the first crush of
many girls in Jipsdale Premier High.“Exactly! Ah, my idol! How could he fancy someone like her?”All
this while, Ysabelle had also been observing the situation outside.Crap! What should I do? Every other
man seems to make a perfect couple with Soph!As soon as Sophie returned to the classroom, she
rushed over to her.“Why did Bailey come to see you?”“Why are you so curious?”Sophie didn’t answer
that question, for they were nothing more than ships passing in the night. She had no feelings for
Bailey, but neither did she want him to suffer criticism because of her.“I’m just curious! Listen to me,
Soph. Although he’s handsome, my uncle is still better-looking than him!”“Class is commencing soon,”
Sophie reminded, signaling Ysabelle to return to her seat.At night, Tristan came to Jipsdale Premier
High to pick Sophie up. After receiving a call from the man, she left the school building with
Ysabelle.Bailey bumped into them at the school gates. He wanted to bid them farewell, but Sophie had
already gotten into the car.Just then, Willow came out and witnessed that scene as well.She reflexively
took out her phone to snap a photo. But recalling that video, she put her phone away.Instead, she
swiftly hailed a taxi and ordered the driver to follow Tristan’s car.Tristan brought Sophie and Ysabelle to
Blossom Garden to meet up with Felix and the others.Upon seeing Sophie entering Blossom Garden
with the man, Willow gave Mason a call right away.“I’ve got something to tell you, Mason. I’m now at
Blossom Garden. Can you come over? It’s really something important. It has to do with Sophie.”Mason
initially didn’t want to entertain her, but he relented when he heard that it was about Sophie.It was

Christmas Eve that day, so Felix gathered everyone there.When he saw that Ysabelle had arrived, he
instantly pulled out a chair for her and prompted her to have a seat.Meanwhile, Winter’s heart clenched
at the sight of Tristan’s attentiveness toward Sophie.If only he’d also treat me in the same manner
someday!Tristan personally poured Sophie a glass of hot water. It was rather cold that day, especially
since it rained.Cradling the glass in her hand, Sophie took a sip of hot water. At once, her entire body
felt much warmer.When all the dishes were served, Felix personally opened a bottle of sherry.“Today is
the first time we’re spending Christmas Eve together. Here’s to peace and good health to us all
henceforth! This bottle of sherry is a hundred years old!” he exclaimed joyfully.“This is my first time
spending Christmas Eve with all of you, so it’s my treat tonight!” Sophie’s voice was cold and
indifferent, but she was really pretty happy that she could be with them.“Your treat? If that’s the case,
I’ve got to order a few more dishes!” Felix joked.“Are you a pig? How much can you eat? Since Soph is
treating us to dinner, let’s not eat meat tonight!” Ysabelle retorted in jest.Then, she murmured, “I was
merely joking. Are you mad for real?” Things had been like that ever since the last time. It seemed that
something had really changed between her and Felix.“Nope. How would I dare get mad at you?” After
saying that, Felix didn’t continue speaking on that subject but turned and discussed business with
Charles.That had Ysabelle at a total loss.“Sophie, I heard that the top scorer in your school likes you.
Besides, I saw those few photos. He’s close to you in age, so the two of you must have a lot in
common!” Having been silent for such a long time, Winter finally couldn’t hold herself back anymore.“It
looks like you’re very concerned about me that you even know what happened at my school, Ms.
Quigley,” Sophie replied unhurriedly.“Hah!” Disdain flooded Winter. “I only heard someone mentioning
it, so I brought it up with you. I really envy your tender age. First love is always unforgettable.”She
deliberately linked Bailey and Sophie together.